Meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

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meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

my little pony birthday party games - Google Search. Discover ideas about Rainbow Parties In ons themapakket met woordkaarten van Sinterklaas hebben we ook het paard Aleah& My Little Pony Party - Pinkie Pie Everywhere!. Pinkie Pie Says. Again a traditional party game “Simon Says” that the children will love. Use Pony phrases as instructions. Message Mix-Up. Seat your guests in . Top DIY My Little Pony party games and ideas to make your child& MLP Birthday .. My Little Pony Craft, My Little Pony Unicorn, Pinkie Pie Party, Mlp Cutie.

Thank you again for a magical event! Lynette Wilkinson Jan Thank you from my family, friends and guests who thought that Spiderman and Batman were awesome. They were in total character from voice to show and Tyler was convinced he had the real deal. Both Spiderman and Batman were a pleasure to deal with as they were both professional and friendly. From the moment i talked to the staff yourself included i knew this was the company i wanted for my sons party. From start to finish i was so impressed with the service i would recommend Encore to all i know.

Cindy Louis Jan It was fantastic! Worth every cent and will definitely recommend you to other people. We had Pirate Fleabottom and princess Moana and they were superb, very funny and great with the children. Quite a few guests were late arriving but your entertainers were unperturbed and got stuck in straightaway entertaining and looking after birthday girl Olivia.

She was enthralled and loved Moanna's songs. Moana's voice was spectacular. Thanks again for another wonderful party. Looking forward to my daughters birthdays next year. Moana was just amazing. Our Daughter thoroughly loved it and along with her friends, were completely mesmerised by Moana. The games were well orchestrated and full of energy.

Even the parents enjoyed it as they got to sit back and relax. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Encore Kids Parties, it was worth every cent.

Thank you once again for making this party a very special one. I will highly recommend you to everyone Sonia Jan Charlotte Moana was absolutely fantastic. All the kids loved her. She managed to keep 15 children from ages 2 to 9 fully engaged. Charlotte was full of personality and warmth and had an amazing voice. Vivienne Lynne Jan The girls that came to my sons birthday this morning were really fabulous. Very professional, well prepared, unflappable - even when my son was a bit overwhelmed and difficult to engage.

Jo Davey Jan Thank you so much to Ryder and his friend for giving Mr 3 a birthday party to remember! Kate Oct I just wanted to thank the lovely lady who was Ariel on my daughters birthday and thank you Encore. My Little Lilly loved her Amy Peters Oct Thank you so much to the fabulous fairies who came and helped make my daughters birthday a very special memory for her and her friends.

Lisa Oct Thank you so very much for providing an absolutely magical afternoon for my daughter and her friends, they all had a ball from start to finish. Annabelle is lovely and was amazing with the girls Thanks again for a perfect little girls tea party Heather Ward Oct All the kids were super excited and had a magical time. Several little witches and wizards have said it was the 'best party ever' with one family telling us their child wasn't excitingly high on sugar, but so excited because she was high on life she had that much fun!

We would Highly recommend and love for Harry and Draco to visit again! Maureen Valve Oct Thank you so much for sending Bek she was amazing and her voice Krystal Cole Oct Ana was the most incredible face painter and all of the parents commented on what an amazing good she did and my daughter is now refusing to bath as she wants it to stay on forever! I will definitely be back in touch next year for her 6th party.

Bronwyn Kaye Oct The girls had an absolute ball! Thank you so very much Eunike Oct The kids and especially Ava had the best time. The guys that came over were amazing! Fabulous costume and overflowing personalities! Ava was made to feel so special!

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Encore kids is truly fabulous! Well done to both entertainers on keeping the crowd completely engaged and enjoying the games and banter!

I GOT ATTACKED BY EVIL PONIES AGAIN!!!! - Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Party (Demo)

Romina Aug Wow what a party! We had 22 kids dance the afternoon away with your wonderful and talented disco hosts, Caitlin and Emma.

meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

I have one very happy 6 year old birthday girl. My son had a blast at his Disco Party! Todd was fantastic at engaging the kids in games, and providing fun age appropriate tunes for the kids to dance to. We all had fun on the dance floor! Lorelle Aug A big thank you to the lovely fairies that came yesterday to help celebrate my daughter's 6th Birthday.

She had a fantastic day Amanda Aug You do get what you pay for and the two performers we had today were so authentic in their characterisation that a number of the parents asked if our Batman was really American. He kept up that accent the whole party! They were so engaged with the kids and kept them occupied the whole time, which is no mean feat for a bunch of four-year-old boys with limited attention spans. Made the birthday boy feel super special. The parents could relax and enjoy a coffee while the kids were entertained.

Pia Aug Annabelle was fantastic with the girls, they had so much fun, lots of laughing, giggling and smiley faces. It was a magical experience for Isla and her friends. Everyone who attended commented how fantastic the party was and I am so happy that we decided to use your services Christine Jul Charlotte was amazing and and all the kids loved her!! She was very entertaining and comfortable with the kids.

We are so glad she came and made it such a special day for Kendra's 4th birthday. I will be highly recommending her to all our friends. My daughter was totally star struck when she saw her, you couldn't have found a more look a like Moana.

Also her voice was absolutely amazing! Many parents couldn't believe it wasn't the music player and that was her real voice singing. The Mad Hatter was amazing. He was really enthusiastic, his costume was terrific and put up with a bunch of cheeky 10 year olds, He kept the girls and boys busy with his games a suit cases of tricks Thank you Mad Hatter. You made our daughters party something special!

