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Harry is a supporting character in Meet the Feebles. He is a hare who is the MC of The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour who rides in a rocket ship carrot after he. Sidney (or Sid for short) is a supporting character in Meet the Feebles. He is an elephant in The Feebles troupe who is an animal trainer who trains colorful balls . Sodomy! You must think it very odd of me, But I enjoy the act of sodomy. You might call the wrath of God on me, But if you tried it then you might agree, That you.

After making some quick love to her, he announced that the show will still go on, making Sebastian and the rest of the cast cheer for joy.

During the first half of the show, Sebastian was a bit nervous, but then felt overjoyed after hearing that the network had confirmed a sindicated series and that the critics are adoring it.

Sadly, though, things started to go down hill just after he disgustingly watched Harrythe extremely sick-looking MC of the show, slowly pop out of his rocket-powered carrot and throw up on stage. After quickly ordering a stagehand to launch the carrot out of sight, Sebastian ordered Sidney to fill in for Harry while he looked for Wynyard for it was time for his knife-throwing act.

He eventually found a drugged-out Wynyard in a bathroom stall, and dragged him out so he could get him ready to perform.

However, Wynyard's act doesn't seem to get much better as he mistook Robert for an illusion of a Vietnamese gopher due to the effect of the drugs and suddenly attempted to kill him. This results to Wynyard accidentally throwing one of his knives upward; causing it to land on his head, killing him as the audience cheers anyway, thinking that it's all part of the act.

The Feebles

Being left with no alternative, Sebastian decided to perform "The Sodomy Song" anyway, without Bletch's concern. Just as the curtain opened and the music played, Sebastian appears on stage and began singing as Bletch and Trevor watch from the balcony in horror.

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Not surprisingly, Sebastian's number didn't receive the standing ovation he'd been hoping for he took a bow anyway when he was donebut the consequences for him could have been far graver.

The song almost cost the fox his life.

Masked Masochist

For as soon as the number ended, Bletch ordered Trevor "to have that fudge-packer eliminated. During the rampage, we also find out that Sebastian was cowardly hiding from the machine gun-wielding hippo inside Harry's rocket-powered carrot. The plan backfired, though, as Heidi shot off the carrot's controls, causing it to launch automatically and crash into a wall. In the film's epilogue, it is revealed that Sebastian survived and became a novelist; achieving world fame for his best-seller, The Feeble Variety Massacre: One Man's Act of Heroism!

He is also currently negotiating the film rights.

wiki meet the feebles sodamy

Due to the crash, it was shown that Sebastian even gained an eye patch as well. There is no indication that he ever found out just how close he'd come to dying for his art, though. Gallery Sebastian sitting at his desk.

He then sighed about how it took him six months to train them. After that incident, Sidney invited Arthur to his dressing room for a beer. Arthur apologized for accidentally killing the creatures, but Sidney forgave him because he just blames it on his bad luck.

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He also told Arthur about how Sandy, his ex-wife, is putting a paternity suit on him because she claims that he is the father of Seymour, the child she conceived with him. The reason he refuses to believe it's his is because she slept with half of the chorus. All of a sudden, Sandy barged into Sidney's dressing room with the crying Seymour in a baby carriage, telling him the date of the trial.

The elephant tries once again to claim that the baby is not his, but of course, Sandy still refuses to believe him by saying that they'll let the court decide. Arthur decided to see for himself and, after having a quick look at the baby, says, "It's got your eyes, Sid. However, his act was never shown, or brought up again, throughout the rest of the program.

After watching Harry the MC of the show throw up on stage, Sebastian quickly ordered Sidney to introduce Wynyard 's knife-throwing act.

wiki meet the feebles sodamy

He tried to tell Sebastian that he had to go the bathroom, but was soon pushed on stage by the panicking fox. Just as Sidney was doing well at improvising for the audience, Sandy walked on stage and interrupted him by telling everyone in the crowd including the irritated Bletchwho was watching from the balcony the terrible things she has to say about him.

As the audience laughed at poor Sidney getting nagged by the chicken, Seymour crawled on stage repeating the word, "Dadda"only to make things worse for him.

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The embarrassed elephant then rushed off stage and charged to the bathroom. Sidney gets to the bathroom in time only to pee out a waterfall all over two dogs and as well as peeing himself a little and get piss all over the leotard.

wiki meet the feebles sodamy

During Heidi 's rampage, Sidney was trying to escape, but noticed that The Crying Seymour was left out into the open and that Sandy had already had her head shot off by the machine gun-wielding hippo. His parental instincts suddenly kicked in, and charged over to save his son, at the cost of his kneecaps being shot by Heidi. Even though he had bullet holes in his kneecaps, Sidney was glad to have his son by his side and held on to him so he could be safe and he rocks to him.