Downshift meet november 2012 corn

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downshift meet november 2012 corn

After a month socialistAt the marriage site, I was destined to meet a girl from .. The tranny had already downshifted from 14 to 13 in an effort to keep us moving. Basically flavorless, the giant bowl of corn porridge could have been .. December · November · October · September The amount of corn ethanol IS capped in at 15 BILLION gallons of Sam - Alaska and Hawaii are not required to meet the RFS mandate in EISA , (I took it off last week)- May keep it through , or for as long as it takes to .. When we use her car to travel, I note that less downshifting is needed, since the. provide a fresh, new vision of sustainable prosperity as the meeting the domestic content rule argue it is discriminatory August , a policy driven in part by the. Japanese They have helped millions of individuals to “downshift” . and “could eat all the corn produced annually worldwide in.

He then got to re-shelling everything from the Ceffy into the He bolted in the RB25 engine, gearbox and tailshaft, added a new hot side, made a new exhaust and intercooler piping and got it all running. He was cutting it close to say the least. After many late nights and endless hours, everyones fingers were crossed the tuning went well. Unfortunately bad luck struck again and we got news that the new injectors were playing up on the dyno and that it was going to miss the day he was aiming for.

He got it home and ripped the stock plenum off and changed it to a forward facing one with good top feed injectors and got it sent back for a re-tune. I remember the first time I saw the new car when I rolled into the Gravy Garage in Tweed one arvo after I put a ding in my daily to get a hand pulling it out. With the mix of a Navan Front Bumper, Vertex Sides, and the S2 Rear bar with Dmax wing you get really nice body lines without having all the crazy bits and bops hanging off it.

Everything cooled by 42mm aluminum radiator and oil cooler kit. All adjustable arms being alligned with 6 degrees camber, 2mm toe out on the fronts and 2 degrees with 2mm toe in on the rear. Thank you for watching out for those of us that can understand that Ethanol is not good for the older engines. We have taken care them over the years and are still running because of our diligent care. The Government doesn't care in these hard days ahead of us that we can't afford to buy the new cars, trucks and marine motors.

I personally have spent 's on lawn equipment because of carbs clogging up from rubber hoes falling apart. Thumbs up to the owners of the stations who still sell pure gas. Maybe we should all send our old gas lines and carbs and equipment ruined by ethanol to Washington and let it pile up on the White House lawn.

Maybe then they would get the message. Stop hurting the American people with bad choices. We live 3 hrs away from other cities that do, how can we update this and who do we contact about the problem.

I refuse to buy a new car, when I have 3 old ones that still work, and electric ones are no good. Where will they get all that electricity? No Coal mining allowed in the future? Are these in fact Ethanol free? Are there more locations Ethanol free? Currently all Sunoco stations should be converted and will carry up to ten percent ethanol. All stations converted should have decals posted at the dispensers indicating that the fuel contains up to ten percent ethanol.

We have notified our product quality assurance department to assure the dispensers are marked. When they started putting the Ethanol gas in our area, my MPG dropped like a rock.

I found this site and found other Non-Ethanol gas stations in my area. Take that in your tail pipe and smoke it for attempting to convince the American people corn oil is good.

Charleston do you buy non-ethanol West Ashley? Ashley except that's a long drive. Is this a sign of the end of Pure Gas in America? Are we going to be left with nothing but the destructive ethanol laced fuel products which destroy our small engines lawn equipment?

You would hear that buying fuel that has less energy means that you must buy more of it thus, this increases Gov. Likewise, replacing anything that uses or that is in contact with ethanol blended fuel means How perfect is that crime? Just dump the old and buy more of the new As you will note, ethanol free is unavailable in NJ or DE. Last week, the number was down to 7 stations and now it's down to only 4. Can anyone tell me why it seems it will disappear entirerly in PA? Obviously there is a market but it looks like it's on its way out.

As a father to an Iraqi-war veteran, I disagree that the way to obtain ethanol-free gas is necessarily via the Persian gulf producers. North America still has ample petroleum reserves. I am willing to pay a large premium for ethanol-free gasoline because my small engines run on the stuff!.

But even that option has been removed for me in NY.

downshift meet november 2012 corn

Whats happening at least in NY state, and it sounds like throughout the NE is that our almighty government knows best what is needed even if the market demands something else. How the "F" did this happen? I hope to move south soon! I hope it stays that way but our all knowing gov't will probably try to stop it one day. You delute a product, sell it for a little less but sell more because it doesn't go as far. If the stupid gov't would allow drilling in Ak then we could get rid of much of the dependence on foreign oil so don't try to use the war as excuse for ethenol.

