Octavia and lincoln meet

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octavia and lincoln meet

Clarke may be the main character, but Octavia is presented as our Eve: a .. Finn , Lincoln and Octavia set up a meeting between Anya and. #The 4x11 "The Other Side" - Octavia Jane The Virgin, We Meet The · #The 3x01 "Wanheda: Part One" - Octavia and Lincoln Lincoln The Lincoln first meet Octavia in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" when she had been injured after falling from a steep hill. In "His Sister's Keeper", he takes care of her .

This fanfic starts right when Octavia is laying by the statue in the village waiting for Lincoln to come back and she meets Nyko Lincoln's healer friend.

But anyways, for those who watch the show and are caught up, this will be pretty easy to follow.

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The locations will all be made up cause we don't get too much information about those but yeah. Please excuse all grammar and spelling mistakes and I hope you enjoy it! This is mentioned in the show and because Grounder language has not really been worked out too clearly I will avoid using it at all times possible! He shouldn't have brought me here.

It isn't safe but I know I would've done the same for him. Everything is dark but I think it is because my eyes are closed. It's been hours and he hasn't come back yet. I'm worried they caught him because I know the Grounders are good at tracking and hunting. Lincoln told me not to move but I think I should get out of sight at least.

If only I could feel my legs… There is a shuffling in the trees around me somewhere. When I force my eyes open I see a big body coming towards me. Suddenly, I felt hands come down on my arms and hold me down as I blindly tried to fight the person. Let me help you! I knew it wasn't Lincoln's voice but the voice sounded genuine enough. I, on the other hand, knew better than to think that and continued to fight. Please, let me help you! I am a healer!

My struggling stopped in an instant and my eyes shot open. When I looked up at the man who called himself Nyko, he looked genuinely concerned. Nyko had a brown long bear and a mustache. His dark brown hair was braided back and he had tattoos on his face.

I was so worried about Lincoln that it would drive me crazy soon enough. Just relax and let me help you" Nyko said, pulling some of my hair away from my sweaty face. He suddenly had a wet, cold washcloth in his hand. Nyko put the washcloth across my forehead and the cold shocked me. I shivered for a split second and Nyko mumbled something and shook his head. Will they cure her? When my eyes focused I saw Lincoln with a small bag type thing as he hovered behind Nyko. Lincoln came to sit next to me as he looked me deep in the eyes.

Cramming ‘The 100’: The Season 1 essentials before the Season 3 premiere

After a while I got a headache and had to squeeze my eyes shut. Ai laik Octavia kom Skaikru en ai gaf gouthru klir. I was so tired all of a sudden that I felt like there was no way I had the strength, but I knew I had to try to convince him that I was going to be okay. Ai laik…" I tried, but could not get any further.

I had no clue how much time had passed before I heard Lincoln calling my name again. It was far away but it was there. I would carry you but I'm afraid to drop you" Lincoln said putting me down on the ground.

When I opened my eyes to see where we were I was surprised to see Nyko standing before me looking me dead in the face. Nyko's face expression almost sent me down the hill we were standing on and Lincoln let out a chuckle when I bumped back into him.

Nyko said nothing but just turned around and started his way up the steep hill. I couldn't tell how far away we were from the village, but I wondered why Nyko would come with us if he wasn't planning on leaving, or at least I didn't think he was.

It was as if the rocks came up out of the ground on purpose to make people fall painfully to their deaths. Nyko had already made his way up a few but I didn't dare follow. I didn't want to tell Lincoln that I was starting to tire out and see some spots in my vision because I knew it would only worry him.

Plus, what else could Nyko possibly give me? I instantly felt bad and Lincoln saw it too. I sighed and started climbing to reach Nyko.

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Nyko had stopped and was waiting for me to reach to where he was. I grunted as I pushed up on a rock that was higher than the rest but I was getting there. The boulders did not seem to be becoming less and I knew that in a few minutes I would need a break, but I pushed on knowing that Lincoln really wanted to get to the ocean as soon as possible. It wasn't long after that my hand slipped off the boulder I had grabbed above me and cause me to hit my head against the boulder.

I hissed in pain and shook my head to try and get the pain to go away, but that only proved more painful. Nyko had stopped in his place and was looking down at me and the cut that was now on my head. This time, I latched onto it like my life and everyone's I cared about depended on it. He nodded at me and then continued, taking it a bit slower this time. The look on Nyko's face told me that he didn't believe me when I said I was fine, but understood why I lied.

I had yet to figure out why Nyko was helping us and was with us, but that didn't matter at the moment because either way he was a great help.

All of the sudden, the spots in my vision intensified and I felt as if I was going to vomit. I didn't yank on it because I knew that would pull him down and most probably kill us, but I tugged just hard enough to get his attention.

Nyko turned to me, and the moment his eyes met mine he could tell that I wasn't feeling good.

octavia and lincoln meet

I could see his eyes turn to Lincoln as if to silently tell him that I wasn't really okay, but I figured that probably Lincoln had figured that out long gone. The moment Nyko reached the top where the boulders were no longer a problem, he pulled me up by the arms the rest of the way. Once my feet touched the flat ground I collapsed into Nyko's arms.

As my eyes closed, I could hear Lincoln calling my name. Octavia was tired and the moment that her hand slipped from the boulder, I knew that she was tired. I worried about the new bump on her head and the way she slurred, but we couldn't stop, not now that we were so close.

