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Clint Eastwood's biography. Clint Eastwood is a world-famous American actor, a multi-faceted personality: being for many years an icon of the «Western» genre. Sandra Louise Anderson professionally known as Sondra Locke, was an American actress and She had worked with Clint Eastwood, who was her companion for over 13 years. Locke's autobiography, The When Bayne married Alfred Locke in , Sandra and Donald adopted his surname. She grew up in Shelbyville. In the early Dirty Harry films, he is married only to his work. Though he was married to Maggie for 25 years, he spent the last five living with the actress Sondra Locke. The year before his bitter parting with Locke, Eastwood began dating "They said only because it's Clint Eastwood you can film," recalls.

Inshe co-starred with Bruce Davison and Ernest Borgnine in the psychological thriller Willardwhich became a box office hit.

Throughout the first half of the s, Locke guested on television drama series, including The F. In the Night Gallery episode "A Feast of Blood", [14] she played the victim of a curse planted by Norman Lloyd ; the recipient of a brooch that devoured her. Lloyd acted with her again in Gondolaa three-character teleplay with Bo Hopkinsand remarked that Locke gave "a beautiful performance — perhaps her best ever. This was followed by a lead role alongside Eastwood in the hit action film The Gauntlet Over the course of their personal relationship, Locke did not work in any capacity on any theatrical motion picture other than with him except for 's western The Shadow of Chikara.

The home invasion film Death Gamethough released after they became an item, was actually shot in She portrayed country singer Lynn Halsey-Taylor in the adventure-comedy. Eastwood was also cast as Two-Face in the Batman television show, but the series was canceled before filming began. Eastwood and Lee Marvin play gold miners who buy a Mormon settler's less favored wife Jean Seberg at an auction. The film follows an American mercenary, who gets mixed up with a prostitute disguised as a nun, and ends up helping a group of Juarista rebels during the reign of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico.

Kelly's Heroes was the last film Eastwood appeared in that was not produced by his own Malpaso Productions. When Dave ends their relationship, the unhinged Evelyn becomes a murderous stalker. But, being as this is a. Although a number of critics praised Eastwood's performance as Dirty Harry, such as Jay Cocks of Time magazine who described him as " During filming, Eastwood suffered symptoms of a bronchial infection and several panic attacks.

The film had a moral and supernatural theme, later emulated in Pale Rider. The plot follows a mysterious stranger Eastwood who arrives in a brooding Western town where the people hire him to protect them against three soon-to-be-released felons.

There remains confusion during the film as to whether the stranger is the brother of the deputy, whom the felons lynched and murdered, or his ghost.

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Holes in the plot were filled with black humor and allegoryinfluenced by Leone. A number of critics thought Eastwood's directing was "as derivative as it was expressive," with Arthur Knight of the Saturday Review remarking that Eastwood had " During casting for the film Eastwood met Sondra Locke for the first time, an actress who would play major roles in six of his films over the next ten years and would become an important figure in his life.

Eastwood reportedly fumed at the lack of Academy Award recognition for him and swore that he would never work for United Artists again. Eastwood plays Jonathan Hemlock in a role originally intended for Paul Newmanan assassin turned college art professor who decides to return to his former profession for one last "sanction" in return for a rare Pissarro painting. In the process he must climb the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland under perilous conditions. Mike Hoover taught Eastwood how to climb during several weeks of preparation at Yosemite in the summer of before filming commenced in GrindelwaldSwitzerland on August 12, The closed hearing was held on May 31,before a private judge.

Before any court decision could be made, a private settlement was reached between the parties. In return, she dropped her suit. By then, the fall ofshe was happy to end the hassle. In the past months she had been diagnosed with cancer, undergone a double mastectomy, and endured chemotherapy.

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For the next three years Locke submitted over 30 projects to Warner Bros. Moreover, the studio refused to assign her to direct any of their in-house projects. In the mids, Sondra discovered evidence that Eastwood had arranged to reimburse Warner Bros. It became obvious that the studio's negative professional attitude toward her had little or nothing to do with her directing or project-finding abilities.

On June 5,Locke sued Eastwood again, alleging fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. She claimed that Clint's behind-the-scene actions had sent a message "to the film industry and the world at large On September 24, -- the morning jurors were set to begin a second day of deliberation -- Sondra announced her decision to drop her suit against Clint for an undisclosed monetary reward.

