The bay city rollers meet saturday superstars poker

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the bay city rollers meet saturday superstars poker

Restaurants –25 Beyond Las Vegas Boulder City Bryce Canyon Street dress codes eating hours ethnic cuisine , Farther VooDoo Zipline 11 World Series of Poker 29, 33,52, Ripa, Kelly 31 Marathon 34 The Roller Coaster (New YorkNew York) 45 Roller skating The Bay City Rollers are a Scottish pop rock band known for their worldwide teen idol popularity in the s. They have been called the "tartan teen sensations. Find The Bay City Rollers meet The Saturday Superstars at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

In yearbook class where most days were slow days, Tony learned of the new man in Christy's life who had helped her save herself from the destructive road she had been racing down. Tony mostly talked about missing Les although he had sent her copies of all his solo recordings so far, and still phoned every few months.

Eric Faulkner

Right now, he was supposed to be touring Japan. Which started Tony on one of her Japan-envy rants that dated back to early Rollermania days. As for the new Rollers, they had cancelled their show at the Saginaw Civic Center, where new lead singer Duncan Faure would have been introduced to the locals, due to lack of interest.

Anyway when Tony was feeling low, Christy was there every fifth hour with an abundance of kind looks. Upwardly mobile Mother Dixon's idea of showing support was uttering outdated "Reader's Digest" cliches like, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar," when Tony had a bad day at school. Then Tony would quietly close her bedroom door, take a deep breath and cue up an album like the Eagles' "Hotel California.

When the kitchen had cleared for the evening, Tony would try to call Melissa or one of her new friends Debra or Peg. Debra the neurotic with "turd curls" and a comb Peg could erupt an entire classroom including an always forgiving teacher with her jokes, but like Tony she was also a diligent student.

The problem with Peg and Debra, as with Melissa and Christy before them, was their convenient way of forgetting Tony when activities outside of school took place.

The Class of '79 yearbooks arrived, and among the "always and forever" notations in Tony's book, her big brother Tim scrawled the words, "To someone who I 'think' is my sister because she spends so much time in her room listening to the radio. Maybe it will pay off. Keep it on McQ! Only when she missed Les the most would she reach for her keys and hike to Edinburgh Estates where she never could count the number of messages flashing on his telephone answering machine.

Leslie was on tour in Japan--again, and Tony finally had the hallways of RHS to herself, older brother now enrolled in an engineering program at Saginaw Valley State University. Christy hadn't returned to graduate with the class of '81, instead attending adult education with Jason, her fiance, so they could earn their G. Melissa shared Tony's English and yearbook classes but they usually only conversed at any length when one of them had news about the Rollers visiting Edinburgh Estates.

Woody would often invite Melissa to housesit on weekends, his way of sparing her from two days in her own home where life was not so rosy, information gleaned by Tony from Mr. Just a few days after Tony's 17th birthday, Les followed up his care package of new album and latest publicity photos with a call proudly announcing his first singing engagement in the Bay City area, with or without the Rollers. He wanted her to be there, he said, energetically providing the date, time and place. Snag number one, Tony did not have her driver's license and mom, dad and brother all said, "Not I.

Snag number two, Melissa could drive, in fact probably would--if someone else, say Woody, was going to be there as well. And any hopes of Peg driving her were dashed when Peg was diagnosed with mononeucleosis. As the December 8th club date drew nearer, Leslie promised to send a car for her. Miss Anal-Retentive out on a school night, Tony mulled in anxious anticipation from her table as near the stage as possible, Les' orders.

She felt kind of odd sitting alone the way she was. Rock 'em, sock 'em! How would she ever have known this ex-BCR friend of hers was so great? He left her speechless! She didn't give her table for one a second thought After a short break around Just after eleven p. The expression on Leslie's face turned from electrified and confident to completely stunned, maybe even griefstricken Slowly he straightened, turned toward the drum kit for a few seconds with head bowed then moved toward the microphone on its stand.

Seemed to hold his breath for an eternity before announcing, "Shortly before eleven tonight, John Lennon was shot outside his home in New York City. The barroom clientele reacted as one, at least a couple of people letting out strangled cries, and Les stood before them all, looking helpless. Behind him, the guys in the band were already grouped together discussing something, nodding to each other as they separated then broke into a choppy intro of a song each person soon recognized as the Lennon classic "Imagine.

Tony didn't know where they were going. This was not in the original plans. So far he had stopped at a liquor store for a fifth of vodka and packed his band off to their economy hotel, saying he'd meet them in the morning at the airport. On the car radio, shaken overnight-shift deejays were reporting the sudden and tragic news to their equally shaken listeners John Lennon--dead, shot seven times by a man from Honolulu named Mark Chapman who was unhappy with the way Lennon had signed an album cover for him earlier in the day.

