Meet dave 2008 dvdrip axxo subtitrari romana

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meet dave 2008 dvdrip axxo subtitrari romana

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Denholm Elliot's breathtaking performance. It's simply not possible to top an iconic, legendary film or series.

meet dave 2008 dvdrip axxo subtitrari romana

The original can't be beat, and is next to impossible to match. Doesn't matter who directs, stars, the effects, etc - can't be done. Being sure of this in advance made the Crystal Skull easier for me to take - but I still have to be critical - because they let us down on the simple stuff. The other stuff flows from that, making the film better or worse. The story does not hold together well and the dialog rings intermittently false throughout the film.

I wanted to love the movie - but I was disappointed. When I heard they were all waiting for the "right" script to make another Indy film - that sounded good. But it appears that wasn't really true. I have to assume they all just decided the timing was "right" and it would be fun to get the old group together to do a flick - because the script was poor.

A series of Indiana like dangerous situations and exploits strung together loosely with some attempts at humor thrown in. But no clear beginning to end plot. No disaster to avert, no one to rescue. Nothing in particular to root for The actors seemed a bit uncomfortable to me - even Harrison Ford himself. Indy's love interest from Raiders Marian was underutilized and apparently a bit rusty in the acting department.

She seemed to be just "thrown in" to add a nostalgic romantic element.


The young Mutt character was well cast and did a good job with what he had to work with. The story arc regarding Indys age, his old love and young Mutt is dealt with - but could have been a better, more solid part of a more well written story. I'm glad I saw the film.

I enjoyed seeing Indy again, but my hope that I'd be wanting to go again didn't pan out. It's worth only one visit - and that just to see some Indiana JonesLIKE adventures - in a story that doesn't make much sense. Sorry to break bad news to anyone who reads fan reviews - but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. George - you should have fussed over the writing a bit more and Harrison - I'd have waited longer for the right script.

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This was a weak effort and it didn't need to be. Mr Lucas and Mr Spielberg -you surprised me on this one - and let us all down on the story. Scott an Indy Fan. Number 4 is the weakest of the Indy films. It is still good entertainment. Let me explain further: He still has the magic to impersonate this character.

meet dave 2008 dvdrip axxo subtitrari romana

You really see his efforts to make this film work. Great camera work and sets. Shia LaBoef is actually quite good and not annoying at all, he has some funny lines and scenes. I never regretted that he was in the movie. Some really good action scenes, esp. Humor was OK and many jokes worked for me best: John Hurt as Oxley looked like Dumbledore on Ecstasy.

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I didn't like his character very much and was glad when he finally became "sane" again. Problem was by then the movie was almost over. Sorry guys, Karen Allen. She was overacting too much, smiling and laughing all the way even during the deadliest action sequences like a soccer mum.

We know she is tough and so but it never felt believable. Also her interaction and reunion with Ford seemed a bit forced. Blanchet was OK, but not very menacing or intimidating. You never felt she was a threat to Indy.

She was always behind him. Give me Nazis as adversaries any day. Ray Winstons character forgot the name was confusing and underdeveloped: Stolen straight from "The Mummy". Shame on you, Spielberg.

Sorry, but the last third of the film was the pits. The jungle chase was far "over the top" action, I thought Indy and Mutt were human beings, not supermen. They pulled off moves and jumps that even Spiderman couldn't do. Indy not using his gun once.

At least he didn't carry a walky-talky instead. How embarrassing, who came up with this idea? What was supposed to be funny only got howls of disbelieve and "Yeah right" from the audience.

Indy survives a nuclear explosion in a fridge!

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