One contingency was laid down: The jubilant plaintiff said, "This was never about money. It was about my fighting for my professional rights. But sometimes you have to do things you don't enjoy. She had a pending action against Warner Bros. On May 24,just as jury selection was beginning, the studio reached an out-of-court settlement with Sondra.

In the decade following her courtroom saga, Sondra did not direct another movie. She did make a brief return to acting with small supporting roles in back-to-back low-budget independent features, The Prophet's Game and Clean and Narrowboth of which failed to secure a theatrical release.

Inshe sold her home in the Hollywood Hills and moved to another part of Los Angeles. After interim flings with producer Hawk Koch and philanthropist Robert Shrivershe had a live-in relationship with one of the physicians who had treated her during her cancer siege.

Scott Cunneendescribed by Locke as "Herculean," was 17 years her junior, his mother only three years older than Sondra. She has since split up with him. Inpreceded by a protracted absence from the public eye, trade press reported that Sondra Locke would come out of retirement to co-star in Alan Rudolph 's Ray Meets Helen opposite Keith Carradine.

The film was booked for a limited run in early spring Locke died on November 3,at the age of 74 from a cardiac arrest related to breast and bone cancers, although it was not publicized until December 14, The six-week delay raised a lot of eyebrows since the belated news came opening day of Clint Eastwood's latest blockbuster, The Mule According to a death certificate obtained by the media, her cancer had returned in The ashes were entrusted to her husband of 51 years, Gordon Anderson.

Despite the acrimony that followed the collapse of her famous relationship, Locke will be long remembered for her prominent roles in some of Eastwood's most beloved works. Co-starred with Clint Eastwood in six films: Attended Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN on a full scholarship, dropping out after two semesters to work in real estate. In high school she was voted 'Duchess of Studiousness' by her senior class. Grade average was Underwent a double mastectomy due to breast cancer.

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After starring in Willardabout a boy who trains rats, she directed and starred in Ratboyabout a boy who is half rat. Posed for Playboy magazine's "Sex Stars of " issue in a semi-nude layout that was meant to change her Plain Jane image.

Wrote in her memoir that she still receives those photos in fan mail for her autograph and cringes when she sees them. Was offered to do the main role in Emmy-winning My Sweet Charlie Appeared in a UPI wire photo that showed her cavorting in new fallen snow. A Hollywood Journey" released. The actress later asserted that Edwards was merely using her to get to Clint Eastwood who'd already seen the script and turned it down, because once Eastwood changed his mind and came on board, Edwards dropped the idea of casting Ms.

She has Scottish ancestry through her maternal side. Did summer theater in Washington D. Friendship with future California first lady Maria Shriver ended over Maria's refusal to take sides publicly in the litigious war between Sondra and Clint Eastwood. In Marchshe filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Warner Bros.

Warner moved for summary judgment typically requested when one side believes the case has no meritwhich the court granted. Locke appealed, and the case was reinstated in August In Maya settlement was reached behind closed doors just minutes before jury selection was scheduled to begin. Eastwood was listed as a material witness for the Warner Bros.

Lost custody of her parrot Putty in breakup with Clint. Putty was still alive as ofrenamed Paco. Himself a native Shelbyvillian, Watson said that Sondra was his hero growing up and that he and his friends wanted badly to follow her path to stardom.

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When she used to come back to town, everyone was excited. Even though she played the leading female role in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunterduring Oscar season Warner Brothers decided they would suggest that voters consider her for Best Supporting Actress instead of Best Actress to make winning easier.

Turned down Barbara Hershey 's role in Last Summer She also compared him to accused murderer O. Held bookkeeping job in the office of a chicken plant, circa At the peak of her career, late '70s, dabbled in music on the side and sung in small venues like LA's Palomino Club and on television, where she performed duets with Eddie RabbittPhil Everly and Tom Jones.

First name always was pronounced Sondra, only spelled with an A. People kept calling her the wrong name, so she cinched it with an O. Shed her southern accent in studio diction class. She was first introduced to future long-term love Clint Eastwood by screenwriter Jo Heims on the Universal Studios backlot in Producer Robert Daley was also there, but Locke never got to audition or test for the part because she was categorically too old.

