Its nice to finally meet you katherine mcnamara

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Thank you so much @mcmcomiccon and all the lovely angels who came to support for such an . finally met my angel it was so lovely to meet you kat, you're such amazing person, I hope you had an amazing time! ❣️. "Shadowhunters" actress Katherine McNamara speaks to TheWrap Many “ Shadowhunters” fans have expressed their fondness for the You can watch the full interview with Katherine McNamara above. Lily Collins on 'Shadowhunters': 'I'm So Glad the Stories Get to Live "Oh say, can't you see?! ". See more ideas about Katherine mcnamara, Red Hair and Red heads. It's our favorite redheads 20th birthday! . Katherine Mcnamara, Good Night, Stuff Stuff, Nerd Stuff, Shadowhunters Cast, Clary .. I haven't talked to you in forever. .. "" EDecter: Finally, no McGsWonderland photobomb, just Kat_McNamara and.

She eventually goes straight to the source, to Raphael, and they begin a romance of sorts. That goes badly, because they get addicted to each other, since Shadowhunter blood is like part angel blood. She eventually tells Alec, who is supportive about her quitting her addiction.

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She is apologetically beautiful and will use that to her advantage if she can. Now, I do think Isabelle can be a little naive in certain instances because she has gotten herself into some situations that I feel like she should have known better.

its nice to finally meet you katherine mcnamara

She is loyal, and gives great advice, everyone generally goes to her whenever they need a confidence booster. Being the only girl of the Lightwood children, including Jace, she is often the one who keeps both Alec and Jace in check during tense situations.

She is not afraid to speak her mind and can be very defiant and argue her points when necessary. I think she is the moral compass of the show in a lot of ways and the backbone.

I think without Isabelle a lot of stuff would not have happened or worked out the way they should. I think Emeraude is one of the consistently good actors on the show. I never have a moment where I doubt her abilities, or where I cringe during an emotional moment. My favorite though, is probably when she confronted Raphael about what he was doing to this new vampire girl and when she saved Jace in his mind.

Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway Backstory: Valentine is also the reason why Luke was bitten and turned into a werewolf. He was disowned by his family after he turned, and pretty much had to do things on his own, he kept in contact with Jocelyn Fairchild, as he was in love with her as a young man, and it remained so into adulthood.

I also think there will be a romance in the future for him, and I like it. I just want the best for Luke because he is such a nice guy.

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He likes to help whenever he can, he prefers to resolve issues by talking them through instead of conflict because he does not want to risk bloodshed. He also likes to thoroughly investigate before making rash decisions. He is the Alpha of his pack, so he has an air of authority and control, and he has paternal instincts towards younger Downworlders, he tries to help them navigate their new lives. I find it hard sometimes, because he obviously loves Clary and he wants to help her whenever he can, but his pack gives him crap because of that.

His loyalty is unshakable though and he is fierce in his determination which are things I love about him. I also saw him in a Tyler Perry movie but this would technically be my first time seeing him in something where he is a lead role. I think this is a great role for him. I know in the book Luke is a bit different from how they portray him here, but I think him being an officer works for him and the show.

When he was a child, his mother discovered his cat eyes were the mark of a demon, making him a warlock. So they go back to him so he could restore her memories, and he basically ends up being heavily involved with the Shadowhunters and their shenanigans. He is immediately taken with Alec and he really tries to get Alec to open up and be true to himself, especially once Magnus found out that Alec was in love in Jace.

When Jace was in serious trouble, he took the risk of going to someone for help and he makes a great sacrifice to help. He is my favorite character on the show. He is fierce, intelligent, cunning and wise.

He is very protective of his people and takes his role as high warlock very seriously, it takes priority over his own happiness most times. Magnus is usually distrusting of Shadowhunters due to their history with Downworlders but he is not against being friendly with them. He has helped other Downworlders navigate as well, he was a mentor figure to Raphael when he first turned.

He is also very powerful. Magnus is known for his eccentric style and exquisite taste, which I love. His entire wardrobe is amazing and Harry Shum Jr. The sacrifice he made in the season 3 mid finale… just wow.

His sarcastic responses are always on point, the facial expressions he makes and the way he carries himself in the role is just fantastic. Alisha Wainwright as Maia Roberts Backstory: We learn that Maia grew up with a brother, who was clearly the favorite.

