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american gymnastics meet schedule

The calendar for the season in elite men's and women's gymnastics. For more information for each meet including full schedules, streaming info, and related . Jun , Junior Pan American Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each year our invitational hosts over gymnasts competing at levels 3 through Elite. This year *This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. REGIONAL SCHEDULE We are (as is all of AGA's staff and parents) very excited to host this competition, and Region 1 Competition Coordinator.

Wolverine Classic 2019

These meets might require extensive travel, overnight stays, and higher tuition fees than recreational gymnastics. Athletes on our competitive teams are expected to attend all scheduled practices and competitions. Any time a practice will be missed, the coach must be informed ahead of time. All meets are mandatory for the competitive athlete unless the athlete is medically unable or the absence has been excused by the head coach.

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We average meets plus State Championships, Regionals and beyond for the higher levels. Becoming a TEAM member: Selection to the team is by invitation. Children may transfer from a similar level at a similar gymnastics program. If you are interested or think your child would benefit from a TEAM atmosphere, please contact on of our supervisors.

2018-2019 Competitive Team Meet Schedule

How do I get invited? Please remember that all children learn at a different pace. There are 2 move-up times per year and space is limited.

american gymnastics meet schedule

A child must have a strong foundation in the skills required. A child should be enthusiastic and demonstrate a desire to excel in gymnastics. Good attitude and willingness to follow instructions is always something we are looking for.

To move into this group girls must be energetic, independent, and be skilled in basic gymnastics movements. The girls in this class are training to move up to TEAM.

  • Welcome to the exciting world of competitive gymnastics for girls.

As soon as a schedule is sent to me, I forward to you. Sometimes info is on the website before I receive it from the meet director. Frequently Asked Questions What does my child need to remember preparing for a meet? Remember no undies, one pair of stud earrings, no polish on toes or nails, hair has to be pulled back, no temporary tattoos, and flesh colored Band-Aids only, no hair ties left on wrists — points are taken off of scores for not following these rules.

Also pack your music and grips if neededa snack, a water bottle, something to do quietly if you have to wait, extra hair ties, and your smile and good attitude.

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What do I need to bring with me to a meet? Water bottle, money for entrance fees if neededsnacks, and vendors, camera or video camera, and something to read while you wait.

american gymnastics meet schedule

Oh yeah, a supporting attitude too! Can I go on behind the ropes to encourage my child or if she seems to need medical attention? Your child and the team could be disqualified if anyone not authorized goes on to the floor or behind the ropes. Cheer her and the team along from the stands! If a coach feels you are needed, one of them will get permission from an official and you will be escorted to your child.

This is for the safety of all participates, coaches, and judges.