Han chewie relationship goals pics

Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewie Life Debt Backstory Explained

han chewie relationship goals pics

And so starts the somewhat odd relationship between two otakus with Now apart from the amazing concept that will have you shouting “LIFE GOALS! goals#pictures. notesHide notes. notesLoading notes. kittygums. Chewie, We're Home ☆. #relationship goals#relationship#goals#star# Han#han. Again, for Star Wars fans, probably nothing. Star WarsHan Solo And Chewbacca Nerd HumorHumourRelationship GoalsRelationshipsLotrFunny PicturesFunny. Relationship Goals I Learned From 'Star Wars' Han Solo is a problematic fav as it is, I don't think I need to walk you through why you shouldn't fall for an Chewie, do you hear this scrub right now? [Image via Lucasfilm].

How did Chewie manage to retain his long luscious locks without a hint of gray? One could assume it was an oversight by the costuming department, but fans know the more likely reason; wookies have extremely long lifespans, with the oldest among them on Kashyyyk revered as clan elders who have lived for hundreds of years.

Eventually, all their fur goes completely white, and they look like yetis which means Disney should start thinking about putting a few on the Matterhorn.

Chewie would be the one telling him he needed to stop thinking only about the money Princess Leia had handed him for rescuing her and help the Rebels blow up the damn Death Star already. This was particularly annoying to someone like Han Solo, infamous smuggler, gambler, raconteur of the galaxy.

And according to this meme, intergalactic DJ.

5 Times Han and Chewie Were Totally Friendship Goals

Go up to any DJ in a popular club and start spouting off your knowledge of deep house or drum and bass and watch them pretend to not hear you. In this case, if Han and Chewie are your DJs for the evening, count on Han telling you to zip it or Chewie will rip your arms out of your sockets, or smash your vape in his paw.

han chewie relationship goals pics

In the annals of the Star Wars Legends, Chewie was purportedly condemned to slavery by the Empire, as were all wookies that valiantly fought for the Galactic Senate in the Clone Wars. It was aboard an Imperial ship, where Han had been detained for smuggling chargers, that he met Chewie and set him free, knowing the powerful wookie would be able to help them both escape.

They put cuffs and collars on all the Wookiees. Some of them they cut open. Others they ship off to work the worst jobs the Empire has on offer.

han chewie relationship goals pics

They took his home from him. I can't abide by that. I don't have a home anymore besides the Falcon, but him?

han chewie relationship goals pics

And he deserves to go home. He has a family too, you know.

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From this, it would appear that in his younger days, Solo's journeys somehow landed him on Kashyyyk, where he saw firsthand the tyranny of the Empire. Somehow this isn't revealed in the bookHan gets Chewie off the planet, and the famed life debt is formed.

Chewbacca believes that Han saved him, but according to Solo it's the other way around: I was on a bad path, and Chewie, he put me straight.

han chewie relationship goals pics

Saved my shanks more than once too. He said it was part of some life debt It means that he owes his life to me He doesn't owe me. I got a debt to Chewie to get him his home back. For longtime fans, it also makes a great deal of sense too.

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As the Rebels geared up to assault the Death Star, Chewie seemed to be reluctantly going along with Han's plan to make away with his reward.

I know what I'm doing," Solo said to his pal after Luke Skywalker stormed off. Off-screen, it very well may have been the Wookiee that influenced the change of heart in the smuggler. Han realizes that his partnership with Chewie led to a far more rewarding life than he could have ever imagined or deservedso he wants to repay his friend. In an emotional scene, Han says goodbye to Chewie, because he now has to go back with Leia and start his own family.

han chewie relationship goals pics

I'm gonna be a father and no way my kid won't have you in his life. Han and Chewie are back to their smuggling ways in Star Wars 7, hauling rathtars and swindling whoever they can in the galaxy. It will be interesting to see if a future canon publication will detail this time period, since it's now something fans will be very curious about. Did the First Order target Kashyyyk? It's an interesting topic that could serve as a compelling story.