Ghost story peter straub ending relationship

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ghost story peter straub ending relationship

Ghost Story By Peter Straub They share ghost stories. The boys, sexually immature and naïve, keep the relationship purely platonic, Straub throws the reader for a loop by starting his story at the end with the prologue. Ghost Story has ratings and reviews. Maciek said: I don't think one can truly rate Ghost Story as a novel without acknowledging the fact tha. A review of Peter Straub's Ghost Story, which suffers from a slow pace, I know they didn't realize she was in a relationship with him, but they I expected a dark ending from there, a hint that the cycle would continue forever.

We soon discover that Wanderley is no murderer, and this young girl is definitely not what we think she is.

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Straub takes a step back and introduces us The Chowder Society. This motley group of elderly gentlemen meet on occasion to share ghost stories with each other. The group knows Ed has a nephew—a writer named Don Wanderley—whose fiction could possibly shine a light on all this strangeness that surrounds them.

Sadly, these men are in denial. Their hallucinatory nightmares foretell their own deaths, as their shared past has returned to haunt them to the grave. True, it was an accident that befell Miss Galli, but they had their futures to worry about.

So much easier to just sweep it under the rug … or sink it in the water. The car did sink, but not before they caught a glimpse of their secret inside, looking out the back window, still alive. Straub does an excellent job of getting under the skin of each member of The Chowder Society, giving each of the men distinct personalities and voices.

He finally finds Fenny and his sister. Off in the distance projecting an air of malevolence, is Gregory.

Tattered Tomes: Ghost Story by Peter Straub, Revisited

James tries to reason with the kids. But he sees the abject poverty in which they live and realizes the social circumstances of the town and finally gives up. He sees Gregory watching the kids and the school from afar and asks some of the other kids about Gregory.

They say that Gregory used to do repairs on the school, but one day, Fenny and his sister pushed over a ladder he was on, killing Gregory. James decides to keep Fenny and his sister after school to teach them. Gregory shows up and Fenny gets real scared and agitated. Fenny eventually dies there on the spot. He is put in an unmarked grave beside his brother and James is left haunted. He finished out the school year before returning to Milburne.

As scary and creepy as that story was, the members of the Chowder Society know a scarier and creepier story.

ghost story peter straub ending relationship

It was a story they lived together 50 years earlier. James fears it may be the source of all their ills. As the group grows more wary of the dreams haunting them, they each tell a tale of being haunted or terrified by a supernatural being. Wanderley died of an apparent heart attack and the young actress he was squiring disappeared from the face of the earth.

After comparing notes, the group notices that their fem fatales all have the same initials: What worries Don Wanderley — summoned because of his knowledge of the supernatural — is that James and Hawthorne have a new secretary and her name is Alma Mobley. Finally, after Benedikt dies mysteriously, the town bad boy disappears, and others come up missing or dead, Hawthorne and James decide it is time they told Don Wanderley the story of Eva Galli.

Galli was a young woman who moved to town in the s and immediately charmed the young members of the Chowder Society just as they were starting their professional lives.

The Truth Inside The Lie: A Review of "Ghost Story" (by Peter Straub)

She is engaged to a local man. When that man breaks it off, she invites the Society to her home. There, she becomes sexually aggressive with Benedikt who is appalled by her behavior.

She bites and slaps him and when they try to restrain her, she falls and hits her head on a brick hearth. She is apparently dead. The young men panic and decide to borrow a car to get help. As they car slips into the depths, Galli sits up and smiles at the boys through the back window. They are stricken with terror. Mobley reveals to them that the three are part of a race much older than humanity. They are long-lived and they are evil. As the holidays come and pass, Milburne is snowed in and isolated from the world.

The jail is converted into a morgue for the victims of the supernatural terror. James, Hawthorne, Don Wanderley, and a young boy set out to hunt down and kill the creatures once and for all.

ghost story peter straub ending relationship

Eventually, Don Wanderley is left to capture the creature in the form of a young girl and send her to her final reward. This was a selection of my monthly book club and was recommended by yours truly. David figures heavily into those final scenes, but he also appears in Don's illusion back in Mobley when he is in New York.

Maybe the woman he sees on the street is AM? I Don't know exactly what to make of Dr. What should we make of AM saying in that final section that Ricky Hawthorne will commit suicide in the near future?

The novel ends on a happy note, so I think that was just a threat, but it seems worth considering. I imagine it was alluding to the nightmares that drove Jaffrey to kill himself.

Finally, my last question, what do you see when you kill the Lynx? There is the whole setup that something big will happen or maybe nothing, I believe they say earlier in the novel. Presumably, it was AM's real form the stag owl creature that scared Edward to death, and presumably that is what Stringer saw that drove him to put his arms in the thresher. We see that, but we never actually see what happens when the Lynx is killed.

When Rabitfoot is killed, like AM, there is a massive blast of light, but when Don kills the wasp, he never actually sees it die.

He cuts it in half, buries it in the sand, and leaves it for the tide to take. Right before that though, he says "time to see what happens when you shoot the lynx. Is there something more at work there?

I'd love to hear anybody's interpretation of the final scene in regard to that "what happens when you shoot the lynx" because it becomes such a major theme in the novel's last third.

I guess off the top of my head, my interpretation is after getting all the pep talks from the shape shifters about how knowing their secret is something worth dying for, Don decides to leave before seeing what happens as a slight to them and their vanity. I'd be curious to anybody's thoughts on these. I know the novel leaves plenty ambiguous and some is supposed to be left to the imagination, I hardly think that there are secrets to be found or that every one of these processes should have been laid out in all their intricacy.

But after finishing the novel I felt like these were significant questions of my own and I'd love to hear others thoughts.