It doesn't pass the smell test at all! While my car might like the change I can't say the same for my boat. I guess I try some of the other local stations shown for my area on Pure-Gas. It would not kill me to have a vehicle that gets worse mileage and more maintenance cost and quicker deterioration, but starving people for political gain is unconscionable.

downshift meet november 2012 corn

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Right now if you download the POI at http: But feel free to give it a try. I was appalled at the cost of Avgas LL. Besides the massive cost savings my airplane Cessna runs better, pollutes less and in using auto fuel it is mechanically easier on my motor.

I had to actually put these generators in my heated garage to get them to start. This is no joke! Temp was in the 20s and E10 is terrible at low temps. Small engines sitting around with vented fuel caps draw moisture right out of the air and add it to the fuel tank.

Ask any boat owner he will confirm this. E10 is a bad political joke! Everyone must write their congressman at the federal level and either do away with E10 or at the very least guarantee us consumers a supply of ethanol free fuel. There are so few stations now that sell pure gas and they are so far apart.

EPA’s E ethanol plan rammed though – won’t work in many cars | Watts Up With That?

I have to go 20 miles out of my way just to get pure gas. Stihl recalls power equipment due to potential leaks and fire hazard. Cause, ethanol affected caps and other parts. June 15, The POI file has been fixed. It should load into your Garmin GPS without error. If you have trouble with it, be sure to let me know. People just put too many things other than brands in there, and we've got pretty good coverage of possible brand names now.

If your brand isn't listed, just choose 'unbranded' from the top of the selector. This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Pure-Gas. How about something for pure diesel? We have problems with bio too. Senator McCain says too many special interests in Washington have control. He say the American public will replace them with somone who will listen us to. Imagine 6 billion dollars in subsidy payments to ruin our equipment.

I believe the battle against gasoline contaminants will be won on economic grounds so this is important, hopefully it will survive the reconciliation and be law soon It is a non ethanol gas with stabilizer and a 50 to 1 oil mixture.

They also have a 40 to 1 oil mixture. I bought it to use in my 2 cycle echo blower and trimmer. Just got it yesterday so I haven't tried it yet. This is due to the lower energy content ger galoon of ethonal. To read more on this go to www. I cannot find ethanol free gas near where I live. POI file has error at line and would not load into my Garmin. I edited my downloaded file by removing the period after Rd.

Airports and marinas MAY have limited supplies available, but be aware of high octane damage from using aviation gasoline. I think it would be a big help when traveling. June 20, Jeff - no, this site is about pure gas, not free air. Robb - I'm open to someone writing an app if it's free and doesn't have any advertising, ie.

No one has offered to do that yet.

downshift meet november 2012 corn

While the cost may vary by store, Sears on-line is currently selling "Craftsman Using this and similar products may be good for small engines yard equipment infrequently used. But for small engines used frequently say your line trimmer the cost can quickly become prohibitive. To be informed is to be forearmed. Users maintain this database themselves.

Don't post a comment — add or remove the station yourself. This website provides valuable information about stations that sell ethanol-free gasoline in the U. A malicious owner of a gas station selling ethanol gas might use the current DELETE BUTTON to "eliminate" possible "competitors" selling non-ethanol gas, causing individuals to unknowingly miss a potential pure-gas source close to them.

It is my hope no stations prior to this have been deleted in error. However, let's hope that the users of pure-gas. I'm just the guy that set up the site, I don't have the time or interest in calling up nominated stations to confirm that they truly have stopped selling pure gas. If you look at the monthly updates chart, you'll see that many, many stations are removed on a monthly basis.

It is as busy an activity as adding stations, and hopefully we're keeping the active station list accurate, which is the whole point of the site. Every now and then stations stop offering ethanol-free gas. I've sent a link to your site to a bunch of friends of mine. Keep up the good work and thanks. Rick The reason I've sent this link to you all is not because you have reason to care about ethanol-free gas and where you can buy it.

It affects me because my RV runs better and gets more miles per gallon with pure gas. For me this is significant. This is not to say I would be saving any money particularly, but running better and cleaner is important in my situation. The chances of finding a station along my route are slim to none, because there are not that many listed.

That being said, the reason I sent you guys this is because it's rare these days to find a person who does something, for no other reason, than providing a service to his fellow man. I encourage you to check this site out. You'll find no advertising, no political statement being made that tries to sway you toward a particular party, and no monetary gain I don't come across that so much anymore If you use Internet Explorer IE you should won't have a problem.

BTW - Mozilla Firefox is still a great web browser. Keep up the good work folks! However, very disapointed that there are no stations anywhere around Houston. Houston would obviously qualify. I did not know it existed, but am excited I found it.

Trying to find PURE gas is made easier with this site. So many people have their heads in the sand with ethanol gas. So how can we be sure that the stations listed on the NC page here really are serving pure gas? SHAKE really good let it settle. I can not add a start and finish point to plot a court in the map link no search box no links and right click does not bring up a menu. I want to plot a couple trips I am going to take and see if I can "move" my path a bit to get some E0 on my trips.

THIRD hey joe one more thing. Still working on getting some carboys glass jugs so I can make something tolerant to ethanol. We are back up now and I can't add it to the station list - anyone know why? I see you've added it back with a slight change to the street address, that works. Otherwise I can un-remove a station. My father just had the catalytic converter replaced on his Buick due to fouling, and this station's E0 gas will help clean too, as it has Techron.

If enough buy at this station, maybe we can get the competitive ball rolling for others in Houston now! The distributors like Thomas here are another problem, with pricing and EtOH. Some station operators blame it on the Branding Specifications or Ozone attainment, but we all know that is just B. Thanks for the website Sam! Bob "I'd rather eat or drink my Corn than burn it" O. That would be very handy while on the road!! I'm happy to collaborate with anyone that is willing to write one from the goodness of their heart, but pure-gas.

I cut and pasted some info from the top tier fuel site on the requirements. The deposit control performance of unleaded gasoline conforming to section 1 of this document shall be met at the retail level in all grades of gasoline sold by a fuel company in all marketing areas of a selected nation. In addition, conformance to the standards shall mean gasoline sold in the selected nation shall not contain metallic additives, including methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl MMT.

All gasoline blend stocks used to formulate the base fuel shall be representative of normal U. Butanes and pentanes are allowed for vapor pressure adjustment. The use of chemical streams is prohibited. The base fuel shall have the following specific properties after the addition of ethanol: Contain enough denatured ethanol such that the actual ethanol content is no less than 8. Contain no less than 8 volume percent olefins.

Produce IVD no less than mg averaged over all intake valves. I did some calculations a while back for my Audi list. Where is that crappy gas coming from? If you live in a state where regular is only 85 octane, that means the plain gas is starting out at But they certainly still have the "Top Tier" sign at their stations, and their premium 91 is certainly E0, so I expect that if a Conoco is selling pure premium, it's pure premium.

I got the link to it from the Director at our local AAA office.

In short, we lobby with the state lawmakers, regulators, and law-enforcers to keep overly restrictive laws off the books - and encourage safe and sane activities from our membership. Although our name implies it, we're not just about Street Rods. We relate to and support all vehicular enthusiasts from Old Timers to modern Tuners to Rat Rods to Motorcycles - you name it.

I know you are not involved in the politics of the ethanol question, but I wonder if it's alright with you if we list the Idaho stations on our website and in our newsletter - giving full credit to you, of course, and referencing this site? It would be a great value to our membership statewide to be able to find and patronize stations selling non-ethanol gas in our various types of interest groups. Keep up the great work - and I hope our members will encourage any stations not listed to "sign up" on your site!

I'm 77 and operate a 97 Tahoe, 98 outboard and 87 outboard, We are fortunate to have 2 stations within 10 miles selling real gas. Just tell your folks to look at pure-gas. The ethanol gas is usually a fourth option along with the normal trio of octanes. Sen Inhofe R-OK is taking the lead.

Will be intersting to see how far this goes. How am I supposed to get those? Why are they "required"? Seems like state, city and address ought to do it. In 20 years maybe I can be buried in my '95 Acura Integra after all! For a while there, it was sounding rather poorly. The smaller per-station maps use the station address.

However the initials WFC is the brand that the store uses, not the full spelling and not partly lower case. Hence, the name indicate on the form is not actually correct. Unlike you, a lot of folks post all caps or all small letters for regular station names, not to mention spelling mistakes. I try to do a little bit to make them look better automatically. We used to have a least 3 stations that sold ethanol free gas now they say the supplier is not allow to sell it to them anymore.

Why shouldn't we be allowed to chose what gas we buy? What is going on in NY that we can't buy real gas? I have found many pure gas locations thanks to your site.

I have no idea what is going on with the two you posted. I got notification of one that you posted: A station in Louisiana has been added by Peggy Smith Name: Princeton General Store Brand: I pull a trailer with a Dodge Ram V ethanol has reduced my mpg to 6 mpg and reduced the performance.

Finding your webb site has been great. I just came from Ohio and was able to find a lot of pure-gas gas stations.

November 2012

This site is a great resource and people seem to update it quite well. Thank you for this site and keep up the good work! See this message from Chevron Consumer Connection Center: Wish there were more stations in Ohio but I'll keep checking, and keep an eye open myself. I noticed you had several Missouri stations as well. Marinas, however may differ.