Introduction to interpersonal relationship development

introduction to interpersonal relationship development

Develop your interpersonal communication skills. Learn about the communication processes and how to develop your verbal, nonverbal, listening and other. ➄ Discuss electronically mediated communication's role in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. ➅ Identify strategies that. Interpersonal communication is most often linked to studies into The s produced research that impacted the development of an interpersonal field. Since its introduction in the s, uncertainty has been recognized.

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Interpersonal relationship

Particularly in recent decades, such technology has become increasingly faster, mobile, and powerful. Although tablets, smartphones, and social media are relatively new, the impetus behind their development is old, as throughout history humans have developed mechanisms for communicating ideas that transcend inherent temporal and spatial limitations of face-to-face communication.

introduction to interpersonal relationship development

In the ancient past, humans developed writing and the alphabet to preserve knowledge across time, with the later development of the printing press further facilitating the mass distribution of written ideas. Later, the telegraph was arguably the first technology to separate communication from transportation, and the telephone enabled people at a distance to hear the warmth and intimacy of the human voice.

The development of the Internet consolidates and advances these technologies by facilitating pictorial and video interactions, and the mobility provided by cell phones and other technologies makes the potential for communication with interpersonal partners nearly ubiquitous.

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As such, these technologies reconfigure perception of time and space, creating the sense of a smaller world where people can begin and manage interpersonal relationships across geographic distance.

Such relationships often lead to lasting commitments where individuals decide to be with each other until death separates them.

Interpersonal Relationship Development

Two people might start off well but soon face problems. Troubles in relationship start when people have different opinions, views and fail to reach to a mutually acceptable solution.

In such cases individuals decide to move on from a relationship for a fresh start. According to famous psychologist George Levinger, every relationship goes through following five stages.

Interpersonal Relationship Development - Meaning and its Models

To start relationship individuals need to know each other well. Two individuals might meet at some place and instantly hit it off.

introduction to interpersonal relationship development

People feel attracted to each other and decide to enter into a relationship. This stage is characterized by extensive meetings and phone calls so that individuals get to check their compatibility level. Case 1 - Individuals are not compatible with each other.

Result - Individuals do not take the relationship forward and decide to end it for a better future. Case - 2 Individuals are compatible with each other Result - Individuals decide to continue the relationship In the third stage, individuals make regular efforts to strengthen their relationship.

Interpersonal relationship - Wikipedia

People make commitments and prepare themselves for a long term relationship. The fourth stage begins when individuals in a relationship start doing things together. They are often seen together shopping, dining, going for movies and so on.

introduction to interpersonal relationship development

When individuals are really sure about their relationship, they decide to stay together for ever.