Mitt romney meet the press today

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mitt romney meet the press today

Mitt Romney outraged environmental activists on Sunday, telling NBC's David Gregory, "I'm not in this race to slow the rise of the oceans or to. Once Trump's Loudest GOP Critic, Mitt Romney Meets With The Trump cupped his hands around his mouth and told the press "it went great. In which Bill Kristol trumps Willard Romney's endless heartache. Today's Top Stories Bitter plutocrat Willard Romney stopped by on his Endless . Charles P . Pierce on Romney's Meet the Press Interview · Mitt Romney's.

Aug Corporations won't send jobs overseas if tax rates lowered. Mar TARP should not be used for auto company bailouts. Feb Key to economic stimulus: Jan Reduce corporate tax rate--we have 2nd highest in world. Oct NY Times editorial: Aug Piracy protection key to selling Olympic sponsorships. Aug The Bain Way: Jan At Bain Capital, made money on 35 out of 68 projects.

Bloomberg on climate change: 'This world is in trouble' - Meet The Press - NBC News

Leveraged buyout profit from increased corporate debt. Oct Net-net, Bain Capital created tens of thousands of new jobs. Arrested for fishing without a license. Supported death penalty although it was long abolished. Jan Hire private companies to manage our state prisons.

Mar To reduce black on black crime, get more moms and dads. Jul Reform sentencing process; appeal too-lenient sentences. Sep Supports death penalty in heinous murders. Sep Favored mandatory sentencing and three strikes. Mar Safe streets will be a campaign theme.

Mar Will bring new businesses to urban areas. Sep Opposes legalization of recreational or medical marijuana. Aug Combat the ruthless narco-terrorists in Colombia. Oct Free college for the top quarter of high school graduates. Oct No cuts to college funding. Sep Cap Pell Grants to increase only at rate of inflation. Sep Don't overwhelm college students with loan debt. Sep Higher spending rarely correlates with better results.

Sep Every parent should have a choice of schools. Aug Abigail Adams scholarships: Perry's education policy stances compared to Romney's. Jan Smaller classroom size only matters to teachers' unions. Sep We should insist that teachers get evaluated. Mar Failure to educate minorities is a civil rights issue. Mar Vetoed abandoning three new Massachusetts charter schools. Mar Teachers' union has deadening impact on student achievement. Mar School choice over fat-cat CEOs of teachers' unions.

MA 1st in test scores, but was 1st before Romney. May Changed from closing Education Dept. May God created universe, but evolution created human body.

May Reform underperforming schools or replace with charters. Sep Supported abolishing the federal Department of Education. Mar Schools can teach family values, but not religion or prayer.

Mar MA schools were 1 in the nation while I was governor. Oct Energy prices have gone up since Obama took office. Oct North American energy independence in 8 years.

Sep No consensus on extent of global warming or human activity. Sep Use all energy sources, without stifling energy production. Sep Feds take days to permit oil drilling; states take Sep Humans contribute to world getting warmer. Nov Reduce dependence on oil, not just on foreign oil. Nov Compensate Nevada for nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain. Mar No-regrets policy at home; reduce greenhouse emission abroad. Mar Nuclear power is a win-win: Jan Invest in new technologies to get us off of foreign oil.

Dec Develop energy technology like nuclear or liquefied coal. Oct The time for true energy independence has come. Aug Exporting carbon emissions to China hurts US and planet. Aug No-regrets policy: Jun Big Oil should reinvest profits in oil refineries. Jun No-regrets policy: Sep Welcome input from fisherman to help protect fisheries. Sep Restored public confidence after Big Dig tragedy. Jan Cross-border pollution matters; so build natural gas system.

Jan Opposed Cape Cod rail extension, but listened to all sides. Scapegoated head of Mass Turnpike for Big Dig disaster. Nov Replace "green jobs" program with American competitiveness.

Oct States should be able to have their own emissions standards. Jan Response to Big Dig death shows how Romney handles crises. Aug Clean environment will be a campaign theme. Feb Two-parent families reduce violence on the streets. Feb Abstinence-only education for to year olds. Urged single mom to put up baby for adoption. Staff searched full-time to find runaway teenage girl. Jan Polygamy violates marriage covenant. Jan Kids working in libraries is fine; don't change labor laws.

Teenage birth rate declined from to Dec Strong military, strong economy, and strong families. Jun To strengthen America, strengthen the American family.

Mar World has been losing respect for America for last 5 years. Feb With Arab Spring came hope; but we got disturbing events. Oct Russia is a geopolitical foe. Oct Indict Ahmadinejad for inciting genocide. Oct America hasn't dictated; we free nations from dictators. Oct I don't see our influence growing abroad; it is receding. Oct Condition aid to Pakistan on our benchmarks.

