Bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship

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bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship

About Neal Shusterman Summary. Rising Action. The story begins when Bronte Sternberger begins dating Brewster “Bruiser” Rawlins, an antisocial boy at her. Bruiser By: Neal Shuterman with Brewster's organized in poetic form, Shusterman's novel keeps the reader Summary of Main Character. Plot. Major Conflict. exposition- Bronte and Bruiser start to form a relationship while. Read “Bruiser”, by Neal Shusterman online on Bookmate – New York Times bestselling She sends me back a chilly glare that could end global warming.

The author of more than 30 books, Neal Shusterman explores this question in Bruiserhis haunting new novel for teens. Though Shusterman tackles a heavy topic, his language is lyrical and even filled with occasional humor.

bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship

Both teens—boys and girls—and adults will be moved by this story. To get a behind-the-scenes look at the novel, BookPage talked to the award-winning author about his memorable characters and the joy that comes after pain.

bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship

Bruiser alternates among four points of view: Why did you tell the story in this way? I liked the challenge of coming up with four distinct voices that combined into a coherent whole. The chapters narrated by Brewster are in verse, mixing up the rhythm of the book and providing a strong visual shift on the page.

I felt that the verse was a way of making his character not only unique, but rich in ways we never expected. Of all authors and poets, why do you refer to two people from the 19th century? Do the names reflect on the characters?

Growing up, I knew a kid named Tennyson, and I always wanted to name a character that. It just kind of felt natural. Brewster has two unusual abilities: Are these abilities related?

Neal Shusterman. Bruiser

Yes, they are related. While writing Bruiser, did you study any real-life cases of teens dealing with violence?

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As an act of kindness, Brewster invites him inside, and Tennyson discovers that, unlike what he previously believed from the rumors about Brew, the house was just a normal house. They talk for a bit, and Tennyson allows Brewster to date Bronte.

bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship

Later on, Bronte and Brewster go on a date. She sprained her ankle while they were hiking, but Brewster massaged it and the pai quickly went away.

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Bronte believed he was trying to make her feel better, so they sat down and finished their picnic. On another date, they go to the pool. For a while, Brewster refuses to take his shirt off, but when Bronte finally convinces him to, she discovers that he is covered in bruises and scratches. She asked him who did this to him, or if he did it to himself, but he tells her that he just bruises easily.

bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship

While cleaning up dinner, Bronte accidentally cuts her finger. At school the next day, Bronte slaps Brewster and begins to yell at him. That is when Tennyson and Bronte discover that Brewster has the ability to take away pain from people he cares about.

Brewster and Bronte begin to spend more time together after school.

bruiser by neal shusterman ending a relationship