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If you're looking for a game with great gameplay and a fun world to use your Neon Making the good ending of inFamous 2 canon rules out so many We know the most about Fetch and Delsin's relationship because we. Infamous (stylized as inFAMOUS) is an action-adventure video game developed by Sucker The game was followed by a sequel, Infamous 2 in June . Based on what rank Cole holds at the end of InFamous, two endings are possible . . city's electricity as fuel, and thus developing a "real relationship with the city". Past Decisions is a neutral side mission in InFamous 2, which changes in relation to Cole's karma choices in InFamous. What happens next depends on his decisions in Empire City. — The Woman's dialogue when Cole is on the Good Karma side.

The player can recharge Cole by draining electricity from powered sources or from living beings; recharging also restores Cole's health, which is indicated by blood splattering onto the screen. The more damage that Cole takes, the more blood that covers the screen. When Cole's health is at a critical level, the screen will turn black and white, and if Cole takes a little bit more damage while the screen is black and white, a heartbeat will be heard and will get slower and slower as Cole takes more damage, until it is beating dangerously slow.

At this point, further damage to Cole will kill him. If the player stays out of battle long enough, Cole's health will regenerate over time. The game features seventeen different electrical powers, ranging from simple bolts that do not consume Cole's energy to wide-field lightning storms that drain most of Cole's energy. For example, the player may fire at a generator near foes to cause it to explode and cripple his opponents, then restrain them or fire at the body to kill the enemy.

Due to being vivified electricity, Cole is unable to use vehicles, take up weapons, or swim. Cole easily climbs buildings and other structures and can fall a great height without taking damage.

Many powers are acquired over the course of the game; once acquired the player can use experience pointsawarded for specific actions, stunts and missions, to increase the power's effectiveness. The growth of these powers is affected by Cole's current Karma level. Certain actions, such as stopping to help injured citizens or draining their health to restore Cole's, will affect the Karma level in either direction.

During the game the player will encounter Karma Moments, when the action pauses and the player is told, through a monologue by Cole, of two actions that can be taken, always a good and bad option.

infamous 2 gameplay ending relationship

For example, one scenario the player is presented with is to either pull a valve and get a spray of tar in his face Goodor force a civilian to do it for him Evil. Completion of these missions helps gain access to unique super powers based on the Karma level. The player is not locked into choosing either Karma path, and may opt to play towards one extreme and later switch to the other mid-game. In addition to altering Cole's appearance and certain aspects of the game's story, [6] Karma also influences the behavior of the citizens of Empire City, they will come to help Cole in battle if his Karma is Good, but will turn on Cole and throw rocks at him if he has Bad Karma.

Empire City is built on three islands, and the player must work through main story missions on each island before being able to access the next one, though future missions may require the player to return to an earlier island. Each island is divided into a number of sectors, at the start of the game controlled by three different gangs, the Neon District being controlled by Sasha and her Reaper Gang, the Warren District being controlled by Alden and the Dust Men Gang, and the Historic District being controlled by Kessler and the First Sons.

The player can undertake a side mission in each sector, once certain main story requirements have been met, to free that sector from gang control, reducing or eliminating the presence of the gang in that sector.

Other side missions may also unlock medical stations where Cole will re-awaken should he die. Though Cole must travel on foot he eventually gains powers that allow him to grind along power cables and powered, elevated train rails and to hover for a short time. Scattered around the city are hundreds of 'Blast Shards' which Cole can collect to increase the amount of electricity he can store.

There are 32 'Dead Drop' satellite transmitters that help to reveal more of the back-story in the game, all being narrated by John White, or being recordings of Kessler and his experiments. Plot[ edit ] A cutscene from Infamous, showing Cole discovering his new powers with his girlfriend Trish.

The game uses comic book style cut scenes similar to ones used in the Sly Cooper series to extend the superhero motif further. Setting[ edit ] InFamous is set in Empire City, a fictional metropolis based on New York Cityconsisting of the Neon District, where most of Empire City's businesses are concentrated, the Warren, a slum dependent on international shipping activity, and the Historic District, the location of the city government.

Each district has an elevated train system and a separate power grid. The premise of the game is built around the partial destruction of the Historic District by a mysterious explosion, followed by a viral epidemic that forces federal authorities to seal the only bridge leading to the mainland.

A rise in violent crime overwhelms the police, resulting in societal collapse. Characters[ edit ] The protagonist is Cole MacGrath Jason Cottlea courier who is accused of triggering the explosion, which leaves him with the ability to absorb and project electricity. His closest friend, Zeke Jedediah Dunbar Caleb Moodyallows Cole to hide on his rooftop, despite his envy of the former's powers.

Trish Dailey October MooreCole's girlfriend, abandons him out of anger over the death of her sister Amy, while most of Empire City's residents view him as a terrorist. White vanished while investigating a group known as the First Sons, who are believed to be responsible for orchestrating the explosion. Using her ability to control the minds of others via a tar-like substance, she has formed a gang known as the Reapers.

Meanwhile, the Warren has been overrun by the Dust Men, an army of homeless militants led by Alden Tate also Jason Cottlethe original leader of the First Sons, who possesses telekinesis. Mowrythe true antagonist of the game, is a shadowy figure who controls the First Sons and who takes an obsessive interest in Cole and his powers. Story[ edit ] While the basic story of InFamous remains unchanged whether the player opts for the "Good" or "Evil" karma path, there are some story elements that change depending on Cole's choices.