The entertainer that was the Mermaid at the party was excellent, she had a beautiful voice, was patient, warm and lovely to all the kids and paid a bit of extra special attention to Ellie which was lovely. I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends. Karen Sheilds Jul Thank you for the wonderful Fairy Meg that you sent for my daughter's 3rd birthday party this weekend.

She was punctual, beautifully presented and did an amazing job entertaining children aged 1 through 7. She was very attuned to what the children needed at different times and alternated between dancing games, face sparkles and quieter games as required. She even treated the entire party to a beautiful rendition of 'Let it go' from Frozen, mesmerising adults and children alike. I have used other children's entertainment providers in the past, but I would definitely use Encore Kids Parties again.

All the boys had a great time and they were definitely worn out after all the activities! Mandy Gebhard Jun Thank you for all the advice, suggestions and finally, sending Caitlyn to host Victoria's dance party. She was amazing and all the kids declared it was the best party ever! I loved how she managed the whole event without me lifting a finger and the kids were enthralled for the whole 90 minutes.

Peiling Boey Jun I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ariel who hosted our little girls birthday party on Sunday. From the moment she arrived she was in character and my little girl was just in awe of her. It was such a stress free party with her being there, I won't hesitate to use you again.

She truly made it magical for all the children who attended Louise Cahalam Jun I would just like to say how wonderful we thought our entertainers were from Encore. Our pirates and fairies that arrived for my daughters party were amazing, they grabbed the attention of about twenty 4 year olds and the children loved it.

It was the most stress free child party I have ever hosted. Thank you Encore and your information was passed onto a lot of impressed parents. Carissa Dawkins Jun Thank you so much for sending two wonderful entertainers for my daughter Hannah's pirate and fairy birthday party yesterday. I didn't catch their names but they were both excellent performers especially the pirate who stayed in character even when talking to me about the party set up and no kids were around!

They both had all the kids absolutely enthralled from beginning to end and Hannah had a ball. I can't recommend you enough for stress free party entertainment Shu Pei Wong Jun Thank you to the amazingly talented lady that played Ariel today for Imani's party. She was beyond accomodating and the children just adored her.

She really made it a party to remember and we really appreciate the amount of effort she put in to involve all the children. Can you please pass on out thanks and gratitude to her, we can't wait to use encore for our next party.

The hosts were absolutely wonderful. They had the children's attention from the very moment they walked in.

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Every child participated in the games and activities, even the most shy and even the couple of children who are known to have difficulty socializing. The hosts made every child feel special. The hosts vocal talent was the topic of conversation amongst the parents as well as how well they interacted with the children. Chloe as Ariel did a great job leading the kids and David as Capt Jack was a convincingly 'goody' pirate. We will definitely request for them for future parties and have no hesitation in recommending them and Encore to other parents for the parties.

meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

Loved the games and and your totally cool vibe! Brilliant energy and character. Daphnie Ava loved every minute!

meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

And I didn't have to worry about a thing. Highly recommend Encore Kids Parties for a birthday party you never forget. Very happy repeat customer Romina De Santis Sep I'd just like to give a massive shout out to the jaw dropping, gob smacking, sweetest, most professional Ariel Chloe we have ever known!

We are all lost for words at the beauty and talent this young lady had pouring out of her veins! Words cannot describe the joy in all of the children and parents here today! And a million thank you's wouldn't even begin to touch the surface! Again, another year you have out done yourselves and another birthday party that will forever be remember and spoken about!

All the kids loved it. Our party was so special thanks to your beautiful ballerina. The girls were completely mesmerised by her for 2 hours. Julie Degenaar Sep Charlotte said her party was the best ever. She had a great time.

Now go around the circle and have each child say one kind nice thing about the player in the middle without repeating what another player has already said. When everyone has had a turn to say something nice, the player in the middle can pop their balloon and retrieve the prize inside.

Now they can continue to play, but cannot be called to the middle again. Assign each player or team a pony one of six from Friendship is Magic and they must search around the party area to find the six coordinating picture cards that coordinate with their pony. Once they find all six pieces they get a piece of the puzzle.

Once everyone has found all six of their pieces they put the puzzle together to win the treasure! Ready for instant download. In this game players are tested on their knowledge of the little ponies.

meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

Each participate gets two index cards one with a T written on it, and the other with an F. Each player takes turn saying one My little pony statement, and the other players hold up a card guessing whether it is true or false.

meet the ponies pinkie pie party games

For each statement that players guess correctly they get a point. At the end of the game whoever has the most points wins. Fill two bowls with skittles half a bag in each and place them on one side of the playing area, and place the other two empty bowls about feet away. Divide players into two teams and give each player one straw. On the start of go the first player from each team uses their straw to such the first color skittle onto the end of their straw.

They then run it across to the their team's empty bowl on the other side and dropping it in - they cannot touch the skittle with anything but their straw. Finally, they return to tag the next player in line who does the same thing with the same color skittle.

This continues to every player on the team has done the first color, and then they start again on the second color. The first team who has all of their players complete all five of the colors wins! In this game players will divide into teams to come up with their own fashion creations. Divide players into three groups and provide each group with a bag of things they could use to create fashion. Ideas for items to put in the bag could be - pillowcases, scrap fabric, pins, markers, safety pins, scissors, buttons, etc.

Give each team minutes to come up with their master pieces. Afterward host a mini fashion show and let the teams show off their stuff.

In this game one player is chosen to represent Pinkie and it is their mission to make the other players laugh. The others players will try and keep a straight face as long as possible while Pinkie tries anything short of physical contact in order to make them crack a smile or laugh.

Once a person is caught laughing they are out. The last person who cracks a smile or laughs gets to be Pinkie in the next round.