Relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

Accuracy of VO2max and anaerobic threshold determination

relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

Lactate threshold is similar. Another area that appears to confuse is the relationship between lactate threshold and VO2 max. So let's try to. Question - what's the relationship of VO2 max to lactate threshold? As for the relationship between 4-min or 5-min power to FTP, well that is. The maximum oxygen intake (O2max) and the aerobic threshold (AnT) are . The difference between O2max in both moments (O2max abs: test A = ± 0,

In order to make a responsible choice, it is important to have all the information. So let's start with a basic definition of each test. V02 max V02 max is defined as the maximal volume of oxygen that the body can deliver to the working muscles per minute.

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This is an excellent measure of physical fitness because it provides a metric of efficiency. So if we think about the body as a machine, the muscles collectively are the engine. Just like a car engine, the muscles require a constant delivery of fuel carbs and fats and oxygen to aid in "burning" the fuel.

One of the functions of blood is to transport the fuel and oxygen to the muscles. The heart acts as a fuel pump, sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood out to the tissues via arteries and bringing back CO2 and metabolic wastes via veins. So you can see that there are several components involved in the operation of the system. This is reflected in the equation for calculating V02 max.

relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

HRmax is the maximal heart rate at peak exertion. The last part of the equation is AOxy-VOxy.

relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

The final unit for V02 max is liters of oxygen per minute. Aerobic exercise improves V02 max significantly. Interestingly, much of this improvement results from an increase in the size of the heart. So clearly, V02 max is a great measure of physical fitness. But it is a poor predictor of athletic performance.

relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

Tweet Many students find the concept of lactate threshold or OBLA difficult remember that they are different! A threshold is a level above which things can rise.

Think of a pain threshold or a wages threshold. Lactate threshold is similar.

Lactate Threshold and VO2 max

Another area that appears to confuse is the relationship between lactate threshold and VO2 max. The breakdown of the energy substrate glycogen is called glycolysis.

During glycolysis, glycogen is first converted to glucose and then broken down to pyruvate. This process takes place in the sarcoplasm of muscle fibres and does not require the presence of oxygen; it is an anaerobic process.

Hence the process can be called anaerobic glycolysis. This process is the primary source of energy and ATP when exercise continues at a high intensity for a period of 10 or more seconds.

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In this energy system, the partial breakdown of glucose to pyruvate provides the energy for some ATP resynthesis. But when the demand for energy to resynthesise ATP exceeds the amount that can be supplied by this oxidative means, the pyruvate is temporarily converted to lactate lactic acid. In other words, if too much pyruvate is being produced, not all of it can be broken down aerobically, and some is converted into lactate.

The energy system involved is sometimes called the lactic acid or lactate anaerobic system. The lactate being produced first builds up in the muscles, but then diffuses into the blood.

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Lactate sampling of blood is one way that levels of exercise intensity and correspondingly, fatigue, can be measured. Because the harder you exercise, the more you use the lactate anaerobic pathway to resynthesise ATP, and hence the more lactate that is produced in your muscles and diffuses into your blood.

relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

High levels of lactate in the muscles causes fatigue. Probably this is because of the high levels of acidity due to the presence of lactate, which in turn inhibits the actions of enzymes. When this happens, exercise intensity must be reduced or stopped to allow the body to remove the excess lactate. Another limitation of this system is that only a relatively small amount of ATP can be resynthesised from anaerobic glycolysis. The lactate anaerobic system is however, important to the athlete, because it provides a rapid supply of resynthesised ATP for energy.

For example, exercises performed at near-to-maximum rates and lasting up to 2 minutes depend heavily upon the lactate anaerobic system to provide ATP energy.

relationship between anaerobic threshold and vo2 max

The following diagram summarises the lactate anaerobic system: