Relationship between heero and relena lemon

Lemon Wing: Heero and Relena

relationship between heero and relena lemon

Believing him to be dense as a doorknob, Relena has had it with Heero. But is he truly that blind of her feelings for him or [LEMON]. Lemon alert! Her unconscious body guard, Heero Yuy. Next time you want to see what other people are feeling, Relena--" he said, turning back to . Relena scooted upwards a little bit and planted a kiss on his neck, "You have my word.". This is a sequel to the fanfic So We Meet Again in the lemon section, but it can also be a stand alone piece. Heero and Relena discovers the consequences of.

relationship between heero and relena lemon

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A slight modification of mission parameters, Heero decided, was acceptable. He slid one knee onto the satin covers. This allowed him the extra few inches he needed to grasp her shoulders. He pulled her toward him with what was, he estimated, a gentle but irresistible force.

He had outlined the next part very carefully. He had tested out appropriate pressures on his forearm, what was too light, what was close to bruising. He had bitten down on the more delicate flesh of his palm, determining how sharp his teeth were, what the difference was between gentle, pleasurable suckling and a painful vacuum-like suction on the skin.

He had plotted his plan of attack as well. First the side of her mouth with his own barely parted, flicking the tip of his tongue against her skin. As expected, her lips parted on a surprised intake of breath. He covered her open mouth with his own, gently nibbling at her top lip, then mouthed her lower lip with soft suction. He didn't deepen the kiss. That would come later, after he had permission. This was just -- just -- She wasn't supposed to stick her tongue into his mouth.

Nor move it around like And she was closer than she was supposed to be at this stage, pressed against his chest, hands tight against his shoulder-blades. For a few seconds, Heero completely forgot what stage of the mission he was in. Once he recalled the mission, Heero carefully relaxed his grip on her and pushed her far enough away to look her in the eyes. Are you ready for me, Relena? No false modesty, no pretense at shock, just examining.

The way she assessed surprising situations was one of the things he appreciated about her. He found himself also appreciating the single beam of moonlight that seemed to have permanently tangled in her hair-- Stray thoughts about Relena's physical attractiveness are not currently acceptable. Glancing at the clock, she said again, "I understand. Whatever you have planned -- " her mouth quirked as if she were finding it difficult to keep a straight face -- "my answer is 'yes'. Either case meant the next step needed to be handled very carefully.

While his research material always favored direct approaches, Heero knew far more about nerve endings and pressure points than any of those authors. It would be -- interesting -- to use his knowledge for pleasure instead of pain. He wanted no surprises or awkwardness. Stepping away from the bed, Heero quickly and efficiently stripped. Each article was carefully folded and set on the bedside table near the rose. When he glanced at Relena, he found her watching silently with wide eyes.

She followed the movements as he put the black turtle-neck then the tank top underneath onto the table. Her gaze remained there, noticing his earlier additions to the table. Unlike his own, her senses were not enhanced. In the dark, she probably could not see anything more than vague shapes, certainly could not read the writing or see the rather ludicrous graphics on the small box there, but she probably could make an educated guess as to what was contained within.

He observed her carefully as he stepped out of his shoes, undid his pants. But then, they had been through war together.

relationship between heero and relena lemon

It was hard to make someone who had seen war blush. He reached for the box, opened it, and tore off two of the foil-wrapped packets. He held one out to her. Relena took the packet between two fingers.

Yes, she was definitely smiling now. That would be the end of the world. Sitting up, she clasped her hands around her bent knees. She wasn't acting entirely as he predicted: Perhaps she was more experienced than he estimated. But then, unlike most of the protagonists in his research material, she was a world leader. Composure was natural to her. It took a great deal to shake her.

His research suggested that composure was not the most desirable trait at this stage. Not if he wanted her to be utterly mindless later. Fisting a handful of the cover, Heero stripped it from the bed. Relena uttered a soft, surprised yelp, grabbed at the edge of her nightgown to pull it down, tried to tuck her feet under her body.

Heero seized her wrists and pushed her back, pinning her hands by her head. He straddled her hips, careful not put too much weight on her. Startled eyes stared up at him.

He leaned his face in close to hers, pulling his lips back in his best estimation of a feral grin. The smile wiped off his face. Heero stared at her, feeling a little--hurt? Dammit, he had practiced that grimace in front of the mirror for hours.

relationship between heero and relena lemon

No-one in his research materials ever dissolved into laughter after their mate started with the feral grinning. The look on his face seemed to set off more giggles. I can't do a thing about being sure with you holding me down. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing close to him. Heero let her as he considered his next move. The forceful-yet-gentle approach was not having the effect he anticipated.

She was supposed to melt into a puddle of helpless sexual need that would better prepare her body for invasion, lessening any pain. She was not supposed to be mouthing the side of his face, making little shifting movements under him that teased him with the soft press of her breasts, and definitely NOT twisting her ankles around his in a way that made him feel as if every individual leg hair was completely sensitized-- Focus on the mission.

