Moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

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moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

Items Now run by Greg's son, Moser Engineering continues to meet the needs of .. Moser Engineering Axle Housing Ends Oldsmobile/Pontiac Moser Engineering Retaining Plates Bolt/Bolt Chevy Impala & GM Truck. I wanted to beef up a 12 bolt for my 68 chevelle so I found a good core and Drop rear end meet with Big Ron who says ends are straight not to tighten the ends to much. . When installing bolt in axles, I only use Moser ends. - Symmetrical Housing Ends for Double Row Ball Bearings - " Mustang Non-C-Clip Housing Ends.

Color options for powder coating: However, there are some well known facts that can help you decide. Unless you are going full out, hard core, Top Fuel racing, a Chevy bolt rearend will probably fit the bill and keep your drivetrain in the GM family. The Moser bolt rearend package, complete with spline axles was the way to go. Selecting the F-Body housing with OE style factory mounts proved to make the install easy and simple.

Because we were installing a Baer Brake kit, we opted for the Torino big bearing style axle tube housings.

Housing Ends

Our choice of gear ratio was the 3. This combination would handle all the power that we could throw at it without ripping the rubber off the carcass and still get us out of the hole and down the chute.

moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

Our shop dawgs wasted no time getting the old rear end out. Much to the delight of our shop dawgs, the axles and bearings are shipped not assembled as part of the rearend. This is done to allow for any brake backing plates or emergency brake cable mounts that need bracketing at the housing ends.

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Completed rear suspension set up included QA1 F-body shocks that fit into the OE factory mounts perfectly. Our shop techs had the bearings pressed onto the axles and the axles installed in the housing in no time flat.

From there it was a matter of mounting the Baer brake kit and reattaching the previously installed Spohn links, panhard bar, torque link and sway bar. Now we can talk about getting some respect. With all the traction that the wheels would be getting, we wanted to control the weight shift to maximize the traction to the back wheels.

moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

These are aluminum bodied shocks that have a position valve adjuster that allows changing the rebound and compression simultaneously. To put simply, these shocks can handle whatever you want to subject your car to.

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The QA1 shocks are revalvable and rebuildable, plus they fit the factory mounting locations. The bolts were a bit too long for use with a stock torque arm and bottomed out.

moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

I added two washers to make up the difference. The bolts in the bottom worked themselves out. The result was the rear end torqueing down on deceleration, which cracked the torque arm still held in by the top boltshammered the end of the torque which made one of the holes D-shaped, and put grooves in the end of the driveshaft from being at an extreme angle and meeting the pinion yoke. I'm ordering a new tunnel mounted torque arm and will hunt down replacement bolts.

This time I will not trust the cam locks and will simply use a thread locker and a lock washer. Keeping in mind that anytime you get away from using OEM parts you're going to have some issues.

moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

However, I think Moser could have made this "Bolt-in ready" rear end a bit more bolt-in ready. All they'd have had to do is: I think it's a well built, tough rear end.

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But, stating this rear end is bolt-in ready is just not true. In some ways, however, maybe I should be grateful. Because of the bolts backing out and destroying the torque arm my wife gave me the green light for ordering a BMR replacement.

Seems all to familiar I did my research when I bought a rearend a few years ago, and the Midwest Chassis 9" was by far the best choice. I looked at several different rearends and none of them compared. It was a full bolt in setup, and had all new grade 8 hardware so no trips to the hardware store were needed to get it installed.

moser 12 bolt housing ends meet

It came with multiple hole LCA brackets, sway bar brackets installed, brake line tabs installed, even had the e-brake cable brackets installed and a small bracket to hold the brake hose off the car.