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a surreptitious relationship chapter 53 of title

This balance or imbalance of power, as the title of this chapter suggests, A fundamental aspect of our understanding of the relationship between 29; see also Wilson, ), other innovations have also been brought in surreptitiously. Chapter Flight of the Nymphs. "Do you .. "Praising the unknown hand which gave you that title, so that you can bear one you like better?". Read:A Surreptitious Relationship: Chapter Fifty-Three from the story A Surreptitious Relationship by JordanLynde (Jordan Lynde) with reads. drama.

After some time, she falls in love with him as she spends time with him. But everything comes crashing down when she discovers to her horror that Chris, before falling in genuine love with her, only used her as a replacement for his old flame, Holly Pierce.

However, after allowing him to explain and learns that he stopped using her as a replacement after seeing how different she was from his former girlfriend, she forgives him and eventually discovers he is sincerely in love with her for who she is.

This in which focuses on Allie falling in love with her own teacher; thus continuing the cycle in Holly's family for these forbidden relationships. Holly and Chris are minor characters in the novel, making an occasional appearance throughout the novel.

Early Life Edit Holly's mother Lynn was, ironically, also involved with her American Literature teacher in high school with the age gap between them being seven years; his age being 24 and Lynn They maintained the affair throughout her high school senior year it also being unbashfully revealed by Lynn that they were also sexually active during the course of the affair.

After Lynn graduated from high school, they married and went on to have Holly together, living happily together. The couple's happy marriage soon tragically ended when he was killed in a car accident when Holly was 15 - the same one that also killed both of Chris's parents. It is told that Chris also attended the funeral of Holly's father and talked with Lynn while there; therefore making it a possibility that he and Holly saw each other before he started working at her school.

Holly's trademark is her infamous blush which people loved to make her do, even before the events of the first novel. Her mother often felt the need to give Holly materialistic needs after the death of her husband thus working late hours, leaving Holly to look after the house, cook her own meals and tend to the needs of the house. Before Chris, Holly has said to have had around five boyfriends; none of which she shared a real kiss with it being told she's just done "quick pecks and stuff".

Overall, Holly showed little interest in boys, rather just looking after her mother and herself, who physically stresses herself out with her late night work shifts, much to Holly's worry. A Proscriptive Relationship Edit Holly is a 17 year old girl now in her senior year.

She gets caught in the crossfire of fight one night when she went to the grocery store for some late night grocery shopping and meets a strange yet intriguing man. She expects never to see him again only to see him again at her school causing her to think he is a new student. Instead, she finds out he is actually in fact her new 22 year old Biology teacher, Chris Heywood.

She starts getting close to him when he gives her detentions after school for the smallest of reasons. Over time, she gets close to him and gets to know him. She soon discovers his secret when she follows him into the woods one night at her county fair and gets into yet another crossfire and becomes totally consumed into his world of gangs by striking a gang member. When she and Chris go onto the ferris wheel he tells her his story of his life in the gang starting at a very young and early age.

Although later on in the book, it is revealed that many of the things he told her were lies much to his shame later on. A Proscriptive Relationship, manily focuses on Holly struggling with the gang problems and Shawn's endless attempts to capture Holly at first to also use her as his replacement for his old girlfriend and then simply to get back at Chris and in the midst of all things realize she is falling in love with Chris.

This causing her to deal with the fact that, despite her feelings of love for him, he is her teacher and comtemplates whether or not this truly matters to her. Soon, Holly accidentally reveals her feelings to Chris.

She is however told by him that he already knew about her feelings towards him but due to her only being 17, a minor and not turning 18 until her birthday which was shortly within the week, to tell him her feelings then when she was of age. Under Jeremy's advice though, Holly tries to get Chris jealous while out on her birthday dinner by flirting with Jeremy, and to have him reveal his feelings for her instead of the other way around. Holly and Chris soon though have to leave early when a classmate arrives at the restaurant.

