Danny wood facebook official relationship

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danny wood facebook official relationship

Danny Wood was born on May 14, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options . New Kids on the Block: Please Don't Go Girl, Official Music Video . Death ends a life, not a relationship. Growing up around a host of creative people, Danny Wood initially wanted to . a closer relationship with the DOP and art director before we get into the suite. Naturally, the article sent the Facebook and Twitter into a frenzy. the American Sun-Times reported Danny Wood and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings. It is believed the relationship is “heating up”. page served in s (1, 2).

The difficulty in providing a useful arena for feedback lies in getting an equal balance of serendipity and structure that allows you to get specific metrics. For example you write a question that asks the tester Which feature is the most important for Ocqur? A, B, or C? What if theres a D that you havent thought of? There is a gap in the market When we set out to build Ocqur, we saw it as an opportunity to create a liveblogging system that was simple but powerful and married good design to nice functionality.

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A lot of the feedback we got from testers was that they were surprised and pleased with how simple the product was. Ive had some people ask me about the comparisons to Storify, and how to differentiate it from their offering. To ask that kind of question is to miss the point a little. Storify is a great tool I use it frequently. But its not what were after. It works so much better to collect thoughts after an event has happened.

danny wood facebook official relationship

We think that liveblogging shouldnt be as complicated as it has been in the past. Luckily at this early stage it seems like our testers felt the same. People interpret features in different ways The reason we decided to release to testers so early in development is because we didnt want to spend another 10 weeks building something only to find out that no one wanted it.

User input at this early stage was vital.

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At the same time, its interesting when testers throw up something that you really didnt think would be a big issue. For us this was being able to upload content from your desktop onto a live blog. I have never done this, having worked with pretty much all the consumer liveblogging services out there. I tend to scrape content from various web sources, and if I need to take any photos from my phone for a liveblog I either post to Twitter or share to Dropbox.

So now the question is, what do they use it for? Asking users to rank the importance of desktop upload may seem fairly specific, but in reality people may have all sorts of ideas of why its important to them and what they actually want. To that end Im going to chat to those people who ranked it as very important individually and dig a bit deeper into why its an important feature.

The future We had an overwhelming response when we put out a call for testers over double the amount of registrations that we needed for the first stage. This comes at a time of significant buzz around Tumblr its nearing staff members and it recently passed 15 billion!

Its founder David Karp has been profiled in a national newspaperand the type of curation pioneered by Tumblr is the type that has held journalists agog at conferences over the last six months. Andrew McLaughlin, a vice president at Tumblr, said that in telling stories about its users, the company wanted Mr. Reuters Anthony De Rosa has shed a bit more light on what Tumblrs content strategy might be in his interview with Bennettwhere she says: Think trend stories — the democratization of creation.

danny wood facebook official relationship

Think on the ground: The mandate is broad, and the format will go beyond the written word. So is the year when players like Tumblr, Facebook and Google get into the content game properly? In Facebooks case, its a maybe. The company has just hired Daniel Fletchera journalism graduate with previous stints at Time and Bloomberg to become their managing editor. Hiring a journalist isnt a new thing for Facebook last year they hired former Mashable employee Vadim Lavrusik as their journalist program manager, tasked with building the sites reputation as a home for journalists.

But this new hire seems like it could be closer to editorial whether its creating original content or smartening up Facebooks many corporate pages. But the actual approach to grading shortform is quite different, because of the time you have on each project and the amount of cuts.

danny wood facebook official relationship

The grades are a lot more detailed in shortform because the director and DOP have shot with something very specific mind. Longform jobs tend to run across several days and weeks, depending on how many episodes you are working on, so I am looking forward to being able to concentrate on lots of different projects with both familiar and new clients and continue to grow my style, and push the boundaries of colour.

I then discuss the vision of the piece and work closely with the director and discuss various ideas and options. I try to give a true representation of what the DOP has shot, plus bring to the table my own ideas which brings you to a good starting point. The debate over how you build it is part of the creative process and gives you an invaluable insight — and of course you want everyone to be happy by the end of the process.

Is it your ambition to grow it? How will you look for new talent yourself? We are an ambitious company so we will definitely be looking to expand our grading department and any other departments for that matter. How do you see the role of colourists changing in the future?