He pulled her arms from his neck. Lacing his fingers though hers, he held her arms out to the side. Heero swung his body off of her, tugged her to a sitting position, and grabbed handfuls of her gown, pulling it over her head.

She did not fight him when the barrier between their skins was removed, but tried to press against his chest again. Frowning, he took her by the shoulders and quickly flipped her over, straddling her hips again, ignoring the cut-off exclamation, muffled when her face hit the pillow.

She pushed up to her elbows. Backs were neglected areas. Backs were where nerves met and combined to send signals to the rest of the body. Backs were -- with precision, Heero pulled his thumbs along either side of her spine from the base of her neck to the curve of her buttocks -- very, very sensitive.

Heero rested his hands against the dimples at the top of her rear, kneading her sides with his fingertips. All ready she was breathing in shallow breaths, not quite gasping but getting there. He reached for the collection of objects he had deposited on the bedside table, bypassing the oil -- although recommended by several of his research sources, now that he was here he thought it would make her skin stick to the sheets, which did not sound very comfortable -- for the talc.

He stroked a handful of the smooth powder against her sleek back. There were slight twitches along the path his hands took, tiny catches in her breathing. Her head hung down, the long blond hair falling over her shoulders and pooling on the bed. He carefully massaged the base of her neck with his callused thumbs. Suddenly her elbows gave out. Relena wriggled under him, settling flat against the bed with her head pillowed on her crossed arms.

He had to pause briefly because that wriggle did -- things -- to him. To one part of him in particular. After a moment of dispassionate consideration, Heero decided he could proceed despite a state of nearly painful arousal. He had carried out previous missions in excruciating pain. So he continued with the carefully choreographed massage, pressing lightly with his fingertips, rotating his palms against the delicate flesh of her backbone, working to ease all tension from her body.

Of course, there was absolute no tension in her body that he could detect. She had always been far too comfortable around him. Yet she did seem to be enjoying his ministrations. And, in spite of the fact that self-enjoyment was not high on the list of priorities for this first time, Heero discovered he liked hearing the soft pleasurable noises that issued from her parted lips. He pushed his thumbs against the base of her spine and paused, debating whether he should work his way back up or go on to the next stage.

Her eyes were closed, mouth slackened in pleasure. He would move on. He pressed his chest against her, letting her feel his weight briefly before sliding his arms under her. Her breast fit naturally into one palm. She was not much taller than she had been at fifteen, but she had filled out in ways that pleased him. Kneading her rounded flesh, he mouthed against the back of her shoulder, using teeth and tongue, sucking the skin gently.

She was as mindless as he could want now, writhing and twisting and gasping, thrusting back against his hips. He pulled one knee up, pressing his thigh between her legs. She was very wet; very ready. The packet she had tucked beneath the pillow was the closest of the two he had pulled out of the box. Keeping as much contact with her body as possible, Heero freed up one hand and fumbled blindly toward the top of the bed.

He found it under the second pillow he groped beneath. Fortunately he had practiced opening similar packets using one hand and his teeth; otherwise he would have to move the hand currently fondling her breast, and he liked that hand right where it was.

He reached down and tugged the protective sheath over his erect sex as his mouth pressed tiny kisses against whatever skin was closest. She was moaning his name on a pleading keen. Reluctantly he pulled the hand cupping her soft breast away. He scooted down the bed, leaving a trail of kisses in the sensitive hollow next to her spine, lightly biting against the flesh of her hip, mouthing and then blowing across her inner thigh.

She was twisting, trying to face him. He reached up with his hands, wrapping his fingers around her narrow waist to hold her down. There was something about the musty scent of her-- Concentrate on the mission, Yuy.

He placed his mouth against the center of her body. He lapped some more. And Relena twisted and bucked and cried out wordlessly, her arms flung wide on either side clawing at the sheets, as out of control as he needed her to be for the next stage to work as he anticipated.

Her breath started coming in rhythmic little puffs. Heero lifted his face. Her head was jerking about, drumming against the bed, her brow knitted, her mouth shaped like a perfect "O. Heero pressed his lips against her thigh to clean them, then sat up and flipped her over to her back. She was still convulsing, not noticing a single thing in the room around her. He held her legs apart, fitted himself to her body, and gave one quick, hard push. Relena's eyes flew open.

She moaned again, the sound muffled. He held his body still, his weight on his hands as he leaned over her, teasing at her lips to distract her, waiting for her to be ready, to adjust to the feeling of his sex within hers. Still moaning, Relena wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled herself up to him, pressing close against him.

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Her body flexed around him. Startled, Heero nearly gasped into her mouth, then realized the reason he couldn't gasp was because he didn't have enough air.

When had he forgotten to breathe? Releena rocked her hips against his. This time, he did gasp.