Outside, Chris and Holly talk and Chris ends up having his first - however short-lived - kiss with her before getting interrupted by Jeremy. In the end Shawn kidnaps Holly while she goes with Lance to Shawn's trial, him having escaped, and using her as bait to lure Chris in to settle things with him. In the midst of the fight, Holly gets stabbed by gang member Mikey, causing Lance to shoot him.

Holly then sees Shawn getting ready to shoot Chris causing her to take Mikey's gun and shoot him. However, Chris still takes a bullet from Shawn though no major damage is done and only suffering a flesh wound and Holly collapses to the ground bleeding out, making her float in and out of conciousness. Chris then holds Holly, begging her to stay awake, but Holly falls into unconciousness. A week later, Holly having spent it in a coma, Holly wakes up in the hopsital with Chris sleeping at her side on her arm where he has been all week, literally.

Chris is joyful for Holly's awakening and kisses her passionately before saying how he had "never been more terrified in his life" when fearing he got her killed before firmly stating his love for her.

Holly catches up on everything; Shawn was taken to prison and eveyone is fine and Chris won't be sent to prison since he helped save her life. She and Chris attend Holly Pierce's, Chis's old flame whom he got over as a result of falling in love with Holly Everswedding officially starting a relationship A Surreptitious Relationship Edit The book is mainly of Holly and Chris coping and dealing with the secrecy of their affair as well as the aftermath of the events of A Proscriptive Relationship with a seething Shawn still vowing revenge.

Two new students arrive, two teenage twins male and female, with the male, Aaron, who likes to cause trouble for Holly. She soon however discovers he is a pawn in Shawn's plan to ruin Chris and Holly's lives. She desperately tries to make amends with him and convince him that Shawn was actually a bad and evil person. She tries to win him over by being kind towards him, much to Chris's annoyance who tells her to stand up for herself saying Aaron walks all over her.

Things get heated when Aaron reveals to Chris and Holly that he "knows their secret", causing Holly to believe he knows about her affair with Chris. However, things calm down when Chris tells Holly that Aaron confronted him at the end of school the other day and tells her that Aaron thinks she and Jeremy are dating; not them.

But soon after this, things take a notch up higher when Aaron spikes Holly's drink at a party to get her to "loosen up". After trapping her in a private room, Aaron begins to take advantage of her state and starts kissing her and even begins to take off her clothes despite Holly's feeble attempts to stop him. Luckily, Jeremy walks in and, once realizing what was Aaron was trying to do to Holly, punches him and takes her outside where Chris hurries over after being called by Jeremy.

Soon later, Aaron reveals he has pictures of her and Jeremy at Holly Pierce's wedding when Jeremy jokingly proposed to her and one of Holly Pierce being given a kiss on the cheek, but looking like her from behind and that if she doesn't come over during the weekend she'll "regret it. Once at school later on, she discovers the pictures posted in the school hallway, causing students to believe she is sleeping with Jeremy, who by then was the school Gym teacher, and getting her branded a "slut" and "whore.

Mike couldn't blame him, he wouldn't have reacted well to anyone trying to kiss Tina either. You saw how the girls were. Maybe a jolt of the Bieber Experience is what we need to get some action again. You could come with us," he suggested. Ryan stared at him in disbelief.

Justin Bieber is a child who's riding on Usher's coattails to fame. He is not a girl magnet, if a girl came onto him it would probably be classified as statutory rape. And even if I were willing to lower myself to that questionable level of musicality, I do not want to go into it with Sam, of all people.

And yeah, I think Bieber's overrated too, it's just that I can't think of anything to jumpstart things with Tina.

Chris Heywood

I'll think of something else to serenade Quinn. That means a lot. Ryan entered the room, frowning when he saw only the girls and Finn inside, along with Mr. Schue and Coach Sylvester. He sat down next to Quinn, who was having a whispered conversation with Finn.

Quinn smiled at Ryan, squeezing his hand. Meanwhile, Ryan was too busy staring at the four boys who had just entered the room to say anything. Sam was dressed the same way as yesterday, with his blonde hair combed into the in famous Bieber 'do.

