Project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

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project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

The designers were asked to design a look for a and sold on projectrunway. com, with proceeds going to the. Project Runway All Stars: Meet the Designers! . Anthony Williams, age 30 ( Atlanta, GA) Season 7, Fifth Place I have created my clothing company, entitled ''Mangled Courtesan,'' which consists of one-of-a-kind garments. THR checks in on the fashion design competition's 13 champions, from first by THR Staff 7/17/ pm PDT continued to expand her Houston-area clothing boutique Lot (later renamed Recently, Dao acted as judge for season one of Project Runway Vietnam. . 'Project Runway' Season Meet the Designers.

After being on the show, what Project Runway challenges do you think are the best and worst of all time? I think the worst was menswear. And, believe it or not, I wish I'd had the potato-sack dress challenge.

I also liked taking an old trend and making it new again. My reinvention of the baggy sweater was fabulous. What goes through your head when you see yourself on television? I can't believe how expressive my face is. You can see everything I am thinking. And I wish I'd worn some makeup! A unique eye for details, leading to stunning, lavish and opulent designs.

project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

What have you been up to since your season of Project Runway? I've been writing music and singing in a band called Jetblack Bullseye while managing a restaurant. We had to make clothes out of car parts.

project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

I remember there was a lot of blood in the workroom that day. I love Chris March. I think he is extremely creative and full of unexpected twists. OMG I look so old and fat. My skill and talent. I love my trench coats, bags and my shoes. Everything else is just chips and dip. I am always amazed to see myself on television, only because some people can be edited to be whatever character is needed for that moment, but I am authentically myself. I am an All Star because I say so.

It's a tie between the dress I created out of burlap, the ''tuxedo'' cocoon coat for the Met challenge which I wonand the black and white plastic dress from the hardware store challenge. Some of the worst challenges, in my opinion, were from Season 9: One of the best had to be the Barbie challenge. Who doesn't want to make an outfit for Barbie??

I made clothes for my Barbie when I was a little girl.

project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

I am true to my point of view. I'm determined to succeed. I have created my clothing company, entitled ''Mangled Courtesan,'' which consists of one-of-a-kind garments that are inspired by my dark and Gothic romantic aesthetic. Well, I love Mila Hermanovski as a person and as a designer. She is very well-rounded and just a creative individual. I also love Peach Carr; she is one of my dearest friends.

I love taxidermy and Double Stuf Oreos. I got accused of being a cheater and a crier But I think people and fans really loved my humble and honest self.

'Project Runway' Winners: Where Are They Now?

And the way I carried myself on the show. I always loved Rami Kashou. I think he is the most talented and amazing designer. And I really like Leanne Marshall.

There's a bunch at this point. It's really up there! I have to say I totally love Anya from Season 9, too. That I have two kids, not one!

project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

That Mondo and I really are best friends. Henderson has designed a line of iPad covers for Maroo and made 3D printed shows for Feetz. After getting into an argument with the judges, she still won over fan favorite Mondo Guerra.

project runway season 7 meet the designers of shirts

After winning she showcased her collection at Jamaica Fashion Weekend. She now lives at home in Trinidad, where she works out of her boutique.

Anya recently accepted a yearlong position as travel ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago. He's an instructor at the Parsons School of Design and designs his own label. Michelle Lesniak Season 11 Then: She's a Native Portlandian and thrift store junkie and surprised everyone on the series with her skill despite her lack of formal fashion training. She's still designing and has her own boutique in Portland.

Lifetime Dom Streater Season 12 Then: Her prints were stunning on the series and she won both Season 12 of Project Runway and season five of Project Runway: She lives in Philadelphia and still designs, launching an online-only brand.

Lifetime Sean Kelly Season 13 Then: Who could forget the breathtaking dress he made for the "Rain" challenge? Tim Gunn even called Kelly his favorite contestant. When we last saw Tipton, she was making history as the first designer to win Project Runway with a plus-size collection.

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Her purple hair, flirty aesthetic, and sweet demeanor dazzled the judges—and viewers. Since winning the show two years ago, Tipton has been hard at work churning out collections. She has created a collection of wide-fit jewelry, debuted a feminine plus-size collection for J. Penney, and sells cute tees and buttons bearing her likeness on her website, ashleynelltipton.

Project Runway Season 7 Meet the Cast Video

Lifetime Erin Robertson Season 15 Then: The winner, who many felt wasn't the strongest designer on the show, loves fun prints and holds a degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Robertson is back in Boston and still designing. Lifetime Kentaro Kameyama Season 16 Then: