Inter iit sports meet 2012 presidential election

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inter iit sports meet 2012 presidential election

The 50th Inter IIT Sports Meet wants to raise funds for IIT Guwahati for Mashal. was ranked in the QS World University Rankings by Subject The funds from this campaign will be used by Smile Foundation, a national Terms of Use · Privacy Policy · Use of cookies · FAQs · Plans & Pricing · Contact Us. to the Inaugural Ceremony of the 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet at PM on. December 17, (Monday) at Lal Welcome address by General Secretary, Sports. PM. March past Vote of Thanks by Dy. General Secretary, Sports. Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology. , 23, Kharagpur, Kharagpur, , 48, Roorkee, Bombay IIT Kanpur emerged as the winners of the General Championship in the Men's.

There was an impromptu sit-down protest, right on the athletics track. We would not let the other events to continue. All our coaches and professors were also with us. Rao was Chairman Sports.

inter iit sports meet 2012 presidential election

He too came onto the tracks. But, after some time the IITKGP officials came onto the field and talked to him, requesting him to call-off the protest, saying that they would have a meting and decide about what action was to be taken against IITM. Our Chairman Sports came reluctantly and talked to our whole contingent that was sitting on the tracks. Half-heartedly he asked us to move off and let the last few events proceed.

inter iit sports meet 2012 presidential election

Slowly everyone got up dejectedly, but I was adamant and refused to budge. I was left sitting alone on the tracks with our Chairman cajoling me to get up. The whole contingent was standing around us.

IIT Guwahati for Mashal - Ketto

I was so dejected that I declared that if they made me get-up and action against IITM was not declared right there and then, I would not run the 4 X relay in protest. Finally, I too got up and walked off out of the arena. I did not even want to be present on the Athletics field. We did need the points of the 4 X m relay.

Memoirs of an Inter-IIT Sports meet

We had a good team and needed to come at least second, I think. Somehow before the final call of the relay, I could not hold myself back, and walked to the field, agreeing to run the relay. However, as the sports meet unfolded, other gaping holes were discovered. It seemed that while we had been trying so hard to bedazzle, we had forgotten what Inter-IIT was all about- sports, and fostering a healthy spirit of competition.

With a standing in just four of the eleven sports and a Gold in March-pastthis was indeed a disappointment. Sec Sports to find out more. Sec Sports, Abhishek Negi. While a bit of bad luck and surprises did contribute to the miserable standings, there is definitely room for improvement.

Earlier team selections and practice sessions involving the entire team are on the top of the to-do lists for next year. The synthetic track will eliminate this issue and improve performance of the participants. We were planning to build such a track since a long time and this year with us hosting the meet, the timing of construction is perfect. Besides, even after the Meet, the track will help us practice better for future competitions as well.

However, this will initiate other IITs to also construct such infrastructure on campus. Besides, next year when the Meet will be hosted by another institute, IIT-M students practicing on a synthetic track, will find it difficult to run smoothly on a mud track in the host institute.

Spending 6 crores on it is not a huge amount provided it is justified with the laurels the participants bring to the institute.