Female led relationship dating

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female led relationship dating

Any ladies here into a Female Led Relationship? I have been reading about for a few months now and I would like to try one. Has any body. Dating and Relationships How common are female led relationships (FLR)? What are the experiences of men/women in a FLR (female-led relationship)?. Couples involved in Loving Female Led Relationships (Loving FLRs) have dating sites failing at explaining what a Loving Female Led Relationship is to.

During the pregnancy of course and first months I did more and took some time off, but afterward he was the one with more flexible schedule. I've never felt constrained in my career. I can work late, travel, and pretty much do what I want, knowing that my husband is doing what he wants. His teaching is fulfilling for him, but his real calling in life is doing whatever I need him to do.

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I would have been willing to share the cooking and housework, but I'm happy let him take care of all that. I do manage our finances, partly because I'm better at doing it, but also because I like being on top of them. As for decision making, we decide all important financial and parenting matters together, but in other areas, when we disagree, I know I can have the last word if I want to. I don't "pull rank" very often, but I appreciate knowing that I can. When I do, my husband is disappointed at first, but that disappointment quickly fades, and he loves seeing me assert myself in this way.

He won't pretend to prefer ballroom dancing to football, but if I put my foot down, he'll not only be happier watching the dancing with me, he'll ask me if he can rub my feet while we watch.

The best thing is that both my husband and I are able to play the roles that we really want to play. Are you ready to enjoy a relationship that honors who you really are? It's time to stop pretending that what you have is enough. You are not satisfied. You want more and you know you deserve it.

female led relationship dating

Life isn't about settling for what you can get, it's about creating what you want every step of the way. You CAN have a relationship that honors who you really are. You CAN wake up in the morning next to someone who loves the real you. You CAN find attraction and satisfaction with someone who is your perfect complement. There is no reason to fake your happiness any longer.

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When you create a Loving Female Led Relationship you give yourself the gift of structure, purpose and peace of mind. STOP waiting for the perfect time to be honest with yourself.

female led relationship dating

STOP thinking that you have to figure out how to create the love you deserve on your own. STOP wasting time on internet dating sites failing at explaining what a Loving Female Led Relationship is to people who have no interest.

It is not your job to convince anyone to see things your way. Com and we know exactly who you are and what you want from the love of your life. We will support you in every way.

In fact, there are hundreds of others who have made the same choice and they are happier because of it. Invest in your happiness.

female led relationship dating

Do members know of any sites specifically for FLR relationships and I do mean relationships, not dominatrices looking for their next slave! Respectfully, I'm not in the least offended by what you've said and I wish you sincere luck in your search.

An Unvarnished Look at Female-Led Relationships

However, as a Dominant woman albeit, not a heterosexual one I feel the need to comment on your last sentence. My relationship is real.

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I have never been interested in having a "slave" or someone to bully. There are people who misuse or mistake the intent of BDSM as well as those who throw words around as if they understood the meaning of same.

female led relationship dating

There are people who like to stomp about declaring themselves to be Master This or Mistress That, wearing their kink on their sleeves as if sexual exploration were the entirety of BDSM without having engaged in the continual, unflinching and deeply humbling self-inventory it takes to be a Dominant person worthy of the trust of others. Unfortunately, these people reflect badly on The Life.

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There are such people in any and every group and sub-culture of humanity, I believe. There is a vast difference between kink and BDSM. Everyone has a kink to them somewhere.

female led relationship dating