How did eric clapton meet melia mcenery

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how did eric clapton meet melia mcenery

In a surprise wedding, British rock legend Eric Clapton tied the knot on his year-old American sweetheart, Melia McEnery, the priest who. Eric Clapton discovered his love for booze and electric guitar in college. Read on to Eric Clapton's family - wife Melia McEnery. Duration The rock star did not meet this love child till she was much older in Ruth was. Eric Clapton was an out-of-control womaniser for whom love was just relationship, an American of Korean-Irish parentage, Melia McEnery. Prior to meeting her, Clapton was, by his own admission, Clapton's experience of his own parents did not make fatherhood an easy or natural role for him to adopt.

While Clapton's reps declined to comment, Elson says he knew in advance of the couple's plans to marry and helped to arrange the service, which the two wanted to keep hush-hush.

how did eric clapton meet melia mcenery

A statement issued by the church confirmed that a small gathering of close friends and family, including Melia's parents, attended the nuptials. Britain's Sun reported that guests thought they were invited to the children's baptism and had no idea about the wedding until the vicar summoned the rocker and his bride-to-be to come forward and swap marriage vows.

Clapton's year-old bandmate Andy Fairweather-Low, Julie Rose's godfather, was on hand for the ceremonies, as was his wife, Barbara, who described in detail exactly how old Slowhand pulled a fast one at the altar. Everybody was very happy for them. It was a fabulous occasion for everyone there.

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Although he says he won't hang up his guitar for good, he says last year's Reptile tour would be his last. This is the second marriage for Clapton, who made his mark playing with legendary British bands The Yardbirds and Cream, fronting Derek and the Dominos and backing his late friend George Harrison before going solo in the early '70s.

The three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and time Grammy winner was married once before for nine years to Harrison's ex-wife, Patti Boyd, whom he divorced in The child died at the age of four after falling out of Clapton's New York high-rise apartment 11 years ago.

Who is Eric Clapton's wife Melia McEnery, what's the age difference, when was their wedding and do

Eva Jane Fryer half-sister from father side The only daughter of Ms. Pattie Boyd ex-wife Duration of marriage: March 27, — 9 years Pattie was with the multiple-time Grammy Award winner for almost a decade.

She is the model he stole from his former best friend, Beatle George Harrison. He refers to his time with Boyd as one of the weirdest periods of his life as his addictions got the better part of him and, he also had affairs with two separate women who in turn gave birth for him.

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He tried severally to have kids with Boyd but all their IVF attempts were rewarded with miscarriages until they divorced. Melia McEnery wife Duration of Marriage: January 1, till present McEnery allegedly approached the singer for his autograph and this was how they met. She is less than half his age and immediately they met; cast a spell on the famous womaniser.

According to Clapton, there was something intriguing about Melia that made him want to behave himself and be sweet. They started dating shortly after their first meeting, broke up once but reconciled and in sealed their love.

how did eric clapton meet melia mcenery

Since he met Melia, she had brought not only three more kids into his life but also brought stability into his life. January Ruth is another secret child the music guru had during his brief affair with onetime studio manager Yvonne Kelly. The rock star did not meet this love child till she was much older in Ruth was the daughter that helped the rock legend overcome the grief of losing his son as he had another baby to pour his love on.

August 21, Date of Death: March 20, aged: He lived with his mother in New York but Clapton was so much in love with this love child of his. Eric had not been a good father to this love child but had resolved to keep trying.

Eric Clapton's Surprise Wedding

In fact, after the birth of Conor, Clapton decided to seek help and he went back into treating his addiction. Conor was just a little toddler when he accidentally fell out of a window and never recovered.

Just the day before, the rock star had taken his little boy to a circus show and everything was perfect until he got the devastating news.

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June 13, Zodiac Sign: Gemini Julie Rose is the first child Clapton had with his second and current wife.