Old spice guys meet market

old spice guys meet market

Discover legendary products for men: deodorants, antiperspirants and fragrances . Old Spice - improve your mansmells. Despite the targeted market of the Old Spice product being men aged 13 to 34 The Old Spice Guy faces the camera and greets the women. Old Spice Finally Made Some Ridiculous Ads That Both Teen Boys and Their their peace and quiet is broken by a marketing stunt, as an octopus a sunglasses-wearing, sky-writing, motorcycle-driving, meat-pulling dog.

People started competing to be witty or provocative, making their best bets on what would intrigue the Old Spice Man to want to respond to them.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Many thousands did not get a response, but it seemed like all of them did. And the ones that didn't kept trying harder to impress the Man. Also, every blogger or celebrity who did get a response wrote about it.

It was a badge of honor.

old spice guys meet market

Make it episodic and easy to share This is all about interactive storytelling. The more stories, the more consistent the delivery of new episodes, the more frequently people will check it out, and the greater the odds to become either a media habit or an outright addiction. This also provides the greatest opportunities for people to share a link to an episode with their friends.

You want to take every opportunity to feed the virus. You will also be able to measure which subjects and types of responses get the best results.

Now look here, now learn from this ...

As with anything in business, provide more of what people want and less of what they don't. Keep the videos simple and short Find the location that works. It doesn't have to be elaborate. The Old Spice Man never left the bathroom, never looked anywhere but right at the camera, never changed his posture.

There is power in familiarity. There is an old saying: An idea is finished not when you've put everything you can think of into it, but rather when you've taken out everything you possibly can.

Limit the personality traits of your persona. Don't attempt sophisticated cinematography. There is a real estate agent in Canada named Ian Watt who bought a camera mount, hooked it to the dashboard of his car, turned it on and just started talking about his market while he was driving from place to place. He came across as wildly aggressive, on the go, in the know, always working for you, with a personality as driven as Gary Vaynerchuk. Vaynerchuk, too, is a great example of minimalist consistency.

Don't let the setting or the production distract you from putting across the persona.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - Wikipedia

Promote it with tie-ins offline Put up signage in your store promoting what you're doing online. In a single uncut shot, Mustafa transitions from a bathroom to a sailboat to riding a horse on the beach, all without pausing his monologue or breaking eye-contact with the camera for more than a moment. The punchline of the commercial is Mustafa's non sequitur final statement: Allen and Kallman confirmed that the commercial was filmed in a single uninterrupted take [3] requiring three days of shooting and numerous attempts to achieve a successful take.

Minimal computer-generated imagery CGI was used, consisting of overlaying a separately shot artificial hand during the segment where diamonds flow from Mustafa's palm and the body wash rises through the pile of diamonds with a separately filmed shot of the hand.

Old Spice | Body Wash, Deodorant and Other Man Fresheners

The ad expanded upon the first commercial, which featured two changes of location, and only one on camera the bathroom "set" lifting away. Mustafa begins at a shower station on the beach. The scenery splits in half as do false legs and a towel and pulls away to reveal Mustafa log rolling before he walks across the surface of a lake catching a falling cake mid-stride into a kitchen power-sawing a countertop mid-stride to the top of a waterfall, which he "swan dives" off into a hot tubwhich then collapses to reveal that Mustafa is sitting on a motorcycle, his shorts having been replaced by jeans.

He performs the entire commercial without breaking eye contact with the camera, while addressing female viewers and asking rhetorical questions on what they like, implying that if their man used Old Spice, then he could bring them these things.

old spice guys meet market

The walls of the hot tub were rigged to mechanically rise and lower. Support wires were used to control Mustafa's dive from the waterfall. Footage of rehearsals of the ad begin with the log-rolling, suggesting that the opening beach segment may include separately shot or computer-generated elements.

old spice guys meet market

The background also appears to be enhanced. It features Mustafa in a rowboat pulling off a "fake" mustache, and then "pulling off" the newly revealed skin to reveal another moustache.

Meet Mr Wolfdog Old Spice Commercial

The branding of the product line revolves around different world locations. In keeping with that theme, the second commercial is entitled "Scent Vacation", and continues to maintain and expand upon the style of the previous ads. In the ad, Mustafa notes that "when your man smells like Old Spice, you can go anywhere. The beach drops away and the skirt flies off to reveal Mustafa in mountaineering pants atop a mountain peak.

He dives from the mountain, into water, appearing to swim through it, only for it to be revealed as a fishtank, which passes as the camera rotates to reveal Mustafa lying on his side in white slacks on top of a piano in a lavish living room.

Responding to interest in the creation of the previous spots, an official behind-the-scenes video was released for "Scent Vacation".