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The fair's location gives access to the best wedding suppliers in the eastern side . Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without the pamaypay (fan). .. the relationship (other than the third party) witnesses this mess, too. cooling herself off with a Philippine-spun pamaypay (fan) and would drink . Although, he was not known to have a good “pr” (public relations) or sociable . attending seminars and attending to suppliers and principals. Ayaw po namin ng stress kausap na supplier, haha. TIA! ;D. Logged .. At lalambingan ko ng pamaypay. Hehe. Medyo mahal pa rin, pikit-mata.

Add to your dessert with these add-ons! When my partner and I were there, we were fortunate enough to have the owners themselves whip us up some cake combos. Try them out yourself! The first was a dark chocolate lava cake with Oreo crumble, blueberry compote, vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. The second was a green tea lava cake with whipped cream, sliced almonds, strawberry compote, and graham crumbs, topped with green tea syrup.

I love green tea, and I can usually tell whether the green tea being used is a cheap substitute or the real thing. Needless to say, this Japanese-inspired kiosk uses green tea that enhances their lava cakes with a deep, rich flavor.

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The star of my night. We had ours with vanilla crumble and chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate syrup. Caffeine and chocolate make the best combo!

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What made you decide to have an Ask Box? Parang friendz talaga tayo lelz A: Have you read Series of Unfortunate Events? Which concert are you planning to go to next? Chicken, pork or beef? How do you write the last paragraph of you blog posts?

Parang hindi ko alam kung paano i-conclude yung post kaya feeling ko laging bitin. I find it to be the hardest part as well! Wish I could Q: Can I just ask some tips or articles that I may contribute under entertainment section? I blog because of you A: What about interviews with interesting people in school?: Ask them fun questions, how a normal day goes for them, etc.

I think that would be cool: I have a friend who has the same camera as your old one nex 5n but I find the quality not as nice as your pictures before. Tanong ko lang kung may ina-adjust ka pa ba to enhance the quality or something? Nope, I just shoot on auto mode and adjust the color temperature on Adobe Lightroom for a nice cool effect.

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Great for RAW files! I love seeing you and Jim together. Sana kasing cute and cool niyo din kami ng boyfriend ko. Gaano katagal nanligaw si Jim sayo?

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Hindi ko alam because he never asked me to be hif girlfriend. We just started hanging out a lot. Hello, do you think its unfair with what happened to mei bastes? Why, what happened to her? How do you control yourself from eating the food you really really like? Anyway I love you! Clueless, Heathers, Mean Girls Q: I accepted him but then my boyf deleted her because he knew I would just pick up an issue against their past.

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The ex added him again last week and my boyf canceled her request. Fortunately, I was able to read it first. What is your take on this matter? I think privacy is very important and you should stop snooping around. So why stay together?: More than just a dress shop, this blessed establishment represents a miracle borne from adversity, an answered prayer for Cora and her family. My scheduled time to meet her was quite unusual. Truly we felt it was.

Families gathered together as Fr. Fernando Suarez thanked a benevolent God who showered this gift unto Cora and her prayerful family. With gentle sprinkles of holy water, Fr. I spotted a lovely lady in a cloud of pink my favorite color fleeting around, warmly greeting her guests. It was Cora elegantly garbed in her own creation. Like an old friend, Cora continued to share with us her story.