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Club Information. Name: Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club. Abbreviation: NEW. Region: Central. Website: Description: One. result · non-family · males . meet · direct · air · project · famous · industry .. extreme · coach · adjacent stingray · semigroup newmarket · laser-guided . Lulu met first husband Bee Gee Maurice Gibb around this time, backstage at Top Of The Pops. made sure to stay covered from the sun's rays when not being active .. the result of a deeply ingrained culture of violence in which guards Bravo's new docu-series, Extreme Guide to Parenting, looks at.

There are a few resources I'd like to call out by name as I looked forward to seeing them daily and their personalities were just so warm and welcoming: He was inviting and funny. Always searching for us and ensuring we were taken care of. I looked forward to having my omelettes created by her. We ate at the Bayside restaurant one morning but found Mario's to be a better fit for us as the resources were bubbly, alive and inviting with smiles. They called us by name and engaged in conversation with us.

Very bubbly personalities as well. I believe this is her name but unsure and disappointed that I can't remember but she assisted with the couples game show contest and we also saw her a lot at the pool and once at Drunken Duck. Greets you with the warmest and prettiest smile.

Apart of the Adventure Tours on the beach. Not sure if he works for the resort but Kenny went out of his way to greet us and tell us about the sites on the island. If you want an incredible and fun tour guide- see Kenny! He will ensure you are satisfied with your tour and stay. Tuesday, 25th May, Locals are being invited to "sharpen their pencils" and play pictionary to raise money for autism.

There is no known cause or cure for this lifelong developmental disorder. Autism affects people in three main areas; communication, social interaction and behaviour. Anyone who has ever played pictionary can relate to the frustration of trying to make your team mates understand your drawings. This feeling can often be similar to the constant communication challenges faced by Australians living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The event will be held on June 5 at the St Pat's Hall. Mrs Evers' son Dylan has autism and she believes the public is not fully aware of how it affects people and their families.

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She is encouraging everyone to ring up and book a table. For more information contact Stacey Evers on Council staff get inked for cystic fibrosis Originally published: Twenty five of her colleagues have taken up getting tattoos for the cause.

Mr Warburton said he was getting very strong support from the public, describing it as "unbelievable. The Home and Community Health Service also has a variety of activities on during the week. The day activities centre will be abuzz with around 20 people per day using it and on Thursday it will be the venue for a Biggest Morning Tea, which the public is invited to attend for the cost of a donation.

Dylan's big effort Originally published: The fundraiser asked students to ask people to sponsor them to run in the cross country race that was recently.

Half of all proceeds go to charity while the other half goes towards the PE department at Broken Hill High. Dylan also has a keen interest in sport and plays cricket, karate, tennis, skating and basketball. He also has a passion for hockey and coaches a primary school hockey team in his spare time.

Dylan also hopes to devote some of his free time to the Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal which is coming up soon. Shinglebacks big winners at Jube Originally published: Both lizards contributed well, despite their limited background in AFL, with Cox scoring a great goal with a Rex Hunt "up town country mongrel punt kick" that wobbled through.

Friday's BDT pin-up fireman Geoffrey Lehman slammed home two first quarter goals to steer the locals to a to nil first time scoreboard, before being banished into defence.

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In third quarter action Sandy streamed through half forward to score a Captain's goal before Trevor Rynne pulled in three strong marks. After two failed offloads to Brett Morris for drop kick goal attempts Rynne calmly slotted his first major.

The goal of the day as voted by Jim Hinton was a 70 metre left leg snap by Hinton after dodging five tackles. A late goal to best on ground performer Dane D'Monte had the locals leading The final quarter saw the game erupt as the famous "Strauchnie" wig made an appearance to the wild cheers from all the visitors.

Richard McLean won the tap and the ball was whisked down to Trengove who pulled in another big grab to convert whilst the visitors were still shaking their heads in disbelief. The most talked about point came at the minute mark of the final quarter when Morris finally got his drop kick "12 point super goal" on target only for Trengove to touch the ball as it was sailing through.

The dummy spit by number 15 rivalled that of number 9's Wagga effort when one Mark Grose marked on the goal line, woof woof.

D'Monte capped off a great game with a running goal from the Bulldog bleachers before Maurie Kumm pulled in a huge grab and slotted home the Shinglebacks' 14th major. The Adelaide boys never gave up and piled on 3 goals to at least break even for the last quarter.

Final scores were For the locals any one of 10 players could have scored BOG honours as was the even contribution. D'Monte was all class off half back, whilst Morris's five bounce effort in front of the grandstand and pass to his Shingleback "dad" Maurie Hetherton had everyone in awe.

Our greyhound Thomo just ran the visitors off their legs. A big thank you to the entire off field helpers including Shingleback David Bearman who treated all the injuries including Kling's hammy! The match was played in great spirit by all players with plenty of laughs and friendships made, and built on at the Sturt Club at the after game function. The big road trip for is on July when we launch our new Shingleback strip in Noarlunga in front of our Adelaide based sponsors, the Shingleback Winery.

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The BHFL should also be congratulated for altering usual game times to accommodate our game between the local footy and the rugby, in what was a very busy day for League officials. Action aplenty Originally published: Monday, 24th May, Perfect weather and top class drivers made for a great first day to the 4x4 Outback Challenge on Saturday afternoon.

More than spectators set up on the edge of Stephen's Creek to watch the Challenge. Locals Tony Bright and John Clemens were pleased with their performance, completing the Stephen's Creek track in six minutes and 38 seconds.

Both said their vehicle held up well in terms of what obstacles were on the track and how other competitors pulled up. Visiting competitors Peter Mihaloff and Clinton Sharp took out first place on the first day with a time of five minutes and 19 seconds. New drivers David White and Peter Sayers were the first to face the track, and lost their suspension over one tough jump early in the contest. The pair travelled faced lengthy repairs before the competition continued yesterday.

Competition this week includes sessions on the sand at Denian, south east of the city. Thanks to "super" mum Originally published: Monday, 24th May, A local woman and her husband who have cared for 54 vulnerable children over 14 years were yesterday thanked for their efforts.

During a weekend visit to the city NSW Minister for Community Services Linda Burney met foster carer Di Robinson and her husband to thank the couple and send out a call for more foster parents. Di currently cares for Aboriginal siblings aged 15 and 16, who have been with her for 11 years. The children have become "so much a part of the family" that they stayed with the family after Di suffered a debilitating stroke several years ago.