Flying down I south with Leslie's silent thoughts as Tony sifted through her own memory banks Her mother's silly-sounding complaint about too many "yeah, yeah, yeah's" in "She Loves You" Pretending to be John and Paul in the Dixon kitchen with her brother Joe, jamming on homemade air-guitars while their scratchy, second- hand Beatles records played Tony followed his instructions to pay a quick visit to the gas station convenience store for a couple of large bottles of Coke--for him, while he checked in at the front desk.

He said he'd meet her at the elevators. Waiting to hand over a couple of dollars to the convenience store clerk, Tony was torn. After midnight was too late to be calling her folks and waking up the whole house, but at the same time, how could she not call? If she called, what the hell would she say?

He needs a shoulder to lean on, maybe a hand to hold, not someone to mess around with. I promise I'll be home as soon as I can, and bring home everything I left with Miss Anal-Retentive about missing school placed the phone on its hook and didn't look back Once in the door of the thoughtful even at a time like this double room, the TV was locked on to an all-news cable channel as Tony took a seat on the end of the bed nearest the set, clutching her winter jacket in her lap.

Behind her Les tossed off his shoes, loosened his shirt and poured himself a drink before grabbing both pillows and stretching out.

the bay city rollers meet saturday superstars poker

Neither of them said much, except for angry reactions when Chapman's named was mentioned. Tony could hear Les lighting cigarette after cigarette smoking did not spell refreshment or any of those other print ad adjectives to her mind or sensesand repeatedly filling his drink glass but she was afraid to look at him too often.

The TV stayed on until some unknown time when the talking heads stopped telling them anything they didn't already know and Leslie abruptly raised himself to turn off the set, the lights.

The curtains he left slightly open. Awkard moment for Tony. What did she do now? Calling someone a good friend, thinking of someone as a good friend was one thing but when that person has only ever been at arm's length Follow your heart, perhaps? She tossed her coat on the empty bed by the window, and collected its two pillows, carrying them with her to Leslie's side of the room.

He was lying flat on his back watching the flame burn on his lighter, apparently through with his "voddie and Coke. Remember I'll always be true Tony answered with the first verse of "Eight Days A Week. He hadn't told her about the 9 a. He had to get to the airport a. Told her she should take her time, but she would feel much too weird about it. The sooner home the better In the parking lot waiting for her ride to show, munching on the last of the much-appreciated chocolate chip cookies, he handed her a wad of cash.

To trot out an old cliche, he didn't look the worse for wear How to say goodbye? Leslie reached out and held her tightly Damn those winter coats! Double-damn those winter coats! Followed by a very honest, "I can't let go. It was worth it though I'd do it again. He was still smiling at her as her car entered the roadway. Life would go on, she knew, but she'd never feel the same--about L.

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Fall-out from the Night the Beatles Died Grounded for all of Christmas vacation, which was a moot point because Tony's social calendar was its traditional complete blank. She suspected the action taken was more to ward off potential appearances by a certain Scottish singer, so she blustered at her parents for a few minutes just to make them feel good.

She penned Leslie letters about the doors of her senior year closing behind her, including her last ever high school dance. Phase one was "Babe" by Styx on Peg's car radio, when the night held great promise for all. Phase two was snagging that Guy of the Month as the deejay segued into "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, knowing your guy knew you were interested in him but no matter how friendly, he never would reciprocate.

Which by the end of the evening directly led to a deflated phase three Peg dropping you off at home feeling equally dejected, and "Dreaming" by Cliff Richard was your companion for the rest of the night. At least this final soiree ended kind of full circle. The transfer student from sophomore year she'd had such a crush on, now one of the most popular guys in her class, had asked her to dance--"Lead Me On" by Maxine Nightingale--and they talked their way through the whole song, laughing about old and much geekier times!

Tony's track career ended with her breaking the string in a fast heat of the meter relay at the Thumb Meet of Champions, one place out of medal contention, and while she had collected some hardware, along with several school records, and earned numerous points in her three workhorse seasons for the Rocket "thinclads" She'd always hated that wordshe guessed she'd always wish she could go back and start with the team her freshman year.

Much better memories than her dateless senior prom though, that was certain. She could still picture riding there in a friend of a friend's car, Debra and The Friend in front smoking a joint. Peg in the backseat with her head stuck out the window For what it was worth, she mailed a graduation announcement to Mr.

Leslie McKeown marked "Attendance Mandatory! Picture-perfect weather outside which meant women fanning themselves fiercely in the high school gymnasium. The seniors lined up in the hallway alphabetically in their caps and gowns, Tony feeling slightly miffed that her younger brother had preferred to play baseball tonight. Bigger news than an RHS diploma had arrived in the afternoon mail anyway, a letter from the local community college awarding her a two-year tuition scholar-ship.

