So glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

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so glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

Angeles. Angels, answer me, are you near if rain should fall? Am I to believe you will I should know heaven has her way - each one given memories to own. But I also dreamt which pleased me most that you loved me still the same, that. What's a game of chance to you, / Here is one Of real skill / So glad to meet you, Angeles / Picking up the ticket shows there's / Money to be made / Go on, lose. Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin known professionally as Enya, is an Irish singer, songwriter and Enya described her upbringing as "very quiet and happy. . He then met Enya and the Ryans at a chance meeting at the Irish Recorded Music you sign an act to make money, and sometimes you sign an act to make music.

This sparked discussions between the two on the idea of using Enya's voice to form a "choir of one", a concept based on the " wall of sound " technique by Phil Spector that interested them both. He added, "It was short and only required a vote, I was a minority of one and lost.

Roma and I were out. This left the question of what happened with Enya. I decided to stand back and say nothing". The process was repeated until she started to improvise sections and develop her own piano arrangements.

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Among them was David Puttnamwho liked the tape and chose Enya to compose the soundtrack to the romantic comedy film The Frog Princeof which he served as executive producer. Each episode was to feature a different composer at first, but director David Richardson liked the track so much, he selected her to compose the entire soundtrack. Unlike The Frog Prince, she worked with little interference which granted her freedom to establish her sound [17] that she adopted throughout her career, using multi-tracked vocals, keyboards, and percussion with elements of Celtic, classical, church and folk music.

The latter promoted it with a new age imprint on the packaging which Nicky later thought was "a cowardly thing for them to do". This was clearly the latter I just wanted to be involved with this music.

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Problems playing this file? With the green-light to produce a new studio album, Enya recorded Watermark from June to April It was not intended to be a single at first, but Enya and the Ryans chose it after Dickins asked for a single from them several times as a joke, knowing Enya's music was not made for the Top 40 chart.

so glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

Dickins and engineer Ross Cullum are referenced in the songs' lyrics. Is it as good?

so glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

InWarner Music released a collection of five Enya music videos as Moonshadows for home video. It surpassed its initial sale performance, reaching number 10 in the United Kingdom [39] and reached platinum certification in the United States in for one million copies shipped. After travelling worldwide to promote Shepherd Moons, Enya started to write and record her fourth album, The Memory of Trees. The album was released in November It peaked at number five in the United Kingdom [39] and number nine in the United States, [47] where it sold over 3 million copies.

Its lead single, " Anywhere Is ", reached number seven in the United Kingdom. The second, " On My Way Home ", reached number twenty-six in the same country. The set, named Paint the Sky with Stars: Enya described the album as "like a musical diary In a departure from her previous albums she incorporated the use of a string section into her compositions, something that was not a conscious decision at first, but Enya and Nicky Ryan agreed it complemented the songs that were being written.

so glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

The album was released in Novemberand reached number 6 in the United Kingdom [39] and an initial peak of number 17 in the United States. Enya donated its proceeds in aid of the International Association of Firefighters.

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A Day Without Rain remains Enya's biggest seller, with 7 million copies sold in the US and the most sold new-age album of all time with an estimated 13 million copies sold worldwide. InEnya agreed to write and perform on two tracks for the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the request of director Peter Jackson. Shore then based his orchestrations around Enya's recorded vocals and themes to create "a seamless sound".

She performed the song live at the 74th Academy Awards ceremony with an orchestra in March[67] and later cited the moment as a career highlight. The first was work on the soundtrack to the Japanese romantic film Calmi Cuori Appassionati which was subsequently released as Themes from Calmi Cuori Appassionati The album went to number 2 in Japan, and became Enya's second to sell one million copies in the country.

In SeptemberEnya returned to Aigle Studio to start work on her sixth studio album, Amarantine. After numerous attempts to sing the song in English, Irish and Latin, Roma suggested a new language based on some of the sounds Enya would sing along to when developing her songs.

Enya also liked the title as the association with the moon "is quite romantic". The lyrics can be summed up in three words, Believe in yourself. She chose to record her own rendition of it as she liked its melody and "very strong" lyrics.

She added, "They talked about the trouble in the world, the strife, the turmoil, but at the end of each verse it simply said "how can I keep from singing? I believe this in music The word was previously referenced in "Orinoco Flow", specifically in the lyric "From the north to the south, Ebudae into Khartoum ".

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The song is composed of wordless mouth sounds that resemble Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Its story was inspired by the tradition of Scottish waulking songs sung by women as they weaved cloth. It follows its partner piece, "Miss Clare Remembers" from Watermark, also named after one of her stories. The song was adapted from its original form as an instrumental track for the soundtrack to the romantic film Far and Awaywith Roma writing a set of lyrics based on the film's themes.

A girl who was crying while recounting the story of her separation from, and return to, her home had moved them greatly.

so glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

After Enya had written a melody for the song, the two imagined the scenario of the girl saying goodbye at the train station, "waiting until it's all over". Roma was inspired to name the track by listening to its sound and structure with the melody lines constantly "sweeping in between each other" which created a wind-like effect. The song refers to the story of a large tidal wave destroying the church, and everyone inside it, at the same location where her grandparents are buried, at a graveyard by a beach at Enya's birthplace in County Donegal.

The theme of loss, something that Enya depicted in Watermark and Shepherd Moons, stemmed from her leaving home at age eleven to attend a strict boarding school: It spent a total of weeks on the chart.

so glad to meet you angeles lyrics by enya

Records ' top selling album in early This commercial success spread across Enya's catalogue; three months after Shepherd Moons, an additionalcopies of Watermark were sold in the same country.