Meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs

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meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs

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There is almost no sign of the opposition campaigning in the constituency. One villager, pleading that his identity should not be disclosed, said: Results and aftermath When the election results were announced, it turned out that although Shahabuddin won comfortably, his nearest Janata Dal United opponent, Om Prakash Yadav had managed to get two lakh votes, about In the elections, JD U had polled only 7.

Within days of these results being announced, nine party workers of the Janata Dal United were killed, and a large number were beaten up; it is widely believed that this was a retaliation for daring to put up a credible fight.

meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs

Ratna Sanjay with the support of D. Anil on Shahabuddin's house in Pratappur helped recover illegal arms such as AKsand other military weaponry authorized for possession only by the army, including night-vision gogglesLaser-guided guns, etc.

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Subsequently, eight non-bailable warrants were issued for arresting Shahabuddin. However, his party was part of the United Progressive Alliance headed by Manmohan Singhand clearly he had considerable clout. Thus, although he was living in his official assigned quarter in Delhi, and attending parliament, the Delhi police and a special team sent from Bihar could not arrest him for over three months.

Subsequently, he was refused bail by the Supreme Court of India ,[16] where he was asked at one point: By virtue of being an MP, are you entitled to keep these weapons, including a night vision device, when even the police, CRPF and other security agencies do not have it and only the army possesses it?

However, Shahabuddin claimed to have suffered a slipped discand was not in a position to appear in court. In any event, two special courts were set up inside Siwan Jail to try the cases pending against him.

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Besides these police-registered cases, many other crimes are unreported. These include a large number of "disappearances" from Siwan; reports in the media allege that as many as a hundred bodies may be buried on the grounds of Shahabuddin's well-fortified Pratappur palace,[20] the venue where the entire Bihar state police had to retreat after a fierce firefight while attempting to serve a warrant in the three policemen killed in this battle also figure in the list of cases against him.

Attempts to intimidate the legal process In Julyone of the session judges trying the cases, V. Gupta, was threatened by lawyer Mahtab Alam, who initially offered "allurements" for "rescuing" Shahabuddin. When this did not work, he threatened to eliminate the judge.

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Apparently Shahabuddin told Rai: Your family lives in Baniapur near ChhapraBihar. No one will survive. Bail hone do peet ke rakh denge you people have not been beaten up for a long time.

meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs

Let me come out on bail and I will thrash you "[24] The very next day, he again threatened jailor Sanjeev Kumar: Tadpa tadpa ke maarenge I will torture you slowly to death. Convictions Shahabuddin is possibly the most prominent criminal-politician in India today; his is the standard to which other criminal-politicians are compared.

Mohammad Shahabuddin

Shahabuddin and his armed supporters had bombed the premises and assaulted office secretary Keshav Baitha, who was brutally beaten up and suffered splinter injuries from the bomb blast. The court has also fined him Rs1,[27] about USD Indian fines follow antiquated lawsand are often very paltry in today's terms.

meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs

Life sentence for kidnapping leading to murder May In Mayhe was convicted of the abduction of the trader and CPI ML worker, Chhote Lal Gupta, in Februarywho was never seen thereafter and is widely presumed to have been killed.

While it could be established that Shahabuddin with his gang had kidnapped Chhotelal an witness could identify himthe dead body was never recovered, so charges of murder could not be upheld.

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Justice Gyaneshwar Srivastava sentenced him to life imprisonment[28][29] under Section abduction with intent to murder. The verdict has been challenged in Patna High Court; some of the points noted are that the conviction relied on a lone witness, who identified Shahabuddin in court, after a gap of seven years, without the benefit of a prior identification parade. Thus he may be barred from the elections; however, he continues to be a member of the present Parliament.

meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs

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meet uncle hussain mahkota mp3 songs