Sep A free world is a more peaceful world.

Mitt Romney on the Issues

Aug Critical time for American century vs. Jan Use opportunity for regime change in North Korea. Dec Unacceptable for Iran to become a nuclear nation. Sep No European-style solutions to an American problem. Feb Different countries' paths to decline came from isolation.

mitt romney meet the press today

Mar In long term, Chinese reforms lead to demanding freedom. Mar American Exceptionalism means America need not decline. Mar National turnaround requires leadership; consensus; strength. Feb Putin is a troubling leader and an authoritarian.

Jan The US is the only major power believing in free enterprise. Jan Free Cuba and eliminate threat of people like Hugo Chavez.

mitt romney meet the press today

Aug To win the war on jihad, we need friends in Muslim world. Aug Encourage others to welcome democracy, without military. Aug Move Muslim world toward modernity so they reject extreme. Aug US is not arrogant, but we have resolve. Oct China wants a stable world too; we can partner with them.

Oct China is winning in the trade war right now. Oct Make sure people we trade with play by the rules. Oct Open new markets to grow; but also enforce fair trade. Feb China's steel dumping forced US mills to close. Jan We have to open up markets to America's goods. Jan If America fails to protect against China, we'll be eclipsed. Nov Trade with China only if they follow international rules.

Nov China is a currency manipulator; go after them for cheating. Oct China doesn't want to have a trade war; so push hard.

Oct Trade is good for the nation, but not good for everybody. Mar Re-negotiate trade deals with China and other countries. Dec Open up markets to American goods and services. Oct Businesspeople should negotiate trade, not politicians. Oct Emergence of Asia is an opportunity for trade and commerce. Oct Regulatory cap: Repeal outdated regulations to make new ones. Ryan more liberal than Romney on campaign finance.

Aug Earmark system is broken; ban them with line-item veto. Feb Make government simpler, smaller, and smarter. Disallowed from appointing Kerry's Senate successor. Nov I didn't inhale while governor; government is too big. Jun Measure American success by series of cyclical indicators. Mar Dynamic regulations: Mar s large donors avoided union influence in politics.

Feb Must know how America works, not just how Washington works. Feb Use my own money in a campaign to try and change the US. Jan Not concerned about voters on his campaign self-contribution. Jan Signing statements are an important presidential practice.

Dec Focus on global Jihad, immigration, tax cut, and healthcare. Romney had line-item vetoes, President cannot. Jun Never pardoned anyone as governor, but might pardon Libby. Jun McCain-Feingold law prevents free speech in campaigns. Aug Balanced budget amendment and line-item veto.

Mar Trickle-down government is not the answer. Oct Fully investigate "Fast and Furious" program. I will not chip away at MA's tough gun laws. My positions won't make me the hero of the NRA. Jan I support the work of the NRA, but disagree sometimes. Dec Ok to ban lethal weapons that threaten police. Dec Compromise MA gun bills were net gain for gun owner.

Aug Supports Second Amendment rights but also assault weapon ban. May Will support assault weapons bill and Brady Bill. Oct No change to near-retirees; Medicare vouchers for young. Oct Give young people a choice of Medicare or private insurer. Oct Develop countermeasures for global pandemics.

mitt romney meet the press today

Sep Official portrait had 2 symbols: Jan On choosing providers: Consider single-fee structures, at state level. Nov Reform Medicare, but don't cancel prescription program. Sep Health Savings Accounts give patients stake in health costs. Jun Get everyone some form of catastrophic health coverage. Jan Personal responsibility instead of employer mandates.

Dec Let states create their own private, market-based insurance. Oct Same tax treatment if people buy insurance without employers. Oct Conservative idea: Aug Insure 45 million uninsured with a free-market based system. Aug Pharmaceutical companies create products to make us better. Jan Subsidies for health coverage for low-income individuals. Mar Voluntary purchasing pools. Mar ObamaCare has unelected board making health decisions.

Oct ObamaCare is too expensive, and it has killed jobs. Oct State targets for insurance, to replace ObamaCare. Sep ObamaCare drives medical device jobs overseas. Feb Romney healthcare stances compared to Obama. Jan Return healthcare to states, under the 10th Amendment.

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Oct ObamaCare has enormous differences from RomneyCare. Sep ObamaCare's biggest difference: I believe in 10th Amendment. Aug ObamaCare's power grab won't work; Obama didn't ask me. Oct RomneyCare was bipartisan; ObamaCare was pushed through. Oct RomneyCare is national model, but only state by state. RomneyCare courageous but not for every state. Individual mandate ok; free ride is not. Nov My plan right for MA but wrong for rest of country. Nov RomneyCare intended as state plan; never as national model.

