Relationship between father and son in fences

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relationship between father and son in fences

-August Wilson, Epigraph to Fences. Is there anything more inherently dramatic than the challenging relationship between father and son? In a heteronormative. How would you characterize the father/son relationships in the play "Fences"? print Print The relationship between Troy and Cory Maxson is bitter and tense. Get everything you need to know about Manhood and Fathers in Fences. The microscopic, psychological relationship between a father and his son is one of.

Father Son Relationship The relationship between Troy and his father was far more complicated than anyone would ever imagine. Troy is however so much affected by this relationship such that the way he acts upon his sons is a perfect reflection of the way he related with this father when he was young. As Troy narrates his life with his father, he talks of a time when he tried to escape from home when he was young.

However, Troy is hypocritical since he tries to act on his kids like his father tried to act on him despite speaking of his father degradingly.

As a result of Cory and Rose ultimately leave him. The dream that Cory had in his life is shattered by his father Troy since he forbids it.

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This makes the relationship between the two to be very edgy. I want him to move as far away from my life as he can get. Troy is always bitter which creates a tensed relationship between himself and his son. This, however, is as a result of the life Troy had lived in the past.

‘FENCES,’ and the complicated relationship between father and son

Troy is always bitter because racism could not allow him to reach his dream. When his son Cory falls in his footsteps in sports, Troy does not allow his son to chase this dream since he fears that whatever happened to him would also happen to his son. He wants his son not to face the racism he faced during his time, but at the same time, he acts jealously and in an overprotective manner.

relationship between father and son in fences

According to Lochman, John and Karen, pjust like any other parent, his intentions were rather genuine, but his methods were extreme. He wants to dictate over the life of his son by shaping him rather than letting him explore the possibilities. Troy does not want to accept the possibilities that racism was scrubbed off and fears that his son would face the same. Cory wants to escape the path so much that his father followed but it is ironical that he ends up falling in the footsteps of his father.

relationship between father and son in fences

This strained relationship went on until Cory could not chase his dream of being a baseball player further. He ends up being a marine Corp which makes him as disillusioned as his father. The strained relationship between Lyon and his father is shown when Lyons goes to ask for money from his father during his payday.

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Lyons was raised by a single mother in the absence of the father since most of the time when Lyons was young; Troy was in prison. This seems to make Troy guilty, and he seems to compensate his grown-up son for being raised in his absence. Lyons does not, however, approve the way he was raised in the absence of his father but he still seems to go for money from his father which is a contradiction since his father seems to have an unending impact on his life. However, Lyons tries to return to his father all the money that he had borrowed from him.

Going into his pocket. This was an act of freedom and independence. It is as if Lyons was doing away with all the reliance and dependence he had on his father.

relationship between father and son in fences

It is rather ironical that despite Lyons efforts to do away with his father, he turns out to be more like him since instead of achieving his dream of being a musician, he ends up in jail just like his father. Lyon was persistent in borrowing money from Troy and eventually he succeeded.

Troy gave Lyon even though he aware that Lyon would not refund. The father-son relationship played a key role since if it was otherwise Troy would not give the money another person if it is not his son.

The attitude towards work is to a great extent created by a father as seen in the case of Lyon and Cory. Cory has chores that he expected by his father Troy to carry out like putting up the fence and cutting the boards.

Cory had permission from Mr Stawicki until the football session was over Wilson. The relationship between Troy and Cory assisted Cory in setting his priorities on the job to handle. The football sessions were not of any essence to Troy. While Troy was young he would play baseball and he did not make it up the ladder due to racism.

Relationship between a Father and a son in the play Fences by August Wilson

On the other hand Cory believed that Troy having been before him he would help him to overcome the challenges. Cory believed his relationship with his father would help him overcome the challenges of racism in football. Troy wanted the sons to achieve more than he had. His intention was to have his sons lead better lives than he did. This would give Troy satisfaction as a father. It is evidenced by Lyon going back home to borrow Toy money despite the uncertainty.