Muggle wizard relationship questions

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muggle wizard relationship questions

It's in the discussion of Minerva's reasons for breaking her engagement that I think we learn a lot about the typical Muggle-witch/wizard relationship. The Statue. The Muggle Prime Minister is aware of the wizarding world (HBP1). relations between wizards and muggles-- particularly muggles of rank. The major advantage dating Muggles has is that it greatly increases the As a wizard or witch married to a Muggle, you can live and work with magic help them or understand a lot of their schoolwork and work problems.

That makes sense, as it would be difficult to get worked up arguing that Hermione is going to marry a Ravenclaw she met in Arithmancy class, that Ron is going to marry Susan Bones, or that Luna is marrying Fred, etc. I just want to say right now that I do think that Jo is going to pair the most popular characters with other wizards. Nothing too big, nothing too earth-shattering. The major advantage dating Muggles has is that it greatly increases the sheer numbers of available people.

The other Houses may have people already paired off for marriages, leaving few options for you. But what if they are all a lot older than you?

muggle wizard relationship questions

You can either date people much older or younger than you are, or you can date Muggles. Both options have their own difficulties. There are only so many fish in the Magic Pond, but there are limitless opportunities in the Muggle Sea. Secondly, you may also greatly enjoy Muggle culture.

muggle wizard relationship questions

Perhaps you were muggle-born, and wish there was someone you could talk to about football, non-moving portraits, or films. Maybe you are just crazy about the Muggle culture and really want to meet lots of them. The Muggle parents will thus be informed of the existence of the wizarding world, and may even enter it on occasion, as Hermione Granger's parents did when they accompanied their daughter and the Weasley family to Diagon Alley to shop for school supplies in However Muggle parents are allowed to see wizarding pictures of the school, as Muggle-born Colin Creevey was known to take numerous pictures and sent them home to his father.

Muggles Mr and Mrs Granger with wizard Arthur Weasley in Diagon Alley Some Muggles are aware of the magical world but, through choice, choose to ignore it, such as Vernon Dursleywho was aware his sister-in-law was a witch but otherwise remained intentionally ignorant of the wizarding world until he was forced to recognise it with the arrival of his nephew, Harry Potter. In addition, there are secret connections maintained between the two societies at the governmental level; for example, the Minister for Magic occasionally consults with the Prime Minister of Great Britain on issues affecting both societies, and it is clear that the Prime Minister is aware of the wizarding world.

Each Prime Minister, on the day they are appointed to office, gets a visit from the current Minister for Magic.

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The visit encompasses telling the Prime Minister of the existence of magic and that they will only ever need to meet when there is something going on in the wizarding world that might affect the Muggle world.

They are plainly outcasts and comfortable with being so. Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit! Rowling regarding how Muggles view wizards [src] The Muggle Dursley familywho despised magic Historically, Muggles tended to consider those who practised magic to be evil, leading to the burning of witches during the Middle Ages.

In response, some wizards and witches managed to use Flame-Freezing Charms to render the fire harmless. Thus, most considered the Muggle efforts completely useless. Magical creatures left the Muggle world too, as many of them were extinguished, probably because of over-hunting and ecosystem destruction. Muggle dentists Mr and Mrs Grangerwho were accepting of magic In the modern world, few Muggles believe in magic.

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Some who are aware of the wizarding world are accepting of it, such as Hermione Granger 's parents and Jacob Kowalski. For instance, the Dursley family had a "very medieval" attitude towards magic. Petunia Dursley considered her sister Lily Potter a "freak" for her abilities, although this was originally prompted by envy of them. She would not have thought of her sister like this if she too had those powers.

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They also tried to prevent him from learning of his magical heritage, without success. Buckbeak Wilson Aragog Hagrid has a reputation for collecting pets that other people are terrified of.

muggle wizard relationship questions

He sees monsters, and thinks cute and cuddly companions; a habit that has gotten him into loads of trouble over the years. Though they manage to get rid of the dragon before Hagrid gets arrested, the trio gets detention in the process. Question 11 What is the name of the hippogriff that Hagrid has as a pet in the third year? Witherwings Armando Buckbeak Hagrid has always dreamed of being a professor at Hogwarts, and so is overjoyed when he is granted his wish and is appointed Care of Magical Creatures Professor.

For his first lesson, Hagrid wants to make a good impression by impressing the students, and so he brings in a hippogriff. A hippogriff is a sort of horse bird, and they are very proud creatures.

What is the name of the hippogriff that Hagrid has as a pet in the third year? Question 12 What type of dragon does Harry have to face in the first challenge of the Triwizard tournament?

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Hungarian Horntail Chinese Fireball Swedish Short-Snout There are three challenges in the Triwizard tournament, and the first is meant to be a surprise even to the champions. Luckily, Harry is shown what lies in wait for him by Hagrid, who can hardly contain his excitement over the dragons that have been brought in for the champions to face.

There are four different dragons, and each contestant picks the dragon they must get past at random. What type of dragon does Harry have to face in the first challenge of the Triwizard tournament?

muggle wizard relationship questions

Question 13 How does Harry make it through the second Triwizard Tournament challenge? Transfiguring himself into a shark Summoning Scuba gear Gillyweed A bubblehead charm Harry puts off deciphering the clue that will reveal to him the nature of the second task until the last minute. Because of this, he has no idea how he will go into the lake for an hour and survive long enough to rescue what it is the merpeople have of his.

Harry believes that all hope is lost when Ron and Hermione leave him the night before the task, but at the very last minute Neville Longbottom gives him the answer. How does Harry make it through the second Triwizard Tournament challenge?

Question 14 Who can remember what position Cho Chang plays on the Ravenclaw quiditch team? The girl in question is named Cho Chang, and she is pretty and popular, and plays against his quidditch team. Cho is from Ravenclaw, and she proves stiff competition for the Gryffindors.