Once Nyko reached the top and was on flat ground, he pulled Octavia up by the arms. I was relieved to see that we had made it but that relief was instantly gone when Octavia collapsed into his arms. Nyko put her down gently and checked her pulse. When I got up to them the first thing I did was check her temperature. Nyko then checked the wound she had gotten on her head when she hit the boulder. It was bleeding a bit but not too heavily.

He was trying to gently wake her but I was too worried to do such a thing. I took Octavia by the shoulders and shook her, hard. Octavia shifted slightly and moaned before she vomited on the ground next to her.

I quietly held her away from her face as she emptied the contents of her stomach. I hated seeing her likes this, and Lord knew that I would do anything to take her discomfort from her.

By the time she finished emptying the contents of her stomach she was struggling to breathe. Nyko saw this and pulled her fully onto her side but it didn't seem to help. I smiled at what he called her, knowing that it was true. The delinquents come to blows when Clarke accuses Murphy of killing Wells, and the crowd beats him and strings him up. Only Charlotte stops the madness, by admitting that she killed him. Clarke and Bellamy appoint themselves her parents protectors, and go on the run.

In the end, Charlotte throws herself over a cliff, sparing them a complicated moral decision. On the Ark, Abby sends Raven to the ground. This is a very important episode for Bellamy.

He is forced to reckon with his own morality, kicking the chair out from under Murphy but being unable to do the same to Charlotte. Clarke is clinging to her morals, probably in order to avoid losing her mind with grief and fear. The Arkers really are not much different from the Grounders at all. Murphy is banished, and his journey will take him in and out of Grounder captivity. Not because of me. Not after what I did. This is the episode in which Finn finds the love shack.

Luckily, both Raven and Clarke are too awesome to let that happen. Octavia is captured by Lincoln. The flares the delinquents send up in this episode burn down a Grounder village. The Grounders will regard this as a declaration of war. Despite him and Clarke learning to work together, Bellamy is still very much a selfish dictator at this point.

This is the episode in which we meet the nicest man in the galaxy, unfortunately he was too precious for this world. This marks the first time Jaha tries to kill himself off, wanting to join the volunteers in the culling.

It will become a recurring theme, but he has not yet been successful. Watch it, and cry bitter tears for the sweet ginger man. An illegal second child, Octavia was confined to the floorboards during most of her childhood, with Bellamy having responsibility for keeping her safe.

But, being a real socialbutterfly, Octavia is drawn to the outside, and Bellamy decides to take her to a masquerade ball. In the present, Octavia is taken captive by Lincoln, and comes face to face with her worst fear: Being locked up in a dark space.

Nope, Lincoln is not yet the Grounder Fabio we now know him to be.

octavia and lincoln meet

We learn the first piece of a puzzle that, in the large scheme of things, was relatively unimportant: Shumway not Kimwas working for Diana Sydney, who will forever live in infamy for pulling off the dumbest act of villainy in the history of the small screen.

Consider for a second that Lincoln is not, in fact, a gruesome savage. Consider that he actually speaks English. Yet he still chains Octavia to a wall and tries to keep her there by force, when he could have just told her what was going on.

Lincoln is a problematic fave. My life ended the day you were born. Yes but you should watch it anyway, for the Blake family feels. Luckily, Raven gets through, and even more luckily, the council has voted to spare Abby despite her many crimes, and she helps Clarke operate on Finn. Jaha drops a bombshell: There are people on the Ark, but only enough dropships for people. Kane has a lot of guilt about the culling, and takes the first steps towards becoming a compassionate, reasonable person.

He visits his mother, a religious leader, who is both precious and perfect. Both Clarke and Raven are more than willing to torture Lincoln or to let Bellamy torture him in order to save Finn.

octavia and lincoln meet

Clarke, as much as she tries to be fair and unemotional, is ultimately willing to do whatever it takes to save the people she cares about. But because Clarke joins him on the dark side, this episode does a lot to cement their relationship as equals.

Yes but watch to see Clarke, Raven and Bellamy try to be the bad guys. A Bellarke outing, intense feelings of guilt and fear, Octavia asserting her independence, and drug-induced hilarity. Lincoln escapes, and Bellamy earns his pardon from Jaha by selling out Shumway. After both being confronted with their ghosts Clarke sees her dad, Bellamy sees Jaha and the people from the cullingClarke and Bellamy emerge as a real team.

They still have their differences, but they now fully respect and trust each other. We all need you. Octavia drugs the entire camp to free Lincoln. They share their first kiss, she gives him his iconic red hoodie, and he gives her his name. As Lincoln is leaving the camp, Finn sees him, but lets him go. This marks the first appearance of Miller.

A small time jump has allowed Finn to heal from his injury; Octavia appears to be regularly sneaking off to see Lincoln, who is teaching her to be a warrior among other things. She stages an attack that blows up a bunch of children, and -gasp!

The plan very literally blows up in her face. Finn, Lincoln and Octavia set up a meeting between Anya and Clarke, but when Clarke and Anya brings backup and Jasper shoots a Grounder out of a tree, any potential peace talks are ruined. Knowing what we now know about the Grounders, it makes total sense that Lincoln would assume Clarke was their leader. This episode introduces horses, and Clarke is appropriately excited. Also, one of those horses carries her future BFF.

If you watch only one episode in Season 1, make it this one. Most of the delinquents fall ill, and some even die. Meanwhile the Grounders are gearing up for attack, and Raven builds a bomb in order to blow up a bridge. Seeing Finn take care of a sick Clarke, Raven sets out to plant the bomb herself, but she catches the sickness, and Finn has to save her.