We are newspapermen meet

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we are newspapermen meet

'I'm delighted to meet you,' he said. 'I've been telling the City Council until I'm mad for the past year that we must have more strings and now, thank God, the. Pete Seeger in sings "Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting “If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion, or we can look. Meet the Hero: L. Alex Wilson. The first blow came from behind. L. Alex Wilson, a lanky 6'3” African American journalist, had been weaving through a violent mob.

The song, written by Vern Partlow best known for his anti-nuclear protest song Old Man Atomends with support for the US journalists' union, the Newspaper Guild.

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I guess, at a stretch, it could be adapted for the NUJ. Seeger is 86 in this clip and, earlier this month, celebrated his 91st birthday. Here are the full lyrics Oh, a newspaperman meets such interesting people, He knows the lowdown now it can be told ; I'll tell you quite reliably off the record, About some charming people I have known.

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For I meet politicians and grafters by the score, Killers plain and fancy, it's really quite a bore. Oh, a newspaperman meets such interesting people, He wallows in corruption, crime and gore.

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Hold the press, hold the press; Ex-tra, Ex-tra! Read all about it! It's a mess, meets the test.

we are newspapermen meet

Oh, a newspaperman meets such interesting people, It's wonderful to represent the press. Now, you remember Mrs Sadie Smuggery, She needed money for a new fur coat; To get insurance, she employed skull-duggery; She up and cut her husband's only throat.

we are newspapermen meet

She chopped him into fragments, and stuck them in a trunk; She shipped them to her uncle back yonder in Podunk. Oh, a newspaperman meets such interesting people; It must have startled poor old Sadie's unc. The group had been formed late in the evening on December 31,after folk singers Pete Seeger and Lee Hays convened a group of more than two dozen musicians in Seeger's Greenwich Village apartment in New York City.

we are newspapermen meet

Partlow had interviewed nuclear weapons scientists for the Los Angeles Daily News in the early fall of The song quickly gained attention among folk musicians.

Pete Seeger first heard the song while traveling in California in the late summer or early fall of Popular New York City disc jockey Martin Block played it extensively on his show, "Make-Believe Ballroom," [13] [14] and the song quickly began receiving significant airplay nationwide.

Protests were held to denounce what critics felt were communistic ideas in the lyrics.

we are newspapermen meet

Some radio stations banned the song, and Columbia Records and RCA Victor both withdrew copies of the song from sale at the end of August Life magazine denounced the withdrawal of the song from store shelves: If the song that caused all the furor, 'Old Man Atom,' is propaganda at all, it is by rights American, not Russian, propaganda. According to musician Ozzie Waters, the song returned to radio airplay a month later.

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we are newspapermen meet