Contra costa county meet 2012 results

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contra costa county meet 2012 results

Contra Costa County Swim Championships. Historical Meet County Meet Team Results. County Meet Full County Meet: Full Meet Results. Contra Costa County Behavioral Health, Children's Services Proposals must be received by p.m. on February 29, . such as the number of referrals , assessment results, screening tool results, results of mental The adequacy of the proposal to meet the needs of the target population;. Contra Costa County, CA, November 6, Election Results as of Dec 3 1: 05pm, % of Precincts Reporting (/) . need for construction funds, its intention to meet the tax rate targets stated above, the legal limitations on bonds.

Bonds issued under the Government Code could have a maturity of up to 40 years. Bonds issued under the Education Code could have a maturity of up to 25 years.

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The bonds would bear interest at a rate not to exceed the rate authorized by law. Proceeds from the sale of bonds would be used to finance the school facility improvements specified in the measure. The proceeds may only be used for the purposes specified in the measure. The measure provides that, depending on the cost of each improvement to be financed with bond proceeds, some improvements may be delayed, or may not be completed.

The District assumes that it will receive matching state funds to finance some of the improvements specified in the measure. The measure states that, without matching State funds, some improvements will not be completed. State law requires the District to conduct an annual performance audit, and, as long as any funds remain unspent, an annual independent financial audit, to ensure that funds are used only for the purposes described in the measure.

The measure also would require the District to establish an independent citizens' oversight committee that would ensure funds are used only for the purposes described in the measure. A "yes" vote is a vote in favor of the ballot measure.

A "no" vote is a vote against the ballot measure. This link to an external resource is offered strictly as a convenience for users interested in coverage by outside news organizations.

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Arguments Against Measure E Our students deserve safe schools, upgraded classrooms, and state-ofthe-art computer labs to help them reach their potential and succeed in today's economy. The West Contra Costa School District has worked diligently to leverage local funds to obtain matching state grants that upgraded schools throughout our community and provided safe, clean classrooms for students to learn in. Measure E will allow the school district to work with the existing, successful bond program to complete much of its master plan and provide every student with a quality classroom.

Upgrade schools for earthquake safety and handicap accessibility; Provide computer and science labs to help provide our students with resources to succeed; Remove asbestos and other hazardous materials; Upgrade classrooms to support core academics -- math, science, reading and writing; Upgrade technology and energy systems to reduce costs and increase sustainability; Provide classrooms for job training to prepare students for the workforce; Provide space for after-school programs so kids are safe from gangs and drugs; and Replace aging, outdated and deteriorated schools and classrooms.

All money spent will be subject to annual independent financial audits and review by an independent citizens' oversight committee.

No funds from this bond measure will be used for administrator's salaries or pensions. The money will only be spent on schools in our community and none of the funds can be taken by the state. Measure E will help our school district provide a safe, healthy learning environment for our students and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Since school money is scarce, every dollar must be stretched and used carefully. We're concerned that Measure E is unaffordable and jeopardizes our financial future. Bonds are an expensive form of debt.

contra costa county meet 2012 results

As with a home mortgage, bonds are repaid over time. In considering this measure, voters should ask: Is it prudent to assume more debt right now? This bond says it will fix many of the same problems as previous bonds. Were past bonds spent as originally promised? Are the projects covered by this bond truly necessary?

contra costa county meet 2012 results

Independent supervision of bond spending is in doubt because all members of the Bond Oversight Committee are approved by the School Board.

The School Board also has its own representatives on that Committee. Isn't there a conflict of interest? With declining school enrollment does it make sense to continue all this construction? Until these questions are answered, residents should vote NO on Measure E!

For more information see http: Bonds are debt that must be paid back with interest.

Four bond measures followed. Bond after bond, the same items appear on the project funding lists. The District has an excessive level of debt that exceeds the state standard for school districts. Bond funds do not reach classrooms, which is where money should be directed to improve schools. Bond oversight committees are very limited in what they can do. All appointees even the one from the taxpayer group are approved by the school board. Property tax bills list the many costs piled onto property owners.

By voting NO on Measure E residents will stop this reckless financial merry-go-round! Vote NO on Measure E! The School District has buildings that still have hazardous materials in them, are not adequately earthquake safe, and are not accessible to all students. They've worked hard to upgrade most of our schools, leveraging previous bond money to get millions of dollars in funding from the state.

West County voters have approved these projects and were rewarded with safe, upgraded schools. The remaining schools deserve the same care and assistance. Measure E will fund upgrades, improvements, and rebuilds at: Despite cuts in state funding, they paid back all the money that was borrowed from the state.

contra costa county meet 2012 results

Measure E will ensure all students have safe classrooms to learn core academics, participate in hands-on science education, and prepare for college and the workforce. It will improve technology in schools, upgrade schools for earthquake safety and accessibility, and remove asbestos and other hazardous materials. All money spent through Measure E is subject to annual financial audits by an independent citizens' oversight committee.

