One ok rock meet and greet

Just fangirling❤️ — My meet and greet with ONE OK ROCK in Leipzig

one ok rock meet and greet

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When it was my turn… wow, I blanked. Jermaine warned me about it but heck! What do you say to the men who just changed so much about you in just 15 seconds each!!?? If they do read this, yes, I blanked and wow, so much to say but so little time. Hope you guys read the letters anyway. Tomoya went first and his smile was just contagious! Managed to did shake my hand with his and told him he is damn cute!

I almost broke my glasses coz of him! But thankfully I caught my glasses and just shook his hand with a hi I sent him a pm eventually in IG saying how sorry I was hours after the show. I know he never really speaks in interviews that much but his English was superb! Ryota is cute too and said hi! We posed for the photos and I bowed to them. I think I managed to stutter a thank you to them.

Curses for the short time but wow, it was all real!

ONE OK ROCK Meet & Greet Experience

They were really real! I was blown away! They all look so nice and welcoming, not showing at all in their demeanor that they were these massive rockstars that we have been waiting since forever to see. Humble, smiling and definitely true.

I wondered at that point as I got into the arena hall and held on to my signed poster Arena was simply huge!

one ok rock meet and greet

Not doubting that anymore! Who knows, but wow indeed! They were the only ones I never gotten a scoop from for this project My fellow royals have this to say about the boys and their encounters, as well as their overall experience. I think we can all agree that the band just blew us away and our hearts are now with them wherever they went.

Having met them in person and seeing them performed live is already a big check on my fan girl to do list. But I must have been a good girl because the band fairies granted me the opportunity to pose with OOR twice, of course with Tomoya beside me. And I will always look forward to having a little chat with them again.

one ok rock meet and greet

Thanks Tomoya for the power hug! See you again soon. One Ok Rock rocks! I'm a fan of 3 years and still counting. I always watch them on the internet, and little did I know that I had the chance to meet them and touch them in flesh. One Ok Rock never fails to amaze me. I know PCD is really a chronic curse to me, and I don't want this feeling to end. Be back here soon! Philippines loves OOR so much I could fly. Thank you for the awesome music, Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya!!! January 19, was the most awaited day of my life coz finally, finally One Ok Rock arrived in Philippines.

Waterparks announced as support for ONE OK ROCK tour

I was lucky that I was able to get my hands on those precious Pulp Royalty Tickets and got the best seat in the house. I never regretted that I spent a lot of money for that 1 and a half concert. All the pain, the sweat, the bruises and scrapes were all worth it. The way Taka, Toru, Tomoya and Ryota performed their songs was truly amazing, almost magical actually.

I fell in love with them more now that I saw them perform live. I will hold on to their promise that they will return here in the Philippines and I will wait no matter how long it takes. Roxanne asked for my phone and typed a message. Sheen Seeckts 'Super awesome' It was my first time to attend a concert and it was super awesome!

The wait was really worth it! The crowd and the band enjoyed the moment and I'm now looking forward to the next concert! Jazz Rosin 'It was a dream come true' It was a dream come true for me.

Watching them live in the Philippines and meeting them in person are two goals striked already!!! I literally cried at the start of the concert, the intro part!

That feeling of extreme happiness I knew it I'm ready for this. I sang and screamed at the top of my lungs, raised my hand, headbang then sometimes tap my heart during the emotional acoustic parts.

Thanks to the great OOR band, my dear friends and the entire crowd. It was indeed an intense and epic concert! It's a night to remember, a forever memory I'd treasure for the rest of my life. The day I became a fan of the band, I told myself that if I ever get to watch their concert live someday, I had to be at the very front. Luck was with me that day and I got my wish. Their songs sounded a thousand times better live than their official audio recordings.

So much energy, so much power. Taka's vocals are unbelievable. After that unforgettable night, my love for them has grown even bigger. I've decided to support this band for the rest of my life as long as all four of them are still together and be with them on their journey towards becoming rock legends. Ayra De Ocampo 'The concert was freaking magnificent' The concert was freaking magnificent! As if it's not their first time here in the Philippines. They actually moved us in all level of our emotions.

From super funky feeling up to heartwarming sensation when they singing their song to us. The most highlighted part of that night was the promised that Taka made that they will definitely going to return here! That was really overwhelming to the point of crying. And the meet and greet will be forever imprinted in my memory because the actual holding of hands, the small exchange of talk and their intense eye contact will surely never be forgotten.

I have alot of things to say but words can't really express it. Thank you so much for that experience and i will always bring that moment with them until my brain or heart can't function well. I became timid and silent, but I want to make things right so I am looking forward to their come back! One of the highlights for me was seeing how we made the boys happy through their genuine smiles, their IG posts, and Amuse Inc.

I feel so happy and proud that we made it and I am part of that crowd, and so not hearing Taka clearly is all worth it. I am also proud that I just enjoyed the moment, just screamed my lungs out while singing with Taka and not taking any photo or video during their performance. Lush Cueto 'The best night ever! It still gives me the chills every time I think about what happen last night.

