On the rebound relationship advice

on the rebound relationship advice

Best relationship advice: Have you got into an affair to get over a heart-wrenching break-up? If you are facing emotional trouble in your new. What is a Rebound Relationship & Rebound Relationships Advice. Are you wondering could a rebound relationship ever work? So were these readers, who asked the question to our dating coach. See if her answer can also .

on the rebound relationship advice

Finding someone who loves them back as soon a relationship ends can be a strong proof that they are worthy of being loved. When it happens on the conscious level you will find yourself aware of your goal which is restoring your self worth on the other hand when this happens unconsciously you will suddenly find yourself in a new rebound relationship and you will even think that this new person is the One. In this case, the main aim of the rebound relationship will be preventing you from experiencing the pain that could result from the old break-up.

I am not saying that all rebound relationships have no future but definitely a relationship that started on the basis of emotional stability will have a much better chance of survival than a rebound relationship. My advice for you if you just broke up or got divorced is to wait.

on the rebound relationship advice

Even if you felt like wanting to start a new relationship give yourself some more time before you do it. When you get into a rebound relationship you will always be making comparisons between your old partner and the new one and what usually happens is that the old one wins then you find yourself obligated to end this new relationship too because you have no real feelings towards that person.

If you learned how to overcome love addiction you will only start a new relationship when you have real emotions towards someone and not when you want to feel good or to prove that you are worthy.

Advice on Rebound Relationships Working Out

My opinion about rebound relationships is that they will always be short lived and will rarely succeed; give yourself some more time before starting a rebound relationship because the only action that can never cause any problems is patience. If you dare to challenge this statement then check out the psychology of falling in love section and you will discover it yourself. Only you can know your true feelings for your old girlfriend and your new girlfriend. Romance comes with no guarantees, so it is important to be present, not worry about the future of the relationship, or live in the past comparing the new relationship to an old one.

Most people find this hard to do. Yet, you seem to be doing this. By keeping an open mind and heart to romance, you are doing all that you can to ensure giving this new relationship the best chance to succeed.

on the rebound relationship advice

He has been divorced for 7 months married for 18 years. We have a lot in common and share similar interests.

on the rebound relationship advice

I guess my big concern is that I feel I have complicated things now, by sleeping with himtoo soon. I don't know how to move forward in the relationship without sabotaging it and making him feel like I'm not into him, when all I want to do is slow things down so I can get to know him better. Any comments or advice is welcomed since I'm obviously confused about the whole thing!

Anne Expert Reply Dear Anne, From my perspective, it seems that you and the man you have been dating have a lot more in common and are on similar paths then you might realize.

I would go so far as to say that the two of you are mirror images of the other. This could be good or a not so good depending on how you view it. The positive is having a companion who understands what it means to have been once married for a long time.

on the rebound relationship advice

Each of you brings life experience and wisdom to the table. Both of you have gone through the challenges of divorce and understand the emotional roller coaster of letting go and trying to rebuild yourself.

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The latter may have contributed to the two of you using physical intimacy to connect and feel connected to another person early in your relationship. It is this last parallel that is contributing to your concerns as well as the not so good I referred to earlier.

Rebound relationships tend to get a lot of negative press, but I think this type of relationship can be very helpful for self-esteem, for learning about one's self, and for learning about romance and relationships. Not to mention, rebound relationships can soften the blow of letting go of a long-term relationship. A problem with rebound relationships happens when one person is the rebound and the other is not. This however is not your situation.

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In fact, you have held onto the past while dating this new guy. As a result, you have not had time to heal the past, so the wounds are still very real and present. This may explain why your fears around trust are so apparent. You have not been honest with yourself, your ex, or the man you are dating.