The funds raised by Measure E must be spent on schools in our community, and none of the money can be taken by the State. If the bonds are approved, the District plans to issue the bonds in a number of series over a period of time. There was no August Forum. Assembly Member Grayson was elected to serve in the California Assembly in November as the representative of the 14th Assembly District, which encompasses portions of Contra Costa and Solano Counties.

In Tim was elected to serve on the Concord City Council, winning reelection in and serving on the Council until his election to the Assembly. Tim also worked to create programs supporting families and youth, including co-founding the Central Family Justice Center to assist victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and child and elderly abuse.

Highlighting State legislative and regulatory issues. Assemblymember Grayson will also enlighten us on his duties as a new Assemblymember in Sacramento.

Measure E: Bond Measure - Contra Costa County, CA

Bruce has spent the last 25 years working in Sacramento both within state government, and as an advocate for private interests. He has direct experience in politics, regulatory advocacy, and issues management on behalf of his firm's clients. Houston Magnani and Associates HMA represents many diverse interests including plastics recycling, compostable plastics, cement manufacturing, mining, oil refining and marketing, parks and recreation districts, and local governments.

HMA clients include world wide conglomerates, and Fortune companies. His current work involves the development of projects, policies and procedures, rules, and regulations in refinery related programs. Prior to his work as a Specialist, Paul served as an Air Quality Inspector for the Air District; inspecting a wide variety of industrial sources, including Petroleum Refineries, landfills, sewage treatment plants, and responding to community complaints.

A graduate of Cal State East Bay with a degree in Biology, he has 18 years of experience in environmental regulation. He has worked for the Water Board since and been its enforcement coordinator since Prior to working for the Water Board, Brian Thompson worked as a consultant for ten years.

His experience is mainly in the environmental and geoscience practice areas, and he is licensed as a Professional Geologist with Hydrogeologist and Engineering Geologist certifications. He then moved to the Hazardous Waste Management Program in and is currently working as a treatment, storage, and disposal permitted facility inspector. Our industrial jobs and local economy are under siege by activist groups who are threatening manufacturing at the local and State level.

Join us to learn how you can engage in this lively and ongoing debate from two of California's most preeminent political consultants. Eric Zell is a specialist in public policy, governmental affairs and political strategy.

He has over twenty nine years of experience achieving successful implementation of difficult and high profile state and local public policy issues including the passage of state environmental, education and energy legislation, the establishment of Contra Costa County's Transportation Sales Tax and Growth Management Program, gaining approvals for state-of-the-art energy facilities, and the passage of Contra Costa County's landmark Industrial Safety Ordinance.

He has implemented public affairs and political campaigns on a variety of issues and for numerous candidates on the state and local levels as well as local ballot measures.

contra costa county meet 2012 results

Gray and Company, a transportation consulting firm, for a period of four years. Flier There was no December Forum. Lucks discussed recent environmental regulatory developments in California and nationally, and highlighted legislative, regulatory, and judicial changes in the law impacting the regulated community.

The presentation covered key developments ranging from the recent amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act to climate change, hazardous materials, and water quality. Gary Lucks JD, CPEA is a senior environmental attorney with deep expertise in environmental, health, and safety EHS law, legislative affairs, and sustainability strategy and implementation.

contra costa county meet 2012 results

He has over 30 years of experience advising Fortune clients in clean tech, high tech, power, aerospace, biopharma and many other industry sectors. He advises clients on maintaining business continuity and license to operate while managing EHS risks. He also specializes in sustainability strategy, implementation and reporting, environmental compliance counseling, environmental auditing, environmental management systems EMStraining, and permitting.

Lucks has published extensively on environmental law, legislation, and policy. He co-wrote a book on environmental law California Environmental Law and Policy: A Practical Guide which is used in law schools, colleges, by practitioners, and which has been cited in legal opinions.

Johnson, Enforcement Division Director, U. Some Topics of Discussion Were: Today's pollution challenges require a modern approach to compliance, taking advantage of new tools and approaches while strengthening vigorous enforcement of environmental laws.

Next Generation Compliance Next Gen is EPA's initiative to increase compliance with environmental regulations by using advances in pollutant monitoring, information technology, and transparency, combined with a focus on designing more effective regulations and permits to reduce pollution.

She has served as Director of the Air program there sincewhere she has been responsible for implementing the Clean Air Act in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific territories, and on lands of Indian tribes.

In Deborah earned the Presidential Rank Award, an honor recognizing select federal executives. She has been with EPA since Bjerke discussed the implementation and redevelopment of the Concord Naval weapons station. This is a major project that should be of interest to all our membership.

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Flier 80 players teed off in 90 degree weather to mark our 8th Annual charity event. A good time was had by all. Low scramble score was 60, 12 under par.

The charity was the real winner.