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Lyrics Vietsub Nag Iisa Lang Pangako Sa'yo Ost Yna and Angelo Kathniel on WN Twenty years later, Yna and Eduardo accidentally meet, and Yna dreams of . It re-aired again on Jeepney TV on Sky Cable Channel 69 (now moved to Sky. Yna and Angelo are doing just rhein-main-verzeichnis.info through the motions of sadness Amor excused herself once again telling them all she is going to retire to the room. .. sounds nice, but I don't know whether the lyrics suits them or not. .. to the club.. who know next time when we meet, u will bring adi junior. But Yna left by the time Angelo is done wishing on the stars. The background music is heard with lyrics such as: If in my lifetime I . Marga calls Yna in the kitchen telling her that there is a guest who wants to meet her because they loved her food tonight. He doesn't know how he feels seeing her again.

Amor Powers returns to the Philippines after making a name for herself in the business world in the United States. Amor had been planning her revenge on the Buenavistas, whom she blames for her past sufferings, as well as the assumed death of Maria Amor.

The dilemma was that, after finding out that Yna's true father was Eduardo, Angelo and Yna were therefore thought to be half-siblings. It was later revealed that Angelo's biological father was not Eduardo, nor was it Simon Barcial John ArcillaClaudia's former, impoverished lover. Angelo's biological father was finally revealed to be Diego who was also revealed to be adoptedwho sired Angelo with a poor woman named Thelma, who had died.

It also turns out that Claudia had a daughter with Simon. Her heart immediately filled with more anger towards Amor, as well as regret. Claudia, together with Coring Minnie Aguilar and her servants, planned to kill the entire Buenavista family at Yna and Angelo's wedding. Thus, confronting them while holding a gun. But everyone especially Angelo and Lia made her realize how important she is to them and how she should bring out the goodness in her heart that was once filled with evil, hatred, greed and revenge.

She realizes everything after Lia and Angelo gave her a hug -and reconciles with everyone at the wedding. People from the wedding especially Amor and Angelo also asked forgiveness from Claudia, which she immediately accepted. While she was kneeling in front of everyone, she sees Clarissa's spirit at the altar and begs forgiveness. Claudia was forgiven by everyone but because of her past crimes, she was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment.

And a little while later, Amor gave her Clarissa's ashes. Five years later, each of the major characters are happy and reunited with their true loves: Yna becomes pregnant and marries Angelo, Claudia meets her granddaughter from her deceased daughter, Lia. Afterwards, she and Simon also married each other inside prison. Meanwhile, Amor and Eduardo decided to live happily as a couple and married each other after 27 years of their unbreakable love for each other.

But his life will take a drastic turn when he meets Yna; a worker in the hacienda. In the end, he revealed to be the biological son of Diego Eduardo's older adoptive brother with his former mistress, Thelma, who is now deceased. Her love for Eduardo will be crushed because of greed and a single lie which forces her to live a life full of misery and an endless search of revenge against the Buenavista family.

In love with Amor, the housemaid, Eduardo will sacrifice his love for her due to a single lie.

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Amy Austria-Ventura as Lourdes Magpantay-Buenavista — Rescued by Diego from the wayward life, Lourdes's predicament became even worse as they both try to survive a life of poverty after Diego moved out of the Buenavista hacienda. Although he is the first-born, he always tries to win his mother's heart but, unfortunately, is constantly rejected.

He lives a full of envy and hatred for his younger brother, Eduardo, who always gets the best of everything — including the love of Amor.

Supporting cast[ edit ] Patrick Garcia as Jonathan Mobido — A young catechist who is quietly heeding the call of God, Jonathan became caught between saving souls and following his heart's true desire — Lia Buenavista. Lia bears the pain of being unloved by her own mother. She later falls for Jonathan, a young catechist, who gives her the strength to go on living. Lia later finds out that she is in a terminal stage of cancer, which is the reason why she and Jonathan confessed their feelings for each and then later got married.

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In the latter part, she bore a daughter before she died peacefully. Claudia met her granddaughter from Lia. She will do anything to keep a man right where she wants him.

She is later revealed to be the long-lost biological daughter of James Powers — Amor's deceased husband. Later on, she was confined into a mental institution. He harbors a secret desire for Amor. When she had her DNA tested, Marked faked the result, which resulted it in coming back as positive to Eduardo and Amor.

This prompted Claudia to kill her as revenge to Amor. After her death, Claudia learned the truth of Clarissa's true identity and was deeply crushed with regret.