Totally worth the wait. All efforts and our prayers are paid off. I can't even here the crowd. I thought we weren't that loud 'cause coz I was close to the speakers. I had a quiz in my least favorite engineering class how I despise that subject that day at 12pm. I got out at 1: We were supposed to be at the venue before 4 PM.

We arrived at 4: The band's manager came out, talked to me, apologized, and gave me the signed 35xxxv Deluxe CD and laminate that was included in the VIP package. I told him, but mostly myself that it was alright; it couldn't be helped that I had a quiz that day and we went through such horrible traffic to be there as soon as we can. As we stood in line, the longer we waited, I had more time to think to myself about what happened, the more depressed I became.

When the doors finally opened up, we were able to choose the spot at the very front to the right, in front of Toru! The excitement was enough to distract us from our disappointment earlier. I think that's pretty obvious from the sounds we were making in my concert vlog lolz. They were just there standing a few feet away from us, giving an amazing performance! I felt so lucky to be able to be that close in a smaller venue, compared to their ginormous stadium concert lives back in Japan.

Why do good things have to end? Background of my OOR Fandom! Ultimately, Taka's way of singing English and Japanese sounding like English intrigued me! The music video was also really cool, and I remember they had a promotion on FaceBook that time for RE: MAKE which was an app when you played the MV, the screen of your computer looks like it was breaking down from the awesome drumming.

one ok rock meet and greet

Speaking of awesome drumming, other than Taka, the first guy I became interested in from the band was the drummer, Tomoya! MAKE you can't really see anyone's face clearly anyway, so my fascination with the band wasn't shallow based on their appearance or anything. I think it's the way Tomoya threw his hair around while he smashes the drums during the chorus [Check out starting 2: Ryota was the other one that caught my attention from his posture in holding his glow-in-the-dark bass, and head banging.

When I find something awesome, I share it with everyone I know. Naturally, my sisters and my friends loved them and became fans too. Our favorite would remain to be RE: HahaI finally had the chance to see them when they announced a concert for Los Angeles at the Club Nokia venue. I was busy that day. To be honest, I had some ugly drama with people that went on about attending the Warped Tour to see them, and after that it was difficult to listen to any new song releases from ONE OK ROCK, because listening to their songs just reminded me of that annoying situation and event.

I never stopped loving them, but at that point, I only knew their old songs. We already knew we'd love it. As soon as they announced a San Francisco Tour earlier this year inI didn't hold back. My other sister met us up at the Venue since she lives somewhere else. When they started letting us in, the VIP line came first. We didn't end up at the very front, but thank goodness we found a spot behind other really short people, because I'm also very short in American standards.

Yes, I'm a short Asian. That spot happened to be in from of Toru's microphone stand! The concert was starting, and the first band, Night Verses took the stage. I'm guessing they are not so popular yet, since we initially thought they were roadies setting up for another band The sound of the microphone was terrible!


Terrible, as in you cannot hear a word the singer was saying. I wonder if they had a soundcheck before going on stage, and if the band noticed that we were having trouble understanding their songs by the expression of the audience. Even when they were jumping around the stage, the band all together looked shy. The guitarist who was right in front of me was looking down at his feet during the entire set. The most memorable thing about this band was the topless tall and toned drummer with long hair, that the girls beside me were taking videos and photos of then he was taking his equipment of the stage after their set.

He was actually pretty hot, and the main source of charisma in the band. What we've all been waiting for! Note, this is my first time ever seeing the band LIVE. As seen in my video, Tomoya comes out to set up his drum set, and the crowd goes crazy for him.

It's so different from when he's actually performing with the band, so serious. He goes back to backstage after he's set up, the lights dim and their is starting. Tomoya reappears on stage, this time with Ryota! Getting excited with the just the intro, this was really happening and we were there. It became surreal when freaking Toru came out and stood right in from of me.

Toru, who became my crush recently after I was able to really see his face in their latest PV's, was right in front of me! It got real when Taka came out. Taka, the main man, the face of the band, out of the computer screen! We knew it was gonna be a short set, so every song that they played was a relief and at the same time brought us fear that was ending soon. Thank God that they didn't have any microphone troubles like the last band.

Spent the entire time taking a video, but the kids in front of me were rocking out with the band. Just hit straight at the heart! Especially after the "Shout it out now!

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Singing along with the others in the crowd in the chorus like a call-and-response with the band during the bridge and chorus. He has going crazy on his drums and I sang along with ,"Now I'm left with nothing," throwing my hands pointing at him, and he saw me and flashed my way his intense rockin face "Yeah!!! Sounded great, and Taka's voice really resonated in the entire venue, vocalizing and showcasing his skills. It still set a good mood for the entire venue, and all the fans were singing along in the chorus.

I loved this extended version that they usually perform in concerts. The lighting on the stage made it hard to see their faces, except for Tomoya. Most of the lighting came from above the stage, flashing the crowd, therefore what we mostly saw was their silhouette.