Karunanidhi murasoli maran relationship quiz

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karunanidhi murasoli maran relationship quiz

All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics His younger son Dayanidhi Maran was an MP (Ex-Union Minister) and his elder son Kalanithi . Karunanidhi's grandnephew Dayanidhi Maran has been the union cabinet minister for two .. He also cheats her and develops a relationship with the milk woman. Murasoli Maran (17 August – 24 November ) was a prominent Tamil politician in India, and an important leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam ( DMK) party which was headed by his maternal uncle and mentor, M. Karunanidhi . Relations, M. Karunanidhi (maternal uncle). Children, Kalanidhi Maran. Karunanidhi s' family is not just like a normal family. He is having three wives, Dayanidhi Maran wife family picture Photos. Thursday, April 7.

karunanidhi murasoli maran relationship quiz

Ramachandran, every bit as popular as his mentor, had no children either. Kamaraj, still the benchmark for administration and efficiency in governance, died a bachelor.

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Jayalalithaa, who got the mandate of the people for four terms, had never been married, too. Although Sasikala and her relatives made up for the family Jayalalithaa never had as a politician, the public at large primarily looked at the AIADMK leader as a single woman; that is, if one was ready to ignore the huge influence that live-in friend Sasikala had on the AIADMK and its government, apart from the administration of the Veda Nilayam at Poes Garden, and the resulting gains to the Mannargudi family.

The likes of Kamaraj, Anna and MGR steered clear of nepotism as no one else from their families entered politics during their lifetime. But Karunanidhi's family became an albatross around his neck from to The death of Karunanidhi's nephew, Murasoli Maran, in robbed the DMK leader of a key political adviser and a moral compass.

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Although Mr Karunanidhi had been grooming M. Stalin as his political heir, the DMK patriarch showed no hurry to fast track him into the higher echelons of power. Mr Stalin couldn't become a minister in Mr Karunanidhi's cabinet either in or in Karunanidhi had clearly been wary of promoting Mr Stalin. Although nepotism had been prevalent in the Congress at the Centre, it was an alien concept in Tamil Nadu.

karunanidhi murasoli maran relationship quiz

But the floodgates opened in as Mr Maran's younger son, Dayanidhi, got the ticket for the Central Chennai parliamentary constituency. InMr Stalin became a minister and then deputy chief minister in his father's cabinet.

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Alagiri and Kanimozhi got their piece of cake in due course, with the former becoming a union minister in Karunanidhi's filial affection handed Jayalalithaa a potent campaign tool in After all the din, Karunanidhi retorted with style and substance: A series of dramatic developments took intra-familial ties to a new low. It began with Karunanidhi's wife, Mrs.

karunanidhi murasoli maran relationship quiz

Karunanidhi himself, insiders confide, was kept in the dark about some of its new acquisitions. Azhagiri, and his half-sister Ms.

karunanidhi murasoli maran relationship quiz

Kanimozhi, far behind his younger son, M. Stalin, in a popular rating of the succession battle for the DMK's top leadership.

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The rest, as they say is history. It looked much more serious than Vaiko's expulsion from DMK in Later, when Raja, Kanimozhi and others were acquitted in the 2G case by the trial court earlier this year, the DMK recovered considerable lost ground. Both projects had a fair share of controversies, but neither helped him to solidify his Tamil constituency.