Face reading nose relationship quiz

Face Reading Nose: Nose Tip, Bridge, Wings, Nostrils

face reading nose relationship quiz

In this in-depth guide to Chinese Face Reading, you'll discover how the section of the face, from the eyebrows down to the base of the nose is called Human, and but in a woman, a very wide forehead suggests poor personal relationships. Expand; Fashion · Mums · Competitions · Quizzes · Got a Story? Close-set eyes : According to the ancient art of Chinese face reading, people whose eyes are very close Large noses: Men and women with big noses have been with thin lips are more likely to have successful long-term relationships. Test both these with our “Quiz on Face Reading Psychology”. is a reference to a person's facial features—narrow eyes, big nose, long chin.

Even if the discoloration is caused by a trick of the light, it will mean something to a Chinese face reading specialist. As in every other form of divination, intuition also plays a part. If this area is clean, clear and well defined, the person will have a good start in life with good parents and a useful education. Scarring, dents or discoloration here indicate a troubled childhood and a poor education, according to Chinese face reading philosophy. The problems will be worse for a man if the disfigurement is on the left, while for a woman if the disfigurement is on the right.

A wide forehead is generally considered beneficial, but in a woman, a very wide forehead suggests poor personal relationships.

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The lines on the forehead offer a good deal of information, some being lucky and others unfortunate. Free Enlightened Living Course: This brings unhappiness, a lack of success at work and poor relationships.

A human section longer than either of the other two sections suggests a determined and self-disciplined personality, according to Chinese face reading masters. This indicates a happy old age with good relationships with children and grandchildren, along with prosperity and comfort. This denotes an unhappy and poor old age. The Thirteen Divisions of the Face Chinese face readers further divide the face into 13 sub-sections.

Here is a very simplified form of the 13 -section reading, starting from the top of the face and working downward.

face reading nose relationship quiz

Veins, dark marks and so forth here suggest accidents and sudden losses of money or prestige. Tien Ting This also refers to the parents and background, but it relates more to the mother than the father.

face reading nose relationship quiz

Also, the tip is a symbol of one's inner world. People of big and fleshy tip are kindhearted and have no evil mind. Those with small nose tip are on the contrary. People with big and hard nose tip have better luck for wealth than those of big and soft tip. The mole on nose tip indicates the personal financial losses and being swindled and deceived to invest; the more savings, the more losses will be. The nose of tip and wings in same size is called bulbous nose. For women, bulbous nose indicates the poor marriage and limited support from husband.

Nose Bridge The straight rather than crooked nose bridge is good.

face reading nose relationship quiz

Also, the straight nose bridge with wrinkle, shadow, patch or grey mole is a bad sign for family or health. This kind of people tends to be busy running about life, get wealth and rank difficultly. Also, the nose bridge indicates marriage.

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A black mole on the nose bridge suggests quarrel, even divorce. If there is a hump on the bridge, it indicates the person is impulsive and hot-tempered, often loses temper for no reason yet very persistent in working.

In addition, it suggests the poor spousal relationship prone to quarrels and reminds the person to beware of divorce or emotional problems at the age of 44 and The nose with a bone, looking turgid, on the bridge is called swollen nose indicating the poor marriage.

face reading nose relationship quiz

The sunken or snub bridge suggests unfavorable marriage. For men, it symbolizes the indecisive personality and the mighty wife. They might be the bane of your life, but people with large thighs have a lower risk of premature death and heart disease, a study from Denmark revealed. Body Decode the secrets of your body Image: Scientists have found that people with faster resting heartbeats tend to experience more negative emotions, such as anxiety and stress and low mood.

Face Reading Nose

People with narrow waists tend to be highly conscientious. They are thinner overall and keep the same weight over time as they have more self-control and are better at choosing healthy foods, according to one study.

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This holds true for both sexes. Having a pot belly can be a sign that someone is particularly antagonistic and not very agreeable. People with this personality type tend to have stronger physiological responses to stress.

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Research has found a strong correlation between higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and weight gain around the stomach. Women with larger hips tend to be more forgetful than their peers, according to researchers at Northwestern Medicine, US. In addition, a study by the University of Southampton found breast cancer rates were more than three times higher among women whose mothers had wide hips.

face reading nose relationship quiz

Bottom A large, round bottom means you have a lower risk of heart disease, and is also linked to an optimistic outlook on life in Indian culture. It also cuts the risk of diabetes, according to a review of studies by the University of Oxford.

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