The certificate would be presented to her during the ceremony. She saw him in the doorway right in the middle of Ms. Valedictorian's speech, looking a very sexy kind of "hot" in fashionable black and white, completely erasing what small amount of concentration she had left. And when his eyes found her and he flashed those little teeth of his at her in a smile At last the just-commenced senior class was freed into a receiving line in front of the school, Prince Charming standing near to sweep Tony's folks and whoever else off their feet.

Tony was overwhelmed by photo-op's -Parents, friends, a couple of aunts and one grandmother. Even one of her teachers! Several friends whispered, "Go for it, Tony! Leslie offered to squire her off to the big graduation bash on a nearby farm, which she giddily accepted, making no secret that she planned to "Yo-ho-ho" that pint of Bacardi that her dad had slipped her for this night.

She lost her composure to mirth when she caught sight of their transportation Not one of Les' usual model-year sedans, but a slightly-used-looking Chevette. He fished in his designer jacket and handed her a set of keys. Planted a big kiss on her cheek Normally reserved Tony was a whirlwind at the party, leading Leslie by the hand, smooching all the guys.

Well, I can dance with ya, honey. If you think it's funny, does your mother know that you're out? The wacky festivities continued in Leslie's living room where he surprised her with a borrowed Japanese karaoke machine and unlimited requests for all her favorite Roller tunes. Oh, my God, he was going to sing "You're A Woman" for her! She pinched herself, making sure this wasn't and she was not dreaming.

He even danced with her near the end. She fished the bottle out from behind the sofa cushions and tossed it to him. I'm in a bit of a bind right now I'm going to have to sell the house. The stereo, if you can lift it over the fence Tony attempted a grin that looked more like a grimace. She listened and he talked for a few more minutes then he left her looking through the stack of records and went to his room to start packing. Kneeling on the floor in her graduation dress, she clicked on the radio for comfort.

The one with the long intro She tried to keep her crying to herself, even turning her back to the doorway to hide her face, but he found out anyway and wrapped his arms around her. Kept saying he was sorry, resting his chin on the back of her head.

And don't say you won't think of me everytime you drive somewhere in the McKeown Mobile. He kissed away the tears from her face "Babe, I love you And letting them linger "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, Babe. To her journal, Tony confided--God bless him for leaving the romantic dreams in her head intact College was the place where Tony Dixon decided it wasn't cool to say she'd been a Roller fan.

the bay city rollers meet saturday superstars poker

This was a time of Who farewell tours and the Go Go's. Primarily surrounded by fun-to-interesting-to-attractive males, she soon made many friends in the television environs. By-The-Book-Bob, who was anything but, stood out as the only guy who gave her trouble.

One of the major drags of being Tony Dixon was always being the youngest member of her class. Here she was, a year-old college freshman. Most of her new pals would have transferred from DCC or graduated by the time she turned Because of that, boy, did Bob razz her!

The Krofft Superstar Hour With The Bay City Rollers 50s Tribute

However, broadcasting classes required a minimum number of hours of observation at the master control switching console, and Tony saw "student employee" in her future, so By-The-Book had mega-chances to charm, tease andsuggest. At semester's end, she made turnabout fair play and said she was taking him up on his offers to "educate. Finally he relented and said he'd give her this one night Surprisingly, Tony's folks were not upset about her late return.

Six and a half hours of it!

the bay city rollers meet saturday superstars poker

Andersen, the dignified to the point of being egotistical talk show host, telling her, "Everytime I see you, you're either eating or being molested by a bunch of guys. Great TV Auction time at the station for staff and students alike. Les was darn lucky to catch Tony at home. Safe banter, surface stuff. And then he stopped the world.

He said the g-word. A Japanese recording artist. The bad news, he continued, huh? The gig that was to help pay the bills when she transferred to her four-year school, not to mention one hell of an adventure--Kaput.

Tony's first glimpse of Leslie's mate was in their wedding photo. Tony's folks had unfortunately witnessed her end of their entire phone conversation. She popped the top on a bottle of diet soda from the fridge, feeling glum. Furthermore, she made a stubborn and firm albeit secret decision to take that two-year free ride then proceed directly into the workplace.

Where she would hurt inside, she still had music. Tony's letters to Les reduced in frequency, but ultimately she found she still needed that outlet to voice her frustration, confusion, and passion for the line of work she had chosen.

Meyer, however, says to stay away from radio as a career. The fame and fortune aren't worth all the crap, and that announcers are nothin'! According to legend, local stations liked to hire DCC students because they were used to "working with junk," and Tony was more than happy to join their minimum-wage ranks even to work lousy weekend afternoon and evening shifts comprised of syndicated programming and live professional sports fed out of Detroit.