The surprise was the other three boys. Artie and Mike had their hair coiffed into a similar style, but Puck had somehow gotten a head full of hair, and was tossing it to keep it out of his eyes. The rest of the glee club's jaws were hanging open as they made their entrance. Ryan glanced surreptitiously at Quinn, who had that smile on her face again.

a surreptitious relationship chapter 53 of title

And we think this song is an anthem because everything Bieber does is epic. Looks like he wasn't the only one who thought this whole rigmarole was ridiculous. Unfortunately any sense of camaraderie was ruined by the fact that he was pretty sure Finn was still trying to get Quinn back.

The whole glee club moved to the auditorium for the performance, and as soon as the boys came out with Somebody to Love, the girls started squealing and rushed to the front of the stage. Ryan, Finn, and the two teachers followed at a more sedate pace. Out of the four of them, Mr. Schue seemed to be the only one enjoying himself. Critically, Ryan admitted that the production was okay. The four boys had opted to imitate the music video for the song, and the flying chalk dust against the black background made a pretty good effect.

Focused as he was on the performance, he jumped slightly as a person sat down next to him. You're seriously thinking of doing Justin Bieber for Regionals? Schue out of this one. Shelby rolled her eyes, shrugging. I'm a girl, but I'm not twelve years old," she snarked.

He was actually pleased that she was here, at least he wasn't the only one besides Finn who thought this was stupid. Thank god his mom had good musical taste. And free entertainment," Shelby added with a smirk. I think Bieber's songs are childish, his voice is too high, and his hair is tacky. So I really don't get why you girls were all squealing during those performances today and yesterday. They just went up there and owned it. Quinn detected a bit of hurt in his voice, and opened her mouth only to be cut off.

a surreptitious relationship chapter 53 of title

That doesn't exactly sit very well with me. She put a hand on his cheek. She leaned forward, smiling slyly. That evening Ryan ended up at his dad's apartment for dinner, since Shelby had a faculty meeting. James had picked him up at school.

A Proscriptive Relationship (Chris and Holly)

James glared at him. They had attempted to cook something, but unfortunately they had been unsuccessful. He pulled out a can of beer, popping it open. He'd never actually had a real drink before.

He'd only been to one party and he'd been too scared of his mom to drink anything stronger than Kool-Aid. His dad was offering though, so he was covered. James pulled another can out of the fridge, handing it to Ryan. He opened it just as James turned on the TV.

a surreptitious relationship chapter 53 of title

From the other side of the room, Snape quickly used Expelliarmus several times to disarm the students, catching all six wands in succession and tucking them into his robe pocket. Releasing his invisibility spell, he strode slowly towards his errant students. That was even easier than disarming Lockhart," he drawled, giving them what he considered a grievous insult to a Slytherin.

You would have been of much more use to your Dark Lord if you had stayed unobtrusively with your classmates and betrayed them surreptitiously, or turned on them at a critical moment. In this context, dressing up as Death Eaters when you are outnumbered over 50 to one is not the most Slytherin thing to do.

You are, as Mr. Malfoy indicated, merely indulging in a costume party. As his servants, we will be well rewarded. He'll use you, then discard you like a dirty hankie.

I will remind you that quite a number of your master's top targets are alive and well, just in this castle: He is a half-blood.

Though his mother was a witch of Slytherin's blood, is father was a Muggle, a quite intolerant Muggle that abandoned his son before birth when he learned of his wife's magical heritage. He doesn't hate Muggles because he's a pureblood; he hates Muggles because his father was one, and he was raised in a Muggle orphanage.

That is your great pureblood idol Ignoring their speechless shock, he continued dismissively, "We have other matters to deal with, Draco. For now, we will confine our prisoners right here. You will find, ladies and gentlemen, that you are unable to leave the common room, except for the nearest sanitary facilities.

I have your wands and you will be guarded until matters allow the headmaster and a Ministry representative to deal with you.

