Virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 calendar

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virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 calendar

Mar 19, Why not register your interest for the London Marathon ! information evening to meet other Team Enham runners and hear expert advice. Support our London Marathon team runners are taking to the streets of London for young people with cancer. . survivor supports launch of pioneering nursing service to reach % of young people with cancer in Monday 20th April I am running Virgin London Marathon in memory of a . Events calendar. Working with conference and meeting organisers to create detailed across the London Marathon Events calendar including activations at Meet The Experts, of the New Balance event expo space at Virgin Money London Marathon including Operations & Volunteer Manager, Sainsbury's & School Games.

One of them, Chris Finill, even did so in London last year aged There is also a painful range of impediments that members have completed the race with: Jones himself fell over four years ago and landed heavily on his face, but said he got himself out of an ambulance to complete the We don't see each other much otherwise because we are scattered around, but I'm in touch with most of them on Facebook or email.

There were no toilets at the start in Blackheath and you had to go in bushes. They had buses for all the bags and you just put them on there -- it was chaos. At the end you'd have to find them yourself. The crowds seem to get bigger and everything gets better every year. It's still a tough challenge to get round the course, though. The record for the oldest person to complete a marathon is years old, although it was not recognised by Guinness World Records due to a missing birth certificate.

The landmark age for oldest woman to complete the Jones, who says he was a sickly child and only discovered his love of running in the army, has a different driving force, but is there a secret to his continued athleticism: My benchmark was Alloa half marathon last week where I got a personal best by over a minute at 1.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 calendar

I'm determined to do this well for Millie! Jane I have been inspired by my son Stephen Sutton who was originally diagnosed with cancer when he was 15 years old.

I made a promise that I would run the London Marathon for him and in doing so would raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust — the charity that was so close to his heart as it had helped him greatly throughout his cancer journey.

Stephen was a keen runner himself — he participated in cross country and tracks events for both school and at county level.

Support our London Marathon team | Teenage Cancer Trust

Despite being diagnosed with cancer he continued to run and was determined to run a marathon himself. However, this was not to be as the cancer became more aggressive and spread to other parts of his body and in JanuaryStephen was told his cancer was incurable.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 calendar

Knowing that Stephen was unable to fulfil his dream, his best friend Chris Bullock ran the London Marathon for Stephen last year and myself and Stephen went down to London to watch him. It was here, after witnessing the incredible atmosphere and seeing the other runners that I made the promise that I would do the same. Challenge yourself and push your boundaries.

We can do it.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 calendar

We can raise that money. We all can inspire others to give and we can all make a difference. In addition, it would be fantastic if I could inspire others to decide to run a marathon. It gave him the confidence to speak so candidly and at times bluntly about his cancer.

Every day 7 young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer. You never think that your child will be one of those seven. The furthest I have ever managed to run before is 3 miles in The Race for Life events.

London Marathon's oldest entrant, 83, braces himself for 37th race

I am not a runner and the few times I attempted to run previously were not a particularly enjoyable experience. Training has been hard work and is a big time commitment but it will be a real sense of achievement to be one of the people to complete the 26 mile course.

I want to complete the course, run as much of it as possible, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the experience and hopefully be able to walk the next day! James Around 4 years ago I was told that my teenage cousin Ruby had been diagnosed with Leukemia. She was heading towards her exams at school and really big times in a teenagers life.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 calendar

It hit me hard and was a complete shock but I could not imagine how hard it was for her, her parents and sisters. I saw Ruby at different times through her treatment and recovery and it always struck me just how difficult it was to deal with something like this at a huge time in your life, the time when you are allowed to experience things for the first time and when your friends are going through huge changes in life.

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So for this to come along in those teenage years seemed particularly hard. From then on I have always tried to support and raise funds for charities focused on those dealing with cancer in all of its forms.

As well as that, around 3 years ago I went on a journey losing weight and signing up to different events to try sports I had not or could not be part of previously due to weight issues.

London Marathon's oldest entrant, 83, braces himself for 37th race

So since then I entered 3 triathlons last year, including one for the Teenage Cancer Trust, this year I decided I would take what I saw as the ultimate challenge, the London Marathon. Before I had not run further than 1km, so it was a huge challenge and something that seeing the battle Ruby went through acts as the motivation to complete.

I have long been interested in the Teenage Cancer Trust, this included attending gigs and other things, however after seeing the experience of Ruby and hearing Roger Daltrey talk about a hospital visit where teenagers where particularly struggling with cancer and the hospital settings it really helped me to see how difficult it can be for teenagers at this stage of there life and how the settings care takes place in and support around this are just as important as the medical treatment.