Sep I stand by what I did in Massachusetts. Jun lessons: Mar People without insurance already receive care via E. Compromise with Ted Kennedy to make RomneyCare reality. Feb Mandating citizens to buy health insurance is conservative.

No, MA healthcare plan is not paid for, yet. Dec Removing most mandates drove down premium cost by half. MA plan works, but Romney not proposing it for US. Oct Get everybody insured with state-based market dynamics.

Romney plan virtually identical to Obama plan. Jun MA health plan insures all without taxes or socialization. MA plan not yet in place so analysis premature. May Signal accomplishment as Governor is MA insurance reform.

Mar MA reform focuses on individual responsibility via fines. Mar State universal coverage plan is national test case. Apr MA state health insurance plan lowered costs. Jan Mandates on health insurance work in Massachusetts. Mar My strategy is: Oct Military so strong that no nation ever dare test it.

Aug Donates to groups that support the military. Mar Strengthen soft power because it is real power. Mar Our nuclear arsenal must be updated comprehensively. Mar Allies must increase defense spending to a fair share. Mar Lawyers are the last people to ask about war decisions.

Mitt Romney's Climate Change Remarks On 'Meet The Press' Outrage Environmental Activists

Bush cut military budget as much as Bill Clinton. Oct Apologized for comparing public service to military service.

mitt romney meet the press today

Sep Eligible for draft in ; regrets not having served. Mar Stronger America is less likely to have to fight. Mar We want a peaceful planet; but we need strength to do that. Oct Navy needs ships; cutting to is unacceptable. Oct Military so powerful that no one thinks of challenging it. Jan Obama defense issue stances compared to Romney. Jan It's a terrible idea to cut defense. Oct Devoted to making America the strongest nation on Earth. Mar China's military is over half our size not one-tenth!

Feb Addto the military without a draft. Jan Sharply increase military investment to face radical jihad. Aug We need at leastmore troops in our military. Jan Maintain capability to fight two wars at once. Oct Use of drones OK; but we need more than killing bad guys. Oct Al Qaeda members are enemy combatants with no rights. Jan Recognize the scope and reality of the jihadist threat. Mar No Miranda rights for suicide bombers. Feb Best to not say whether waterboarding is torture or not.

Jan Not wise for us to describe our interrogation techniques. Nov Wiretap mosques to keep tabs on Islamic extremists. Aug Double Guantanamo, to avoid terrorist access to lawyers. Dec Jihadists attack to destroy all moderate governments. Jan Islamic terror has nothing to do with US policy of bases. Jan Mitt Romney on Immigration Executive action on immigration is only a temporary solution.

Far right immigration policy lost Hispanic vote. Mar Obama said he'd reform our immigration system but he didn't. Oct Support the E-Verify portion of the Arizona immigration law.

Sep High-tech fence for 2, miles on Mexican border. Jun Enforce employment laws; illegal immigrants will self-deport. Jan English should be the official language of the US. Jan Alien employment cards ; not amnesty. Nov I don't believe in rounding up 11 million people. Trump tweeted this Tuesday: Since most Democrats have ruled out a DACA-for-border-wall deal, we struggle to see what deal can be had at the moment.

Does it seem like this freshman class of Democrats was elected to cut a border-wall deal with Trump in its first days in office? The rules also ban members of Congress and employees from sitting on corporate boards.

The rules package also allows Congress to suspend the debt limit by passing a budget -- the so-called Gephardt Rule. The motion now needs to be at the direction of a majority of Democrats. Previously, just one lawmaker could force a vote on the speaker. Marine has been shot and killed inside of the Marine Barracks in Washington. Marine Corps spokesman Chief Gunnery Sgt. John says the man did not shoot himself. You can unsubscribe at any time. A message from the American Petroleum Institute: The tribe is using its own funds to cover the shortfalls for now.

But if the standoff in Washington continues much longer, that stopgap money will be depleted. For many Americans who are not federal workers or contractors, a shutdown is a minor inconvenience. A trip to a national park may be canceled. A call to a government office may go unanswered. But for Native American tribes, which rely heavily on federal money to operate, a shutdown can cripple their most basic functions.

Customs and Border Protection said in a statement later Tuesday that the gas was used to target rock throwers apart from the migrants who were trying to cross. The AP saw rocks thrown only after U. It is well known that Donald Trump was not my choice for the Republican presidential nomination.

When he won the election, I hoped he would rise to the occasion. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis were encouraging. But, on balance, his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office. His booking firm, Creative Artists Agency, said the school would need to fly Mr.

Biden and his aides to Salt Lake City by private plane. They already had a policy against taking tuition dollars, and decided that accepting taxpayer dollars for such a windfall might appear just as politically distasteful.