You are exceedingly fortunate you are not yet marked, or you might find yourself being executed by your master for being so foolish as to be caught so quickly. What can Dobby do for you? I believe you can see the warding I have just set up in this area? The students stared, not realizing that the professor had already warded the area wandlessly. They are not to communicate with anyone outside this room.

Only members of the Magus Circle may communicate with them until further notice. Oh, and they are not permitted to cause harm to themselves or each other.

With a glare at the offending articles, he surrounded the objects with a shield, conjured a box, then packed them away.

Returning his attention to the house-elf, he finished, "Do you have any questions? House-elf magic crackled for a moment around him as a warning to the demoralized prisoners.

a surreptitious relationship chapter 53 of title

Dobby will see to it. He nodded at Draco, but addressed Snape. All those present were shocked at what followed. The spirit's ability to use that language had been known to only a handful over that last several centuries, not to mention that he rarely spoke at all to the living.

The even greater surprise, besides the actual form of address from a Baron to a Professor was the fact that both Snape and Draco understood what the ghost said. It is only appropriate that I pledge my service to a Klaatu-shah, even in the afterlife, and I certainly have no wish to do so to the eldest of the Serpent's Children now living.

Even though the young Death Eaters couldn't understand the conversation, they recognized Parseltongue and were stunned by the bow. Fighting for composure, and focusing on the mental image of a snake, Snape answered, assuming that if he could understand the language, he would be able to speak it. May I request that your pledge extend as well to Draco Malfoy, as Klaatu-shah and my heir? I should have realized that Severus considered me his heir, since he's both my guardian and training Master, but Suppressing his shock, to preserve his dignity, he met the eyes of the spirit who now focused on him.

They repeated the pledges just made, with the addition that the Baron's loyalty to Draco would be second only to his loyalty to Snape.

It was the strangest sensation to speak Parseltongue, and a satisfying sensation to realize the other students were extremely upset at this development. Switching back to English, the Baron said, "I was listening as you instructed the elf. Between us, these and any other prisoners will be secure, you have my word, my Lord. Juniper was my first cousin, many times removed. I had no direct heir, so another line of Thornes bore the title after me.

Holly Evers

I believe my link to the Serpent is by my mother's line, not the Thornes, which is likely why Harry Potter is not at least Klaatu-mehr. With a quick nod of farewell, Draco and Severus disappeared.

He wanted to check the situation before he proceeded into town after the others. He wasn't afraid, really, but he was very concerned. One issue, of course, was the very large number of Dementors.

He had always had an unusually strong reaction to those creatures. He wasn't sure if his Magus powers would offer more protection, or if his far greater sensitivity would make him more susceptible. And, he wanted to check once more that he could produce a mostly-normal Patronus. His magic flowed around his wand, producing the usual misty silver stag An even greater concern, however, was the reactions he'd experienced when around death since his Awakening. Just being in the presence of death would cause a strange discomfort.

The moment that the bond between body and soul was severed, the effect was like a broken guitar string, discordant, twanging, echoing through his own mind, body, and soul.

He had been shocked at the sensations when he had appeared at the Ministry just as Wormtail and Avery had crossed that border between life and death. Even the longer-deceased Stump had been causing psychic 'ripples' that disturbed him to a lesser extent. It was unsettling and uncomfortable, but something he believed he could learn to ignore. The effects were greater the two times that his magic was involved in the cause of death Those deaths produced a ripping pain and what felt like a dark blot on his soul.

It almost seemed as though a touch of the evil that filled Voldemort was able to approach him, trying to take hold. It made him wonder about the nature of the connection formed by the old curse scar, and perhaps also the use of his blood in Voldemort's resurrection rite.

At his more tired moments, he feared that over time the darkness could corrupt him He was convinced that the touch of darkness would be stronger if he ever directly killed anyone, at least while his link with Voldemort's corruption existed. Over time, he might become what he most hated and fought against. So, he had spent many of his long, not-quite-sleepless nights modifying his shields so that they no longer rebounded or deflected attacks His shields now diffused and absorbed the magical energies directed at him.