Belen takes Yna under her wing and treats her like her own. Cris Daluz as Francisco "Isko" Macaspac — Yna, Flerida, and Caloy's father who, in spite of their impoverished state, still had the heart to adopt Yna. He is stricken by the deadly Alzheimer's disease.

Eduardo tells Cap that they need to find another road for the people. He asked about Lia? Cap said he saw her this morning and she asked to give the note to Eduardo. Lia said she is ok and not to worry. She hopes they could go home soon. Eduardo felt confident Lia is ok. He heard Amor on the phone with Betty Mae. She told her that her phone batt is almost dead but that she should send help and Amor is going to wait for someone to come get her. After hanging up the phone she turned around to talk to Eduardo.

She told him she is leaving in a while and asked Betty Mae to send a chopper to help this place. She just turned around and walked away. Eduardo could tell she is still tired…much like how he feels. I mean they were loud with the banging of the caldero pots and loud singing.

Angelo got up from bed. He opened the door and with his crumpled looking face he told them thank you and then slammed the door on them. Yna in the meantime is busy in the kitchen. One helper came to her and told her that she would like the recipe of her palayok dish she cooked last night. She told herself not to think of him anymore. She closed her recipe notebook and told the girl she will give it to her later.

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A little girl asked why they are being treated to play outside the orphanage grounds? Yna said, the nuns just feel like it. The little girl thought that it is because someone is having a birthday.

She tells herself to bear it…. So unselfish of Yna…always thinking of Angelo first and foremost Cap set the table for Amor and Eduardo to share breakfast. He told them it is best to eat first before leaving. The two sat down to eat. Eduardo hands Amor the plate of eggs. You promised one another again.

But Eduardo reacted to her statement. He looked at Amor. She heard him but at that time, a frantic neighbor is calling for help. There is a landslide and a house sank and there are people inside. Eduardo ran to aid the residents. Amor followed behind him. I feel like a monkey. A filler scene with Lia praying she gets just 10 seconds of signal so she could send Angelo a Happy Birthday text message but she failed. She tried to tell him to get up and go with her.

No you are not. Ha ha I have to give that to Cruella. Lamentation is correct for Angelo for her it is just bullshit session. He would like his mother to leave him alone. You are not the only one with a problem. I too have a problem and going through something. You need to help me and keep me company. There were already some residents there trying to help the man buried under the earth. Eduardo dove in with the others to try to remove the soil and free the man.

Amor stood there and watched. She gripped her shirt by her neck, the same gesture she does when she feels closed in as her claustrophobia kicks in. Luckily Eduardo and the others were able to pull the man up from under the hole. Claudia…well she is cray cray…she has her moment. She is yelling and throwing glasses of wine over the railing of the porch while she yelled and screamed bad things to Amor and Eduardo saying that the two are cheating on her.

She is drunk and out of control. Angelo could care less. He has a problem of his own. Claudia encourages Angelo and told him to try it. She remembered she used to do it with Angelo all the time.

But Angelo is stoned. Nothing pushing this guy to move or think. Then Claudia has the audacity to bad mouth Amor saying she is more beautiful than her. Your bad attitude is crawling out of your skin. You can never be more ugly than a duck with hemorrhoids. Then Claudia says she has breeding Double excuse me?

Hoy palengkera you have breeding alright. You are a dog breeding ugly bulldog! She talks down at Amor for always wearing white as if she is a virgin. Meanwhile, Mark phones Claudia without success. But this woman they are trying to depend on is getting drunk over her stupid problem. She is fit for mud and smells like mud. Claudia is really out of her mind. They say alcohol just brings out what the person truly feels.

When she screamed her head off I was wondering where Simon is? Go to Simon Claudia. At the site, the wife was thankful her husband is safe but she cries for her daughter. She asked the people around there to help her find her daughter in the ruble. Amor heard the woman; she hurried down to the sunken house.

He called out to Amor and told her what she is doing is dangerous. Amor yells back at him and said they need to save the kid.

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Amor was frantic to get to her. Eduardo quickly followed her. He pulled her back and went ahead in case there is danger. But Amor was closely behind him. Inside the ruble, she called out to Ana. When she tried to move the wood, Eduardo stopped her and told her he will do it.

At one corner of the house, Ana woke up, half buried in soil. Amor kept calling her until she heard a faint response from the girl calling her mother. Amor pointed Eduardo to the direction where the voice was coming from.

Eduardo moved wood and furniture away to get to Ana.