Bacon lover meet baby pig

'When pigs fry', a bacon lover's foodie tour in Toronto, Canada

bacon lover meet baby pig

Video of bacon lovers meeting a tiny, cute, adorable piglet for the first time endured by animals that are as intelligent as a 3-year-old child. Order · Artisan pork · Pork loin cuts · Bone-in pork chops · Boneless pork chops · Crown pork roast · French pork rack roast · Pork tenderloins · Pork ribs · Baby. Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs 3 лет назад. It's good with eggs. It's good on a sandwich.” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!.

And when the meat of the infected pigs gets consumed by human, it will cause an antibiotic resistant disease, harming the body of ourselves. The Process Is Harmful Not only for the pigs, the farm may also be harmful to the environment.

bacon lover meet baby pig

We are not talking about conventional pig farms where the pigs are raised by heart, but those factory farms where the pigs are counted as money in the pocket. The factory farms often contain a large amount of pigs in their farms, producing huge amount of waste in daily basis. The waste is often just flushed away into an open sewage that is dangerous for the environment. It definitely smells super bad, as bad as dangerous compounds get inhaled in each breath.

The waste inhaled may contain ammonia, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and also microscopic feces particles. Even before being consumed, it has already brought health risk to people.

Pigs Are Very Intelligent Imagine eating your dogs, can you do it? Definitely no, of course. Now, imagine eating more intelligent animal than your dog, can you still do it? A research done in s showed that pigs are smarter than chimpanzees and dogs, both are considered as intelligent animals.

Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs

Pigs are also proven to be able to master not just merely pass some cognitive tests, showing high IQ. Tests also have found out that in video games, pigs are better than some primates. They may also form some complex social networks among each other and other members of the farm and have excellent memories. No fleeting pleasure justifies the exploitation and killing of animals. Fortunately, thanks to this genius vegan bacon recipe from the indispensable Gentle Chef CookbookI can have my bacon and keep my values.

That perfect balance between chewy and crispy, salty, savory, and drool inspiring — these are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe this incredible recipe. Chef Skye-Michael used his considerable culinary genius to create the unmistakable, addictive flavors and texture of bacon, and his whimsical artistry to create the signature marbling that is aesthetically associated with bacon.

Let me just say: I have tried every type of vegan bacon on the market: Nothing has come close to completely satisfying my serious bacon jones like what you see in these images before you. Jason Friedman Another former meat-lover, Sandra Hays, writes: As far as animal flesh, bacon was the hardest thing for me to give up, although I did give it up straight away.

bacon lover meet baby pig

The taste is absolutely amazing!! With recipes like these, there is absolutely no reason to harm another sentient being for food.

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Sometimes these criticisms stem from a legitimate wish for everyone to see that a diet of whole plant foods is no sacrifice, and offers plentiful variety and pleasure. Either way, we should strive to acknowledge that for many people, eating is a form of addictive behaviorand that the sensations people experience from food, especially high-fat animal foodsoften resemble the pleasurable sensations effected in the brain by certain drugs.

Just as we would not begrudge someone trying to quit smoking the use of nicotine gum, patches, or electronic cigarettes, and just as we would find no fault with someone who wanted to give up alcohol substituting a nightly ritual of grape juice in a wine glass, we should not be critical of anyone for whom a vegan diet is made possible, easier, or simply more pleasant with the help of vegan foods that look and taste like animal products.

Vegan bacon, burger, and eggless mayonnaise from The Gentle Chef Cookbook.

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Now, as promised, please enjoy this exclusive vegan bacon recipe from The Gentle Chef Cookbook. Recipe for Seitan Bacun from The Gentle Chef Bacon has a flavor and texture that many people miss when they transition to a plant-based diet. For this recipe, two batches of dough will be mixed to create the bacun. Dough 1 is for the darker marble layer and Dough 2 is for the lighter marble layer. First of all, this hog shown has been skinned. And the answer to that is no. Hogs can also be scalded causing all of the hair to fall out leaving the skin intact.

And in order to do this, it requires a large piece of equipment called a scalder wow, who would have guessed.? Since we run a mobile slaughter truck which is unable to house a scalder, all of our hogs are skinned. None really as far as we are concerned. It just all depends on what you plan to do with your hog.

Cooking a successful roaster hog whole hog requires the skin intact whereas cut and wrap for your freezer, skin off hogs save our butchers a little bit of time because each cut does not need to be skinned. But it also requires more time on the slaughter end of it through the skinning process. Most large plants scald their hogs probably due to the fact that it is more cost effective and efficient. Aging is not a critical process in the production, as is with beef carcasses.

We try to let our hogs hang about a week before we process them, but they can be cut sooner without any effects to the meat. In loin, 80 per cent of the total increase in tenderness occurs within 4 days, and 90 per cent within 6 days.

For more information on aging pork, check out the article: Kudos to any meatheads that can name that saw, go!! The head is removed and discarded unless the customer specifies otherwise and the leaf lard is pulled.

bacon lover meet baby pig

Leaf lard is the fat that surrounds the hogs organs, namely the kidneys. It is revered as the highest grade of lard and is supposedly excellent for baking. Once rendered, it boasts some of the flakiest and best tasting crusts ever for pies, doughnuts, and fried chicken.

After the leaf lard is pulled, it exposes where the loin and hind leg meet.

bacon lover meet baby pig

The hind leg is removed with the hock attached. The leg is trimmed up, cured, and later smoked all with the hock on for ham.

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The curing and smoking of hams is an intense process and deserving of its own blog post, so stay tuned for that! Now this may seem like a no-brainer but it is a question posed to me quite often: Meanwhile, the rest of the hog minus the hind leg is moved over to the band saw for further breaking into primal cuts.

First the shoulder, consisting of both the blade and arm with the hock attached, are removed from the loin. The loin is then cut horizontally removing it from the belly with ribs attached. The breaking of the hog differs from the beef in that the loin is not broken down the middle. Instead the loin consisting of both the rib end as well as the sirloin end is left intact and becomes its own primal cut.

bacon lover meet baby pig

In a beef, these cuts make up the chuck and the arm. In pork, these cuts are called the picnic and the boston butt. The picnic with the hock attached was traditionally smoked for ham and is very popular in New England cooking.