He had also trained several sessions with Dumbledore on using simpler, non-damaging spells, like Stupefy. With his power levels, a stunning spell would knock out a person for at least an hour, and even Dumbledore couldn't reverse the effect until more than half an hour after it was cast, though Harry could reverse it at any time.

At least his opponents wouldn't be revived by colleagues and back in the fight moments later, as could happen with an ordinary stunner. Bracing himself for his first battle as a Magus, he opened his senses, searching for the place he could do the most good. He focused on the half-goblin, Disillusioned himself, then Apparated, ducked down behind some rubble, then appeared with a whisper. Filius Flitwick did not look good. His right arm hung uselessly at his side, and he held his wand in his left with much less assurance than he would have normally.

He closed his eyes a moment, leaning against the barrier they were hiding behind Then he sent his memories as he had been taught. Hearing the screams of a woman under Cruciatus Sending his Patronus, a falcon, to drive away the Dementors, then a powerful charm at the Death Eater performing Crucio With a sharp nod, Harry reached over to Flitwick, his hand already glowing with white healing energy. I need you in top shape to take them down while I draw their fire," insisted Harry.

a surreptitious relationship chapter 53 of title

Based on their magic levels, I'd say we're facing one veteran and two rookies. The one you took down also feels like a veteran. I'll stun him to keep him from getting back into the fight. I can spare a few moments for first aid, but we need to take those Death Eaters out of action. The older child insisted, "Take care of Grandmum first, sir," she insisted. She nodded, and he knelt beside her, gently stroking the sides of her legs, from hip to ankle, three times.

With each stroke, the white glow became brighter, then began to fade as the injuries themselves faded. You'll still be weak, and your entire system is in shock. She was still trembling, with nerve spasms and shooting pains, her face still streaked with tears.

Schnoogle - The Awakening of a Magus (Chapter 53)

He closed his eyes as he began to glow, then the soothing energy of his healing magic began to calm her abused body. After a few seconds, the glow faded, and she sighed in relief, finally able to think and see more clearly without pain. She noticed the distinctive scar, peeking out from Harry's fringe, and her eyes widened. He smiled, then placed a finger to his lips, urging her to keep his secret.

She nodded, then said in a much stronger voice. A few hexes had been aimed at the rubble pile, but Flitwick had poked his wand around a corner, keeping the Death Eaters from approaching.

As the more experienced Death Eater cautiously came into view, Flitwick grinned a dangerous grin that none of his students would have believed possible for the gentle little professor. This was the look of a fighter, a dueling champion who had a score to settle. As he fired off what had become his signature finishing spell from his tournament days, Harry fired off two quick heavy stunners to take down the two rookies.

From behind the rubble, could be heard four voices yelling, "Yes! At that moment, Harry heard the pop that signaled an Apparation. Seeing that the woman bore a resemblance to the Canadian student, Doug Mason, he quickly came over, saying with a smile, "Madam Mason, I presume?

You need to be keyed to the wards so you can Apparate directly back out after portkeying the injured to the Hospital Wing.

It will speed up the retrieval time. She nodded in acknowledgement, and asked, "What do you need from me, Mr. He followed this with a quick mental briefing on the condition of her patients. Blinking several times, she absorbed the information. She scuttled over to the women, checking them out quickly to see if they could handle a portkey trip, which they easily could, then instructed them to grab the portkey Tapping the cloth with her wand, she said the trigger word "Rescue," and they disappeared.

Sitting in the Serpent's Throne far from the attack in Hogsmeade, Voldemort watched the proceedings using various of his Death Eaters. Beside him hovered the Voice of the Dementors, monitoring the attack in its own way.

Finally Potter has joined the festivities," commented the Dark Lord, who then swore softly as two of his newest recruits sloppily attempted to hit the Gryffindor with the Killing Curse, then went down heavily stunned. I have it on good authority that the boy is particularly susceptible.

I weary of dealing with him.