Synchronized swimming figure meet

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synchronized swimming figure meet

Meet Manager, Nadia Facca. Synchro Swim Ontario, Ellen Blainey [email protected] Venue, Etobicoke Olympium. Events. 11 Figures, . SS Entry forms must be received by the secretary or deputy of the meet at . swim figures (due to illness or injury), in Duet the figure score of the reserve is. USA Synchro · Back To Team USA Email. Print. Meet Manager: Lona Albano & Olga Mirzoeva Sanctioning Status: Sanctioned Event.

Behind that row will usually be a table with a few more chairs behind it for the scorers. The panels are numbered one through four. One of each of the four figures will be performed in front of each panel. The list of competitors will also be divided into four groups. The first person in each group will start at a different panel. After finishing a figure, go to the next one in numerical order.

For example, if you just finished a figure at panel two, go to panel three next.


If you just finished at panel four, go to panel one. Jumping in and making a big splash is considered rude, so be discreet! Wait on the wall quietly for your turn. All athletes are expected to attend practices, especially in the two weeks leading up to a meet or event. All athletes in the Provincial program will be assessed and placed on teams that are age appropriate.

Lisa Alexander Figure Competition

As we are a non-profit volunteer led club, there will also be modest fundraising and volunteer requirements. Session costs are dependent on enrollment, team hours, and costs such as facility rentals and coaching staff.

Provincial athletes may compete in figures, team, duet, and solo events.

synchronized swimming figure meet

GSSC athletes normally attend meets throughout the season. Competitors show off their strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance required by performing difficult routines in front of judges. Our novices start with a simple back tuck somersault, for example, and the figures get progressively more difficult in the older age groups.

Ideally, figures will teach the athletes the progression of how to do certain skills so that, when they are older and ready to do the more complicated versions, they know how to do them. You start with something simple and build on it from there.

So, the real purpose of figures in this sport is to help build the athlete.

ANA Synchro: Synchronized Swimming Figures

How many figures are there? We have a thick rulebook of many different figures. Every four years, FINA our international governing body selects eight of them for each age group to focus on. From these eight, there are two compulsories swum at every meet, and then two more are chosen randomly for each meet by the Technical Chair of the Region or Zone.

But today, we find out only 18 — 72 hours in advance of a meet what the figures will be. This is better, I think, because then you have to know all the figures evenly.

Why do the figures change every four years?

Swordfish - Synchronised Swimming Figures

A new set might include the same set of skills, just at a higher difficulty. If they want to see more flexibility in our athletes, they might put a split into a figure.

Black suits and white caps for figures enable judges to focus on the technique. Why do the athletes all wear black suits and white caps for a figures competition? The judges can evaluate an athlete just based on what their skill is on the figure, not on who the person is.

synchronized swimming figure meet