Relationship between two companies

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relationship between two companies

How would you describe a relationship between two companies who trust each other? I looked up the adjectives 'trustful', trustworthy', they. The Relationship Between a Company & Its Subsidiary. by Fraser Sherman It's harder to make good decisions when serving two masters. Search for the Company that you want to define a relationship for. We'll define a Parent. Company with a few Divisions. 2. Open the Company.

Furthermore, establishing good communications at the beginning of the business between the employees, will provide the business with a positive reputation in the industry towards its rivalries and competitors in the market.

Therefore, this could be constructed though the use of effective training programs and measurement systems. Focusing on the internal aspect of communications, will allow external networks to trust the business by having the right perspective on the processes which may occur.

This is due to the fact that communication is vital to sustain, especially when partnering with another company; whether its through merging or just joining a particular project. Therefore, the ability of associating with the right businesses is relevant in order to keep the company more innovative; as networks allow for " an effective transfer of information".

An example is an entrepreneurial designer who used his personal connections in the industry to seek a potential supplier in China to continue developing his new business plan. Moreover, communication links with relationship marketing perfectly as both focus towards activities directed as establishing, developing and maintaining successful exchanges with customers and other constituents.

relationship between two companies

Morgan and Hunt On the other hand, even though communication is a key concept to any business. Organizations should not fully depend on establishing only a few relations and shutting down others that may be beneficial, due to the fact that networking and developing relationships should not have limits. Engaging with new businesses frequently can provide positive change within the business by introducing new concepts and innovative ideas that keep up with the changes that take place in the industry regularly.

Figure 3: Two Examples of Identified Relationships between Companies Offering Pension Advances

Thus, businesses should accept some new organizations as well as keep close to old ones in order to sustain its position in the industry and adapt to the changes that take place.

To further extend, there are multiple ways of communicating within a business to improve relations whether its through technology, discussions in the office or through annual reports.

More specifically, organizations are recommending the use of technological devices such a videoconferencing and teleconferencing which allows individuals to not be present at the same place but still be able to interact with one another, similarly the use of laptops and such.

relationship between two companies

It is reported that there is 1. Even though this style of management is seen to be less flexible, it is more beneficial towards expanding in size and profitability. In addition, small business control more than half of the market but many are seen to fail due to poor planning and inefficient external business relations.

relationship between two companies

However, the parent company has the authority to replace the directors if it doesn't like their management decisions. Legally this is a better option than overruling or dictating to them.

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Parental Power There are ways for the parent company to keep tight control without violating the subsidiary's independence. The power to hire and fire the board is a crucial one, but it can be made stronger.

relationship between two companies

With a new subsidiary, for example, the parent, as owner, can draft the articles of incorporation, including certain provisions to solidify control: The parent company can place its own directors on the subsidiary board but this has drawbacks.

It's harder to make good decisions when serving two masters. If the subsidiary gets sued, shared directors might be used to prove the subsidiary isn't really independent. Liability One reason corporations set up subsidiaries is to protect themselves legally.

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If the subsidiary stays independent, the parent isn't liable for any negligent or criminal acts on the subsidiary's part. However, the law does allow for exceptions: There's no real independence. The subsidiary and the parent share a common bank account, use shared marketing materials or the subsidiary does business under the name of the parent entity.

The subsidiary is insolvent.

relationship between two companies

Some parent companies try to duck liability by creating a subsidiary with no legal assets, so it can't pay any damages or fines.