How did sanjay dutt meet manyata

'A prostitute or a princess, a wife has certain rights' - Latest Headlines News

how did sanjay dutt meet manyata

He did not learn anything from 93, and the jail term, to again hobnob with Manyata Dutt's (Sanjay Dutt's wife) third marriage and her all three husbands are in. Sanjay Dutt has, for the longest time, been a complete Casanova. His affairs Manyata has said that she met Sanjay through common friends. 8/18 It was so random that even Sanjay's sisters did not know about it. In fact. Sanjay Dutt claims to have had failed relatiosnhips before his met the love of his life Manyata Dutt. Here is their sweet love story.

Mahesh Bhatt, was asking for lienency for SD, saying he is a nice chap, his dad was a nice chap, sanjay has small kids, sanjay did not know that the arms will be used to blow up Mumbai city. Today we were talking this while walking with friends, and one friend said, that sanjay did a mistake, that he is not a terrorist, that he was a kid, and he should be forgiven, as we would an erring child.

Another said, he should be punished, and they asked meas I listened to both the sides.

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According to me, these are my personal viewsthis may not go down well with many here. My reading of Sanjay Dutt is as follows. At 33, he was immature, and stupid, to hobnob with the criminals like Abu Salem, who used to frequently come to his house, and I am sure his father being a very honest man, and a honest politician, must have come to know about it, and reprimanded Sanjay onmany occasions to stay away from these goons, but did Sanjay listen?

how did sanjay dutt meet manyata

No, in fact that is what caused him this trouble. He did not learn anything from 93, and the jail term, to again hobnob with these chaps. And the conversation was taped by the police, but nothing was done. Then he split with Rhea pillai, his wife, who stood by him, when he was in jail when everyone deserted him but his dad, and she. And at a time when it was tie for him to have grandchildren, at age 50, he goes and marries again, a twice divorced woman, and now has twins, aged 2 or 3, while his first wifeRicha Sharma who died, he has a daughter Trishala from her, she must be 25 years or so.

Neither would I," she said.

how did sanjay dutt meet manyata

Excerpts from an interview: People continue to question your right to take over Sanjay's life? I know, but what I want to say is that I've the right to live with my husband the way I want to. It doesn't matter whether it's a prostitute or a princess, a wife has certain rights in her husband's home.

how did sanjay dutt meet manyata

Sanjay has said girls shouldn't stick to their father's name after marriage. That's his personal opinion. Sanju would've been offended and insulted if I had continued using my father's name.

This Is How Sanjay Dutt Met Manyata Dutt, The Love Of His Life!

If other wives want to use their maiden names, it's their choice. He feels it is a fashion to do so these days. He has the right to an opinion. What's your take on this? Having a married a man who takes care of all my needs, I'd like to accept his name with full honour and take charge of his home and accept his family as my family.

If you can't accept your husband's name and family then why marry? Go in for a live-in relationship. Indira Gandhi was married to Feroz Gandhi, someone not as famous as the Nehrus. But she didn't fight all those glorious battles as 'Indira Nehru'.

Over a year since your marriage and Sanjay's sisters haven't accepted you?

In Pictures: The Love Story Of Sanjay Dutt And Manyata Dutt Will Reinstate Your Faith In Love!

I'm not someone to push for acceptance. I have never nagged Sanju for anything. I leave space for options. Sanju knows I've tried to do as much in my capacity to find acceptance with his sisters. You've been attacked from the time you married Sanjay? I'll tell you something, wherever there's power, there's bound to be a lot of conspiracy hovering around that source of power.

And let's fact it, Sanju is very powerful.

how did sanjay dutt meet manyata

Every producer wants to work with him. Sanjay never understood the nitty-gritty of finances. And if he hasn't accumulated a huge bank balance, it isn't because he hasn't earned money. He did, but he lost all of it. I spoilt their party, you see. You refuse to speak against Sanjay's family although they speak against you? I am a woman and I am Sanju's wife. It does hurt me.

This Is How Sanjay Dutt Met Manyata Dutt, The Love Of His Life!

But I keep a dignified silence because firstly, my parents have brought me up to believe it's undignified to hit out at people publicly. Secondly, it's my husband's family and he loves them. So for his sake I wouldn't like to hurt him by saying anything. Finally, I think keeping quiet under attack is far more courageous than attacking someone. But how much will you take? At no point of time, no matter what the provocation, I don't want to wash my dirty linen in public.

how did sanjay dutt meet manyata

I'm not that kind of person. People think I'm arrogant and rude. The fact is I'm very reserved by nature. I only open up with people I gel with. I speak straight from my heart. But silence beyond a point is misconstrued as guilt.

Let people draw what conclusion they want. I know what I'm doing in Sanju's life.