While making a delivery in the Historic District, Cole is instructed to open the package. In doing so, he activates a device known as the Ray Sphere, leveling several city blocks and nearly killing him.

Rescued by Zeke and Trish, he teaches himself to control his emerging powers. After using them in public to fight off a Reaper attack, the locals turn against Cole after he is accused of triggering the explosion, forcing him into hiding.

He and Zeke engineer an assault on the sealed bridge, only to be ambushed by government forces. Separated from his friend, Cole meets Moya, who persuades him to return and find John. With her help, Cole restores the district's power supply, earning the attention of Sasha, who lures him into her underground lair.

Cole defeats her, but she is abducted by the Sons before he can make her talk. Trapped in the Warren, Cole assists what remains of the police in battling the Dust Men. Alden is arrested and imprisoned, but Zeke's incompetence in guarding him allows the Dust Men to free him and massacre most of the officers.

With Alden planning to reactivate the Sphere, the two patch things up and confront him, with Zeke ending up in possession of the Sphere. The city is split into districts that are all initially controlled by the D.

infamous 2 gameplay ending relationship

Delsin has the unique Conduit ability of Power Absorption, allowing him to use other Conduits' powers. His brother, Reggie Travis Willinghamis the local sheriffand often arrests Delsin for his acts of vandalism.

Her actions in the Akomish reservation drive Delsin to travel to Seattle, now under lockdown by D. Delsin and Reggie encounter three other Conduits: Henry "Hank" Daughtry David Stanbraa convict with control over Smoke ; Abigail "Fetch" Walker Laura Baileyan ex- junkie who uses her Neon powers to hunt down the illegal drug dealers in Seattle; and Eugene Sims Alex Walsha reclusive video gamer who uses his Video digital materialization powers to save suspected Conduits from the D.

Story[ edit ] InAfter Reggie catches Delsin vandalizing a billboard, their subsequent argument is interrupted when a military truck carrying three Conduit prisoners crashes on the Akomish reservation. Shocked and frightened, Delsin pursues Hank in an effort to figure out what has happened and how to control his powers. She encases Hank in concrete and questions Delsin, suspecting him of hiding something. Delsin can choose to either tell Augustine the truth about his powers or reveal nothing.

Regardless, Augustine renders him unconscious before moving on to the other tribe members. However, she has left them to gradually die from concrete shards buried into their bodies, including their leader Betty Karen Austin. They reach Seattle and find that it has been put under strict martial law by the D. With Reggie's help, Delsin battles D. He eventually encounters the other two escaped Conduits, Fetch and Eugene, and absorbs their powers.

After both confrontations, Delsin defends the Conduits from Reggie, who initially views them as "freaks", and can choose to either redeem or corrupt them. Hank tells Delsin that Fetch and Eugene have been captured by the D. However, the situation turns out to be a trap set by Augustine.

What Goes Around Comes Around: More On The Infamous 2 Karma System

Reggie appears and rescues Delsin with a rocket launcher. As they dangle above the ocean, Reggie realizes that Delsin cannot save both of them, tells him that he is proud of him, and lets Delsin's hand go and falls to his death. Delsin tracks Hank down to the docks, where he is fleeing from D. Hank begs for forgiveness, saying that he only worked with Augustine because she threatened to hurt his daughter. Aided by Fetch and Eugene, Delsin rallies an assault on the D.

After breaking through the building's defenses, Delsin confronts Augustine and reveals to her that he has figured out she staged the Conduit escape at Akomish to instill fear in the population and give the D.

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Augustine lets Delsin absorb her powers, and tells him that she wants to save the Conduits by imprisoning and protecting them from the population. She is arrested and the D. All of the imprisoned Conduits are freed. Delsin returns to the reservation and heals the tribe members, [25] then paints a mural dedicated to Reggie. He releases all of the imprisoned Conduits and absorbs their powers. Upon returning to the reservation, Delsin is met by a wheelchair-bound Betty who banishes him from the tribe for the killings in Seattle.

Shocked and angered, Delsin destroys the entire reservation. They discussed with Sony how much power they would like with the new hardware and what refinements they would like to see on the DualShock 4 gamepad.

What Goes Around Comes Around: More On The Infamous 2 Karma System -

Festival of Bloodthey began to plan a new entry in the Infamous series [29] under the working title Infamous 3. They gave Cerny feedback about how much power a new PlayStation system would require to render their ideal open world, how fast it would be capable of doing so and to what degree of texture detail. Second Son's designer Jaime Griesemer traveled to Sony's headquarters in Japan to discuss such improvements. The developers found they were able to adopt the DualShock 4's touchpad into Second Son's gameplay for example, players emulate the in-game fingerprint scanner using the DualShock 4 touchpad.

The hardware let developers improve the particle system that lights Delsin's face up while he draws neon power from billboards [28] and add detailed reflections to the game world. He felt that working with a small team necessitated having a defined vision for the game from the outset, "to answer those first questions about what you want your game to be". It's not easy; it's necessary", Fox explained. Their research for the game world led to the reproduction of Seattle landmarks such as the Space Needle.

infamous 2 gameplay ending relationship

Sucker Punch elected to set Second Son in their hometown of Seattle as they could draw from their personal experiences in the open world's design. Fleming considered that the city had not been featured in many games prior to Second Son and so would not be "overblown", and felt that Seattle's weather and mixture of "old and new" architecture would make it an interesting setting. The developers licensed logos and signs from local businesses.