Relationship between parent and teen

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relationship between parent and teen

I have never had a mom tell me, "I want my daughter to be perfect," or had a dad say, "I want to have absolute authority over my son." Certainly, no parents have. Communication between adolescents and parents is one of the most difficult things in the realm of family relationships. Adolescents in the teen. Parents often have concerns about the behaviour of teenagers. These can range from what we might describe as 'typical' teenage behaviour such as staying out.

As mentioned in the preceding section LINK, the quality of peer relationships changes during adolescence. These qualitative changes are due to greater cognitive and emotional maturity.

relationship between parent and teen

As teens become more emotionally mature their relationships with their peers become more trusting, and more emotionally intimate. Cognitive development enables youth to better understand and anticipate the wants, needs, and feelings of their peers. This increased mental and emotional maturity means that adolescents are now better able to offer genuine emotional support and comfort to each other, as well as sensible advice.

Thus, the family is no longer the only source of social support. During early and middle adolescent years, there is usually more frequent conflict between teens and their parents. Often, this is because youth are trying to assert their individuality and are exercising their independence.

relationship between parent and teen

As discussed in the Self-Identity Sectionyouth may rebel against their parents' rules and values as part of their identity development process. Sometimes youth openly defy these rules and values, while at other times they do so in private.

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Chances are they will be just fine, and the challenging teen will grow up to be a responsible adult. Their approval, love and support are critical to children. Consequently, much of what children do and say is aimed at maintaining that love and approval.

Parent-Teen Communication

As children get older and have more contact with people other than their parents, their behaviors and attitudes will be influenced by other people. Establishing Independence As teens establish independence, parents need to understand a number of points.

relationship between parent and teen

Teens are trying to become adults. One of their greatest difficulties is becoming independent while maintaining a loving relationship with parents.

Healthy Parent-Teen Relationships - The Whole Child

By admitting your flaws, you give your kid permission to make mistakes and be imperfect, and you allow your teen to connect with you in a deeper way.

Having a judgmental attitude This relationship destroyer is sneaky. When you take a stand on issues like marijuana, homosexuality, religion, or even movies, your child may interpret your words as unfair criticism. Now, it might sound like your teen is putting words in your mouth. But let me ask you: Do you use Scripture as a way to enforce rules and requirements in the house?

Have you withheld hugs or signs of affection when your son disappointed you?

Parent-teen relationship destroyers

The problem is, these actions can be seen as coming from a judgmental spirit, and teens pick up on that quickly. Display grace in your actions and attitudes.

And take time to listen to your son or daughter with a caring heart. But if your teen does ask you to speak into a topic, preface your thoughts with, "I don't want you to think I'm being judgmental, but these are my feelings.

relationship between parent and teen

The need to control As parents, we want to protect our kids. But our desire to protect can morph into an unconscious habit of control.

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And that habit crushes relationships! I would guess "no.