13 going to 30 ending a relationship

13 Going on 30 () - Plot Summary - IMDb

13 going to 30 ending a relationship

13 Going on 30 () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more to her co- workers and friends, and trying to restore her relationship with Matt. Poise is shutting down because the work she put into the relaunch ended up in Sparkle. 13 Going On 30 is a great movie filled with gems and life lessons. If you haven't In the end, they even base their real house off of the dream house. 6. PJ dance. Back to the future for Jennifer Garner: '13 Going on 30'. Jessica Kemp She grows closer to Matt, but their relationship is strained by the past and his new fiancé. In the end, Jenna has to realize that there is more to life than being popular. “

But come on people--we're talking about a year-old boy here!!

13 going to 30 ending a relationship

The only things the year-old boys that I know are good at is popping their pimples and getting questionably frequent boners. How was Matty's dollhouse that good?

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If that's how all goobers turned out, I'd have tied down my 7th grade boyfriend years ago. She thinks her longterm boyfriend is a creepy rando, and doesn't even know she's inside her OWN apartment.

Then, she thinks her best friend Lucy is a stranger and doesn't know what her job is. And then the best justification that Lucy can come up with is just that Jenna's just hungover?! After a while, blaming her problems on alcohol is going to look like a problem in itself.

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Matt at least reacts more appropriately when he freaks out a little at Jenna's alleged craziness. After arranging a magazine photo shoot with Matt, then making a successful presentation for a planned revamp for Poise, Jenna prepares for the revamp when she gets bad news from the publisher: Poise is shutting down because the work she put into the relaunch ended up in Sparkle.

Jenna learns she was responsible for sabotaging Poise from within by sending their material to Sparkle for months. When Lucy learns this, she cons Matt into signing over the photo rights from the relaunch shoot to her. She accepts the position of Sparkle editor-in-chief, using Jenna's work as her own -- as she did when the girls were in high school. When an already-distraught Jenna discovers Matt is getting married that day, she rushes to his house and begs him to call off the wedding.

Matt cannot say yes, although he tells Jenna he loves her. From his closet, he pulls the "dream house" he made 17 years before and gives it back to her. Jenna leaves in tears, crying over the dream house and wishing she could return to Unbeknownst to Jenna, specks of wishing dust remain on the dream house, and her wish is granted.

10 Issues We Still Have With 13 Going on 30

Matt whose point of view secures your own sympathy for Jenna, even when she's less than sensitive to his needs can only watch in horror as the girls Jenna wants so desperately to please abuse her trust, tell her they're playing a "game," and leave her waiting for them, blindfolded in a dark closet.

Their cruelty is compounded by Jenna's previous ultimate cuteness, again viewed through Matt's doting and unnoticed gaze. He spots her energetic preparations for her party, including her rehearsing the steps to the video for "Thriller.

13 going to 30 ending a relationship

As her initial excitement at being a grown-up wears off, Jenna starts feeling pressured by her career and oh yes, that romance with the hockey player. Garner's elaborate gasping and cringing when he begins to disrobe recall Lucille Ball's charismatic comedy. Attending yet another party, this time promoting her magazine, Poise, Jenna is enjoined by her boss Andy Serkis, in the flesh, without digital effects to liven up the proceedings: Jenna knows just the thing: This moment is extra-adorable, not to mention a triumph of hygienic, manic crossover.

13 going to 30 ending a relationship

Tellingly, the delight of the scene it's hard not to smile along with Jenna's uncontainable pleasurehas to do with its evacuation of any weirdness, sexuality, or Michaelness. Even his famously precise dance is here reclaimed and rejuvenated by Garner's sweet clumsiness, set against the earnest group choreography, a show that is at once giddy and hopeful, the kind of show put on by so many kids in It's also the occasion for Jenna's reunion with Matt now played with awkward warmth by Mark Ruffalowith whom she has lost touch.

More specifically, she dissed him on that 13th birthday so badly that he never spoke to her again. Now he's a scruffy, downtown, independent-minded photographer who will, of course, help her redeem the stodgy slickness of Poiseexemplifying the moral course from which Jenna has strayed, as she has so aggressively pursued cool-girlness.