Intentionally sabotaging relationship

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intentionally sabotaging relationship

OK, I'll admit it: I'm a former bad boy addict. I'm not talking about the motorcycle- riding, cigarette-smoking, edge-walking rebels-without-a-cause. I'm talking about . These assclowns intentionally seek out decent, honest people who don't play games, . I was the one always sabotaging the relationship. Two Against One - Triangles that can Sabotage Relationships . of one or the other's the other partner's value, or even by intentional sabotage.

One of these influences is our attachment style. Growing up, we need to feel attached to someone else in order to feel secure within ourselves. The attachments we form in childhood shape our ideas about people and relationships. If we were rejected or overlooked as children, we may develop an unhealthy attachment style that we carry into our adult relationships.

You can come to understand adaptations you made in order to get by as a child in your household, while also understanding how those adaptations may limit you in your current life. The more insecure she became, the more her boyfriend would clam up and become distant, which would exacerbate her fears.

They spoke often about breaking up. It was only after looking into her own history that the woman realized she had an anxious preoccupied attachment style. Growing up, her mother and primary caretaker was absentminded, often forgetting to make dinner or pick her up from school.

Her boyfriend had the opposite way of relating.

Some people habitually jeopardise their relationships in order to feel interest and desire

His dismissive avoidant attachment style drove him to keep a safe distance, avoiding closeness and potential conflict. No one will could ever love YOU.

intentionally sabotaging relationship

He is going to meet someone else, someone more interesting and attractive. He is too good for you. In the meantime, her boyfriend had his own inner critic at work, filling his head with thoughts like: You have to get out of here. She is just trying to control you. You can take care of yourself. This internal dialogue and the dynamics that ensue are common among couples.

People even unconsciously seek partners with attachment styles that negatively complement their own. You can change your attachment style as an adult by forming a relationship with someone with a healthier attachment style. She randomly becomes distant and reserved in-person. She has unexpected outbursts of aggression or annoyance over insignificant things. But the strange part about the whole thing is that she still invests in the relationship.

Despite some of her unsure behavior, she still shows up to dates and is excited about being intimate. The whole situation usually reveals itself as a classic case of self-sabotage. Why would she act this way? I want to start by saying that self-sabotage early in a relationship is not limited to women.

intentionally sabotaging relationship

Men do it as well, but more often than not they start as non-committal in the first place. Women tend to give more to the relationship initially but then act out when they feel things are fragile or will end. From my experience, that stems from three things: Baggage from a past relationship. She cared about him and he broke her heart. This can be due to looks, status, income, or even social abilities. This is often tied to self-esteem issues.

Usually within a couple months of seeing someone, a girl wants to date that guy exclusively. Self-sabotage is her way of coping with that idea. Here are the signs that she may be self-sabotaging: This is a tough one to judge. An easy way to gauge her interest is to see whether or not she wants to see other people. Becomes distant or reserved at times. This often happens when you share past social experiences or excitement about upcoming plans with other friends.

Picks random fights over nothing.

intentionally sabotaging relationship

Yet at random times she gets frustrated over mundane things about you. Tests your commitment or interest in her regularly.

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She wants you to prove it — through your words or actions. Says you should be with someone else instead. This often happens after fights.

intentionally sabotaging relationship

So in turn, she says you should just find someone better. She tries to push you away.

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How to deal with someone self-sabotaging A lot of relationship advice says to run at the slightest bit of trouble. From an outside perspective, if someone was acting like this — it makes sense to walk away.

Because this is how a lot of unstable, emotionally manipulative people act. Same goes for drama or attention-seekers. But this kind of advice assumes evil intentions or unresolvable conflict. You have to find out for yourself.