Meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

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meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

Nov 26, Just like his full-sized mentor Fryno, this hot-headed Skylander is a stickler When heated, Small Fry jumps on a motorcycle to deal damage to. Fryno was in the midst of returning the valuables his crew had stolen when he met Master Eon, who was impressed with his good character and fighting abilities . This is Blast Zone. A Swap Force Character he has a Dark character too. Fire Kraken Is a Chineses dragon who shoots fireworks. He is a Swap.

meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

I was quite surprised to find out the details I did about this aspect of the development phase. They wanted to do something innovative and disruptive, while still keeping the magic of bringing toys to life in a game. When executives from Activision came for a visit to Vicarious Visions to see what they were up to, they heard the team start to talk about mixing and matching pieces and they showed them a video about what they had in mind.

The team knew then what they were going to go forward with this idea. Engineers took off the shelf electronic pieces and started coming up with ideas.

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One of the first engineer-designed prototypes to see if the technology could be feasible used an audio jack connector. Finding the technology was key for the team. One day during the process one of the dev-team took a bunch of Skylander figurines home, and at about midnight that night he e-mailed a video that became the catalyst for coming up with an idea for the figurines.

Simply put, the second video showed that by using magnets you could put different pieces of characters together.

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They had been experimenting with other methods, such as lock and key, but the second video showed one of the dev-team members clicking together three pieces of a Skylander together with one hand. This was a key point as it was simple to do, so a child could do it without any problem.

When all the team was in the studio the next day they were all excited. That being said, one of the main concerns for was that the magnets would interfere with the memory in the base and cause problems with putting the figurines on the portal and putting the character into the game. The team had to then show their now fully recognized concept to Activision again. As they weighed the pros and cons it was clear that simplification was going to yield the best results.

Initially they had a three-part design but they discovered that kids thought they were breaking the figurines, as the magnet strength was not strong and it made the figurine feel weak.

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They then tried a two-magnet approach, as it felt stronger and more robust. The top half dictates how your character fights and the bottom half dictates how you move. You can put characters together in no time and get into the game quickly. Oh boy, was I silly to think that. I got a further understanding of how in-game characters are created as well as some information about developing combat for the gameplay.

meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

In regards character development, the team described some of the design aspects for one of the new characters Fryno, a new fire character. One of the challenges with Fryno was to create something new, as they have characters that already shoot fire. With this in mind they started to explore the idea of heated metal.

Each character that is designed goes through a conceptual process, and as Fryno went through this stage it was clear he would be designed with idea of forging things and heating up metal.

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So with their new thoughts and ideas, the concept of Fryno with a little blowtorch and a pair of pliers was created. So alas they talked to Toys for Bob and others and figure out if he is a good Skylanders character. Villains and Traps This is perhaps the biggest element in the game and no doubt the "game changer" that was teased in earlier interviews. Trap Team allows you to battle Sklylands Most Wanted Villains, defeat them, trap them, and then release them back into the game as a playable character!

meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

This takes the "Bring Toys to Life" concept and flips it to the point where you are almost doing the opposite by pulling a character out of the game and into your living room. It is a very cool concept and perhaps more importantly adds a vast array of options and tag teams.

We have seen several of the 40 plus villains and the basic concept goes as follows You battle the villain, defeat them, place a trap crystal into the portal, and then a magical vortex pulls the villain in There is a struggle, screaming, and all that good stuff.

When the vortex wrangles the defeated villain the sound leaves your TV set and goes to the built in speaker on the new Traptanium Portal! I have read there is an adjustable volume level as well. You then hear the villain's voice right from the portal adding an personification to the trap crystal.

meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

The voice of the villain will beg for you to release them and even offers to fight for good. As soon as you turn them back into the game, the villain is a playable character with a move set just like they had when you battled them.

At the touch of a button you can switch from the villain to your Skylander and back again. The villain will also make comments on what is going on and remind you to let them play if you haven't in awhile.

The Traps are rumored to hold "multiple" villains, but I have yet to see anything definitive. From what I have read, regardless of the trap's capacity, there will be a prison in your main hub that you can use to swap the villains back and forth, to-and-from the traps.

Among those villains we know are playable we have: He can summon Chompies, has a chompy walloping staff, and can turn into the Mega Chompy and do Shockwaves!

meet the skylanders fryno motorcycle

I did see a custom trap shaped like Kaos in the trailer As for the traps The bottom end looks like a Crystal and plugs into the Traptanium portal.