When he died, her relationship with her parents got worse, so she ran away.

its nice to finally meet you katherine mcnamara

She ended up meeting Jordan, and they hit it off and started to date. Later, he got weird and then it was learned that he was a werewolf and that he scratched her which turned her into a werewolf. There was no one to guide her through her transitions so she had no idea what was going on, until Luke found her and helped her into controlling her transitions.

Jace was a target after one of her friends was abducted by The Circle, and Maia, along with other wolves, actively pursued Jace.

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Maia and Simon ended up hitting it off and became fast friends, it was obvious that she liked him and he liked her, but his feelings for Clary were too important that they were put on a back burner.

Also, Jordan has entered the picture again and they had a great scene in a church. What annoyed me in the beginning was how she kept arguing with Luke about helping the Shadowhunters and trying to make him choose between the pack and his children. It was really annoying. However, seeing her with Simon and how she was with him, she grew on me and I felt bad for her in ways as well, due to her past. Also, I love her chemistry with Alberto. He is obviously very intelligent, cunning, manipulative and charming, sometimes.

He will kill anyone who gets in his way without even thinking twice about it. It was great to watch though. In terms of him being a giant dick, and horrible father, I think Alan van Sprang was great because boy did I hate this guy. I definitely have to give him props though, there was an episode where Valentine and Magnus switched bodies and he did SUCH a good job portraying Magnus.

Will Tudor as Sebastian Verlac Character: So in the beginning, he helped Izzy kick her Yin Fen addiction which made her trust him and bring him into the Institute.

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He told her this story about how he left his Institute since he was addicted for a time as well. Anna Hopkins as Lilith Character: She is soft-spoken and eerily calm. She also has a fixation on children since she cannot have children. She only really cares for her son.

She is the reason why Jace struggles a lot during the first half of the third season. I like her and I really liked her here. She is able to keep up this creepy calm personality she has going on and I love it. She never raises her voice, unless something happened to her subjects, or unless someone talks or threatens her son. I very much enjoyed watching her whenever she was on screen. Well, gave me an extra push to finally catch up.

So we meet him when he runs into Simon on the street as Simon is looking for a new apartment. He really wants to help and while Simon seems wary of him since he knows what happened in the past, they get along pretty well. I hope for positive things in the future. Alec and Jace have a slightly different bond because of the whole parabatai thing, which I do think is interesting.

I also love the friendship between Simon and Clary, I do think she asks a lot of him, but he loves her. So obviously there are a lot of them. Same with Clary and Jace. The choreography for the fight scenes are handled very well.

The choreography in the mid-season finale was fantastic, probably some of the best action in the entire show. I actually thought the show was surprisingly mature. Also all of the stuff with Jace and his identity crisis and the stuff with Valentine. I think one of the strongest aspects of this show is the ability to be emotional.

I mean human nature is human nature but literally everyone in this show is selfish except for Magnus Bane. We learn things that Shadowhunters can do, and now that Jace and Clary have extra abilities due to their pure angel blood, we should see more of that. I think for a fantasy show, it misses a lot of that.

So you really see a lot of their relationships change and a lot of the relationships deepen. You also see some people separated.

Luke has lost his parabatai and the love of his life; Clary has lost her mother and father. Our set designers and our VFX team are very creative in the ways that they work together. We have a degree blue-and-green-screen set, and so for example the rune ceremony scene that you saw, it sort of builds up the archways, the pillars, and all the different elements of the world, and then they paint in the rest. But also, when we get to see the Alicante Institute eventually, they take our institute set and they lay down a different floor and they change up the walls and they rearrange things and rotate certain rooms and change out the furniture.

Javier Munoz from Hamilton has been teasing fans on Instagram about his involvement this season—can you tell us a little bit about that? I can tell you that Javi comes in and plays maybe one of my favorite characters.

Javi is just amazing.

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I could go on and on about him. He and I actually connected through social media.

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Because he was a fan first, right? Are you still filming the new season, or are you done? Because the show keeps growing, and every season it takes another step forward and another step deeper into the darkness of the shadow world. It really allows us to do very, very human things and to delve into really relatable circumstances but through the veil of a supernatural world that allows everyone to be objective.

Season 3 of Shadowhunters airs Tuesday, March 20, on Freeform.