They didn't see each other again for three years. Its tentative screen title was "Lovemakers" and Universal Pictures planned to begin filming in April Sondra was to receive a regular salary plus 10 percent of the profits to play an enigmatic heroine similar to the one in Nathan's Portrait of Jennie This particular character, Halys, is the love object of two artists, one middle-aged and the other young. Eli Wallach and Robert F.

Lyons were being sought for those roles. Unfortunately the whole project fell apart for lack of funds. Agent for many years was Leonard Hirshan. When Locke landed her first movie, the spelling of her name was changed from Sandra to Sondra, her age lowered from 23 to 17 for publicity purposes, and her residence in Nashville, where she was employed by WSM-TV, wiped out.

Has a maternal half-brother named Donald Locke born Donald Elkins on 26 Aprilwho ran an air-conditioning and refrigerator business in Shelbyville. It wasn't until grammar school that Sondra found out that not only did she and Don have different fathers, Alfred Locke - the man they called Dad - was not related to either of them.

Skipped mother's funeral, sending flowers to the funeral home instead. One of his creations, a miniature set of characters from Alice in Wonderland, was eventually acquired by Demi Moore.

Worked as a model in Nashville before she took up acting, appearing in commercials for clothing store Rich-Schwartz, Belle Camp chocolates and Southerland mattresses.

The role of Gus Mally in The Gauntlet was originally slated for Barbra Streisandbut Clint Eastwood grew impatient with her hesitance about taking the role and opted to cast his far less bankable live-in.

Coincidentally, she is now married to James Brolin whose first wife, Jane Cameron Ageewas a close friend of Locke's - and an alleged side piece of Eastwood's.

Ex-de-facto-daughter-in-law of Ruth Wood. Their last communication was a card Ruth sent Sondra over the Christmas holiday of with a tearful Winnie the Pooh drawing on the front, and printed inside, "I'm so sorry. Brian De Palma saw Locke for the titular role in Carriebut her manager at the time advised against the proposed scale salary, and after she declined to do a screen test the part was given to Sissy Spacek.

The Rosemary Clooney Storyshe avoided playing moms her entire career. Filmed promotional video for Pet Wishes grooming service. No intention of getting back into the business, but she's a friend of director Alan Rudolph and his wife, and they gave her the script and she couldn't resist. Filming will take place in Lake Elsinore, California. Allred was interested in the case but as gender discrimination.

Locke felt that gender bias was not the primary issue, what Eastwood did to her was straight up sabotage and she didn't want to be stereotyped.

She ultimately hired Peggy Garrity to represent her. After a two-week trial, 10 out of 12 jurors were ready to decide in her favor. Eastwood, knowing the jig was up, suddenly offered a sizable settlement, which Locke accepted. Garrity recounts the courtroom drama in a new book, "In the Game: Was considered for the role of Ethel in Mountain Rest InLocke was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

She died on November 3,at the age of 74 from cardiac arrest stemming from breast and bone cancer, although it was not publicized until December 14, Her remains were cremated and the ashes given to her husband, Gordon Andersonwhom she married in Was the subject of Our Very Owna narrative film about five teenagers in Shelbyville, Tennessee who hope to meet Locke when she returns to town for the local premiere of Every Which Way But Loose Some co-workers at WSM believed she held a job in the Channel 4 PR department through a romantic attachment with the sales manager.

The aqua sequined gown she wore to the Academy Awards in was designed by her husband and hand-sewn by Warner Bros. Personal Quotes 43 In acting, you're subject to what everyone else does to you: Pretty soon you realize, 'This is great, but there must be something a little more. The actor won't get the blame for it. You'll do a good job and they'll say, 'The story stinks, but Sondra Locke was good in the part of whatever. You work a few weeks, get paid a lot of money and everyone pampers and takes care of you.

Everyone always wants to type you. With me, I started out as a vulnerable waif and for many years that's all anyone ever wanted me to play. I've had some great parts, it's just that you're always looking for something that will take you in a different direction. People only see you in those boxes you've been most recently seen in. That way, they don't have to think or be creative. I never felt at home in Tennessee. I felt I'd been parachuted out at the wrong spot somehow.

Success is just a drop in the bucket, a grain of sand on the beach.