How did we meet status

9 Types Of Facebook Status Updates That Your Friends Will Like

how did we meet status

"I met my husband at a gay bar. I looked at this guy with this beautiful beard and I thought, I'm going to marry that man. It was the WEIRDEST. It was the day that changed my life forever. Here is our collection of the best and most romantic love quotes for your boyfriend. Kiss the hell out of me please love love quotes quotes kiss quote relationship quotes love sayings. I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we're all teachers - if we're willing to.

You would think a person would want to first call a tow-truck or their family. Then again, I once had a near-miss where a car behind me collided into an oncoming truck during a snowstorm, and the first thing I did after pulling over to the side of the road after calling of coursewas to post on Facebook about it.

So who am I to throw stones? This could be a response to a news story or even a response to some weirdo that has emailed me to ask me whether I want to write a story about space aliens landing in their back yard. Ask for Advice Another way to draw in the comments is to ask for advice.

You can look at Facebook as a resource of people that are just going through the same trials and tribulations of life as you. So, ask for advice!

how did we meet status

You ask the group what they thought about a certain movie, and suddenly everyone is bursting to share their opinion. The same happens on Facebook. Not to mention, you may get some pretty good tips on what to see at the movies this weekend!

These are emotionally charged topics that are going to trigger some of the most amazing posts to your wall from people you know.

Meeting People Quotes (36 quotes)

They can also lead to debate — so tread carefully and be diplomatic. These are the things that I struggle with, and everyone has such struggles. When you make fun of your own struggles in a comical way — it gets people talking.

how did we meet status

People Love Quotes Quotes can go either way. Sometimes I see someone posting a really cheesy quote, and I just roll my eyes and move on. On the other hand, some people have a knack for finding some really cool, really unique and inspiring quotes.

how did we meet status

Or, better yet, come up with a really inspiring quote on your own. Sarah Miller How she met me: We bumped into the street, our glasses fell off, I accidentally grabbed yours, you accidentally grabbed mine …. How I met her: You had been leading your tours through the cavern for the barest flash of an instant, just a decade or two.

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You were nearly a child when my eyes opened, and an old wrinkled thing by the time they closed. You will surely be dead when I open them again, but we shared a moment.

how did we meet status

Kat Howard How she met me: The requisition order clearly called for part A, a self lubricating ball bearing. That you were delivered instead was not my fault, and it was a grave injustice when they severed my linkages to The Superstructure.

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Left bereft, I had no choice but to fall in with your anarchic league. Dan Pinney How he met me: I admit, I was taken in. That Fischer dude, he is a smooth character. So he told me, over the phone, he had a thing he had to sell, on the QT. I gave him ten bills for it, exchange made under the table, in a bar in Houston.

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I probably had too much to drink that night, but, well, you know. Only green I think about when I think about him, of course, is those ten bills. I tell you, the man is good. How I met him: You were showing off, of course. You took it back to the shed behind your parents garage, warmed the coals on a hot plate.

how did we meet status

But the smoke made you feel lightheaded in a way it never had before, and when you blew a smoke ring to impress Melanie from down the street, I came tumbling out still glistening from my bath.