More interesting to the new hiree, however, were the high-tech computer terminals recently installed in the WMBC office. Ask Tony about the wave of the future, and she'd point to those bleary, orange-on-black-displaying monitors.

Yes, she'd admit, she was tired of all those years of school, and pushing to get somewhere. But over was forever, and she'd miss favorite catch-phrases like providing "continually usable shots" while running studio cameras, Ray the cranky chief engineer having to say "We thank you for making a maximum effort," the day she showed up but no one else did for her sign-on master control shift despite severe winter weather, long days and nights during pledge drives, and the insanity of being on the Great TV Auction floor that left you hearing directors barking over headsets in your sleep.

Then there was Roy, the pencil-tapping afternoon guy, who could key out the mic, cough or clear his throat, and key the mic back in without missing the beat of an eraser. Tony did her best to improve in her eyes in that area while learning everything she could about those office computers. After all, the greatest life lesson that L. Tony would always look back on the ensuing time as the Summer of Her Distraction.

Ted was on his second marriage to, if you believed him, a petite shrew of a woman and Tony quickly became a member of the single- female sympathy club. How could anyone be coldhearted to such a dedicated, intelligent, nice- looking man? Conveniently her height, around her every day, so worldly She felt herself falling for him.

Ted, Ted, Ted was different. He innocently pursued her as she had never been pursued before. He flirted with her--in writing. To break the ice I cannot do The final move is up to you.

A fall Friday night, post-high school football playoff game with Tony on the board. The request line began flashing just as she was about to backsell Sinatra's "Summer Wind. He thought her rudeness was hysterical. Gregory's older brother Mike joined as a second lead singer, allowing more complex harmonies, especially useful for the Motown songs they liked to perform.

The band convinced Tam Patona former big band leader [8] and influential local band and club manager, to audition them at the Longmuirs' house. Paton booked them for a Thursday night at his club the Palais, then assigned them to open for the Hipple People at Top Storey. They played a couple of contemporary Kinks numbers but favoured American songs, including a new one: Rider " by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.

Desiring a better name for the band, they settled on "Rollers", but needed a more powerful American-sounding term in front of that. They threw a dart at a map of the United States, landing first on Arkansas, which did not meet anyone's approval, then throwing again to land near Bay City, Michigan.

The band agreed on the name the Bay City Rollers. Several non-charting singles were released over the following two years. This period saw the addition of long term member guitarist Eric Faulkner. By the end ofClark had become disillusioned with the band's musical direction and decided to leave just when his recording of " Remember Sha-La-La-La " zoomed up the charts to No.

He was replaced as lead singer by Les McKeown. A couple of months later, in earlywhat became known as the classic line-up [10] was completed when guitarist John Devine was replaced by Stuart "Woody" Wood. Beginning with " Remember " UK No.

That year saw a successful UK tour, which prompted newspaper headlines about the rise of "Rollermania" [11] a take-off on Beatlemania a decade before. Faulkner and Wood undertook the majority of the songwriting duties. By this time, Bay City Roller fans had a completely distinctive style of dress, the main elements of which were calf-length tartan trousers and tartan scarves.

The track was "carefully sculpted" to be poor enough to get Lowe out of a recording contract with United Artists, but the strategy backfired. UA issued the record as by the Tartan Horde, [13] which was the name given to Rollers fans in England, and it became a substantial hit in Japan. New Arista head Clive Davis was instrumental in grooming and overseeing the project. There's kids bashing on the door and a total eclipse of the sun occurred. I'd never seen one. On this day we all stopped in the studio and the Rollers went up on the roof.

Bay City Rollers

We stood out there and watched the flowers close up and all the automatic street lighting come on. It was chilling, the most fantastic thing you'd ever see. Downstairs the kids never turned around, staring into the plexiglas waiting to see the Rollers come out of the studio, go down the corridor and into the canteen.

They never noticed the total eclipse of the sun". He was replaced by guitarist Pat McGlynn. Further struggles involved the direction of their sound, as the members wished to pursue more sophisticated styles. Live at the Budokan Oddly enough, this single provided them with their highest-charting German hit, reaching No. Their name was now the Rollers.

South African-born Duncan Faure joined the band as new lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. With Faure, the line-up produced three albums: ElevatorVoxx and Ricochet Thirty-five years after its release, The Federalist described Ricochet as a pop rock masterpiece, demonstrating a maturity in the band's musical style.

Seven past members played Japan inand again in A reunion album, Breakout, was released in Japan and Australia inand added drummer George Spencer. This group also released an independent five-song EP titled Party Hardy. Interest was rekindled in the UK by various television documentaries about the group, and a new television-advertised compilation of greatest hitsVery Best of the Bay City Rollers, entered the UK Albums Chart on release in at No.