Kejriwal modi meet george

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kejriwal modi meet george

Kejriwal urges Modi to end IAS officers' 'strike' Sushma attends key IBSA meet, discusses security and terror related issues Sports Championship at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday. Sajan George outlines to AsiaNews main concerns regarding Modi. Indian activist: Narendra Modi and Arwind Kejriwal, as dangerous as "Hitler and Mussolini" Campaign in favour of Christian Dalits meets first success. Arvind Kejriwal Meeting President on February 11 While meeting PM Modi around March or April in which Modi advised him to try Bangalore .. playing role of George Kutty to AK and let me know your reaction on comments below.

Soon enough in the public eye, Arvind Kejriwal gathered many followers.

PM Narendra Modi Greets Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal And Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

He was awarded for his initiatives with the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emerging Leadership in He was also able to meet and garner ample support from Anna Hazare, who was rising as an anti-corruption Gandhian.

The two joined hands along with others like Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, etc. Kejriwal became the architect of the Jan Lokpal Bill movement, aiming to bring an ombudsman over the government and a strong RTI Right to Information in the country. This brought in major differences in opinions between Anna, who did not want to politicise the movement, and Kejriwal, who thought otherwise.

When the assembly elections concluded in Delhi in Decembernobody had imagined that the AAP would win 27 of the 70 seats.

kejriwal modi meet george

While the party was nowhere close to the required majority, the event was hailed as a mass transformation in which the common man had finally stood up against decades of corruption and exploitation.

However, fate had decided to enthrone Kejriwal. The Congress party extended its support, asking the AAP to form the government. They did so and Kejriwal became the seventh Chief Minister of Delhi. However, the government was not to last long as the BJP and the Congress opposed some aspects of the Jan Lokpal Bill, leading to confrontation in the assembly.

But fate has something else to offer to Arvind Kejriwal. Why not, at this stage, move from writing books to fighting elections?

My one-night stand as an Aaptard, writes Ramachandra Guha

Surely actions were more effective than words? If I believed Indian democracy needed redemption and renewal, was it not hypocritical to continue to stand aside? My wife sighed and said, you have been away from India too long. The two academics I met in my dreams are both major figures in Indian intellectual life. But—since it was a dream—it would not be proper to identify them.

Kejriwal accuses Modi govt of witch hunt, coordinating bureaucratic crisis

However, neither was Yogendra Yadav, another respected scholar who had in fact joined the Aam Aadmi Party. On one of these long transcontinental flights I woke up from my fantasy.

I knew that I had some proficiency and experience in writing books. I had absolutely no background in politics, and my temperament suggested that I would be wholly unsuited to it.

By the time I returned home in April, the thought of contesting on behalf of AAP had disappeared from my mind. Before these dreams, I had never remotely considered entering politics. And I had little time for caste-and-region-based parties either. I believed that a writer must never be a disloyal member of a political party either.

Intellectual integrity required one to be absolutely independent from all parties and politicians. And yet I dreamt, not once but twice in a single night, that I must enter politics and fight elections on behalf of a particular party. I think the dream signified two things; one personal, the other political.

Like other writers, I had a complex about activists, and felt that I was not doing enough to transform my society for the better.

Kejriwal accuses Modi govt of witch hunt, coordinating bureaucratic crisis

Beyond my own personal anxieties and confusions, my dream also pointed to the immense appeal that the Aam Aadmi Party had in its early years. So many people across India were attracted to it. While priding myself in public for my independence from all political parties, somehow, subconsciously, I had also succumbed to the notion that this was a party with a difference.

Of course we now know otherwise. It is now three-and-a-half years since I had those two dreams in a single night in Houston. I have not since thought of entering politics. But I suppose I shall never be entirely rid of feelings of guilt and inadequacy, of thinking that the life of action is somehow more significant than the life of the mind.

kejriwal modi meet george