Trw swap meet 2013 calendar

Best Swap Meet: Roadium Open Air Market

trw swap meet 2013 calendar

Category: General Scouts ElectronicFest. Scouts ElectronicFest · More about Scouts ElectronicFest. November 25, W6TRW Swap Meet. am – . KY Region PCA Calendar Current Events!! Oct. 13 11— Stuttgart Swap Meet (see page 9). (see page 2). NOTES: .. In Porsche established a record at the . TRW Bilstein Krupp Hoesch ATE CLUB OFFICERS FOR December It's hard to believe is drawing to a close. The year passed by . Please let me know before the December 28th swap meet. SBARC . CALENDAR. Council TRW Swap Meet Saturday.

I want to encourage everyone to greet those newbies on the air.

MAY Workshops and Events @ LGS Toronto · Lomography

Many will make some mistakes, we all did at one time. I was working as a dispatcher at the time and used 10 codes instead of Q signals. I was quickly informed that s not the way Ham s do it. After I got over my initial embarrassment I continued to check into the net and started coming to meetings. So if someone corrects you, remember, this is a hobby, we are supposed to have fun.

None of us were born with a complete set of operating protocols in our head, we learned them. If you find yourself correcting someone s operating skills, do so with kindness and humility. You may make a new friend. Remember, our repeaters are open to anyone, so if you hear someone tossing out a call sign welcome them and invite them to our nets and meetings. We have now had a couple of nice chats while commuting.

There are lots of interesting people out there, lets make sure we welcome them into our group. Kent reported Bill is out of the hospital and in rehab. He could be out of service for up to three months.

Maple Ridge Ham Radio Swap Meet 2018

Kent reported all went well except for a detour down a small side street. Need to cover Bill at the meetings. Need to find out the dates first, Kent will follow up. Appoint Budget Audit committee: James reported there are several open dates, nothing firmed up. Paul questioned James on class format and materials. James stated he had nothing formal set up.

Kent will look into that. Kent reported that Scott Bovitz will have a presentation on T-Hunting.


February speaker will be Bill from HRO. Ken reported the roof is still being worked on and it could be March before it is ready.

trw swap meet 2013 calendar

The float is escorted from the viewing area in Pasadena to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Downey for viewing by the public. It s a long late night process for these volunteers. That means great nighttime DX contitions on to 30 meters. Daytime operating conditions will remain about the same as last month meters, should have openings with strong signals meters will be open for a few hours after sunrise and for a few hours before sunset.


Look for weak CB signals to indicate band openings. Also listen to the beacons MHz, mainly for openings. If a band sounds dead, call CQ.

trw swap meet 2013 calendar

You may find the band open, but no one is transmitting. Monitor the DX spotting services, such as DX Summit for current band conditions and what DX is currently on the air and where to find them. Activity is on80 and 40 meters using CW. QSL direct to home call. QSLs will be sent to all via the bureau. QSL via the bureau. QSL to home call. Join us on May 31st for our closing party to see the unique final project! Saturday May 4th 1pm — 3pm: First we will teach you all about our plastic cameras then we will take a trip down Queen St.

This is the perfect workshop to learn, get inspired and shoot! Sunday May 5th 2pm — 4pm: This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about Double Exposures and Film Swapping. Shooting doubles is a fun way to see and learn the amazing effects that are achieved with multiple exposure film swapping, resulting in double exposure fun! This workshop will feature our beloved La Sardina. Wednesday May 8th 5pm — 7 pm: We will be taking photos from the pavement to the sky to compile one large mosaic of multiple photos for our Living LomoWall!

Learn about these legacy cameras and take the chance to try one out, who knows, you might just fall in love! Sunday May 12th 2pm — 4pm: Using the La Sardina 35mm cameras we will explore throughout Toronto the site-specific projects that are meant challenge the way we interact with photography in our physical environment. Thursday May 16th 5pm — 7pm: We will be taking as many photos from every angle of the building that has every angle!

These images will then be compiled in one large mosaic for our Living LomoWall! What the Hell is Lomography?!